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March 31, 2005

TiVo To Go Beta 2.1

"First off, the software is a beta of 2.1 released mid-March. Most tweaks appear to be under the hood, such as moving closer to fully supporting sync and play back on Portable Media Center (PMC) devices, preparing for a wider release of HME (speculation on my part), and the phasing out of the TiVo Playback Password."

Via TiVo Desktop 2.1 exclusive sneak peek - Engadget -

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March 30, 2005

Test Your PSP Dead Pixels with TV's Color JPGs

psptestcolors.jpgWant to see those dead pixels? Want to know how bad your portable video player screen is on the dead pixel front? Look no further. Besides using the resources below - we've created a set of our own red, green, blue, white, black and others to help you see the problem.

What you'll need to do:

1. Download file of the test color jpgs

2. Hook up your PSP to your MAC or PC and copy over the folder into your PHOTOS directory


3. Fire up the PSP and look through each color - red, green. blue, black. white and others. On the different colors you'll be able to see dead pixels, pixels not responding correctly etc.

Have a bunch? Take it back to Sony and get a replacement.

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March 30, 2005


I knew they would cave - but I didn't expect it to be this bad. TIVO is now showing ads during fast forward over commercials. It covers much of the main part of the screen obscuring knowing when to stop fast forwarding. MY GOD TIVO!!! NOOOO!!! They are so careful about not doing these things - why now?


"I don't want to keep harping on this new feature, but I do want to return some nuance to this discussion by restating that I believe in all the screenshots I've seen, the ad is rough looking and obscuring too much of the screen. For the life of me, I can't figure out why TiVo would not put the ad down in a corner, perhaps taking up to 25% of the screen, wrapped around some TiVo OS chrome, so at least it looks like it should be there. The way the ads appear now, it almost looks like your TiVo has been hacked by an outsider. TiVo's UI and software engineers do some beautiful work, agonizing and testing each and every option, and customers are used to the friendly, eye-catching software, but this looks like something they were forbidden from working on."

Via "Icon" ads over commercials at TiVo | PVRblog

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March 30, 2005

New 19" LCD TV from Dell

"We know what you're thinking. Why would I get just a 19" TV? If I'm getting a TV, I definitely want a big-screen. Sure, but what if you think of this as a computer monitor that doubles as a TV? Think about it... You set this beauty up in your office and when you want a break away from the kids, the house 'noise' and work, you fire up the TV!"

Via Gizmos for Geeks | Dell 19" LCD TV/Monitor

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March 30, 2005

Microsoft launches MSN Video Downloads

3508485515215716.jpgAnd begins.

"Microsoft launched MSN Video Downloads today, their new, um, video download service for Portable Media Centers and Windows Mobile-powered Smartphones and Pocket PCs that support Windows Media Player 10. The initial line up of programming isn't exactly on the compelling tip it's mostly clips from MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Sports, HGTV, the Food Network, iFilm, and few other channels. A year of premium service will set you back $19.95 (they also have a selection of stuff that's available to download for free, too) and you're allowed to download content to as many as different devices."

Via Microsoft launches MSN Video Downloads - Engadget -

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March 29, 2005

The TiVo 30-Second Commercial Skip Hack


"One of the religious differences between TiVo and ReplayTV owners is how they fast forward through commercials. While TiVo's button will get you through those intrusive breaks soon enough, it requires some trained skill to manipulate those and buttons while keeping a keen eye and trusting your instincts to anticipate the end of the commercials. ReplayTV, on the other hand, has a "30-second skip" button, timed specifically for skipping through commercials. Since television commercials are traditionally a multiple of 30 seconds long, ReplayTV owners just hit the "30-second skip" button three to five times to render commercials only a minor annoyance."

Via The TiVo 30-Second Commercial Skip Hack

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The Fox News Channel TV Blocker

fox_blocker.gifOkay - I don't like Fox News but I would rather have a QVC or shop at home channel blocker.

"Tired of right-wing rhetoric and biased reporting filling your eyes and ears as your TV wanderings happen upon the FOX News channel? Sam Kimery was, so he invented the "FOX Blocker," a small device that filters out FOX News from cable signals. Kimery has sold about a hundred of the devices so far, according to The Seattle Times."

Via GearBits: Selective TV Filtering: The FOX Blocker

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PC World Reviews Sony PSP

118604-n_111604_sonypcp1.jpgGreat write up from PC World on the PSP and video to go.

"Music and video can be stored on the Memory Stick directly or by connecting the PSP to a personal computer and switching the unit to USB mode. The Memory Stick appears as a USB mass storage device and so should work with almost any modern operating system. Windows identified the device as "PSP Type A," which is sure to lead gamers to speculate on what other types of PSP may be coming in the future.

Via We Test Drive Sony's PSP

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March 28, 2005

Gold Plated Plasma TV Anyone?

I don't have 80 million bucks to put down on this 71" gold plated Plasma TV - but then again who does? :-) What these companies won't do to get some press. DAMN! They got me too!

"Last November, LG Electronics launched the LG LH-C643 home theatre system. Noted for being decorated with 24-carat gold, it's perfect for those who fear that their guests might somehow miss the 71-inch HD plasma telly, said then to be the biggest of its kind in the world. The gold was a wise move on the part of LG, because it was barely two months later when they were pipped for the title of World's Largest Plasma Display Panel TV by Samsung's 80-inch monstrosity, the HPR8072 , which comes only in boring old black. The LH-C643 costs a cool 80 million won."

Via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women: Flashy entertainment

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March 26, 2005

PC Magazine Reviews Shuttle Lite LCD 17"

6167520207553720.jpgI have this display hooked up to my shuttle and love it. It's crisp - clean and looks amazingly different than other LCDs. I have hooked various TIVO to GO programs on it and it looks great. The picture for TV viewing is solid and it has both DVI and VGA hookups in the back.

"PC Magazine gives Shuttle Computer a thumbs up for their XP17 Lite LCD, a new, less expensive version of their XP17 portable display. In addition to being portable and looking good, it also has solid image quality, with a 1280x1024 native resolution, 500:1 contrast ratio, and an 8 millisecond response time. On the downside, it’s more expensive than other 17-inch LCDs (no surprise there), and Shuttle charges you an extra $59 for a carrying case. C’mon Shuttle, show a little freebie love."

Via Shuttle XP17 Lite LCD reviewed - Engadget -

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March 25, 2005

More PSP & Portable Video Porn

7820584383861250.jpgWired has a pretty comprehensive article on portable video porn and the PSP.

"Yesterday, Sony released its handheld PlayStation Portable, or PSP, a device for playing games, music and video. Despite months of quivering anticipation for this product, the geek community has consistently voiced one major criticism: the proprietary media-storage format"

At Wired News: Take Your Porn on the Road

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Mobiblu DVH-100 Media Player

mobiblu_dvh-100.jpgI like this idea. Even though I'm madly in love with the PSP - the storage size of 1gb versus 20gb has me convinced that a larger storage device I could just hook up to a screen would be cool. Sure - another item in your pocket - but storage and presentation - very cool.

"The Mobiblu DVH-100 is a pleasant looking little 20GB media player that supports a variety of formats on its tiny 2.2-inch screen, but I think perhaps my favorite thing is the seperate, almost equally-large TV tuner that you can hook up to it. I'm not saying it's practical or anything, but I fully support the addition of telescoping antenna box add-ons to almost everything."

Via Mobiblu DVH-100 Media Player and Other Portable Media: Hard Drive Stories : Gizmodo

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Largest Outdoor HDTV in Atlanta

screen.gifIt's big and being used for sports - go figure.

"Turner Field in Atlanta will become home to the world's largest outdoor high definition display. The screen measures 79 feet wide by 71 feet tall. Those are feet, not inches. To give you a slightly better idea of how large this is, I’ve mspainted a perfectly to scale picture of what a 6 foot person would look up against the it. The scren reportedly has over five million LEDs and weighs 50 tons. Unfortunately, it is also destined to display stupid baseball outtakes for its entire life span."

Via Largest Outdoor HDTV in Atlanta and Other Home Entertainment Stories : Gizmodo

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PSP Porn

7820584383861250.jpgAt last what was obvious has been pointed out.

"If you weren't drooling over that delectable PSP screen before, maybe you weren’t displaying the right content on it. Wired News sex columnist Regina Lynn explores the subject of getting porn onto your PSP device. Using free program PSP Video 9 and a couple of other utilities, PSP owners can automate the transfer of BitTorrent files from their PC to their PSP. She writes, “No need to buy UMDs. Just sync your PSP with your computer and off you go, porn in hand.

Via Converting your PSP to a PornStation Portable - Joystiq -

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A must read from the PVR blog.

"Sony's first handheld console, the PSP, is finally out in the US and people are doing whatever they can to cram whatever media they have on them. First up, Zatz Not Funny has updated their TiVo To Go guide with a guide to put .tivo files on a PSP. Short version: strip the DRM, convert it to MPEG4 and stuff it on a memory stick."

PSP PVR Plz | PVRblog

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March 24, 2005

Transer TV to your PSP

Sony is offering a PC only version of their transfer software for the PSP at PSP Connect. I would just go with iPSP or others - like 29 HD features the free iPSP loader for Mac and PC. I guess - just go that route. Also - it works. And...YES - I have my PSP. Review soon.

Check PSP Connect or the 29 Guide

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PSP Launch Day is HERE!!!

Okay. It's here. I know we run a site on TV things and this thing DOES fit the bill. The PSP is the first Game/Music/Movie&TV/ player you can get. As stated before - lots of our DVDs have been ripped and converted to AVI then converted using iPSP to then view on lauch day. Oh and we will also play a few games.

Also - the folks at JoyStiq were at the launch party and have some great pictures below at the link.

Anyone got an extra 1gig Memory Stick Duo we could have?

"The weather outside is awful (this slushy substance inbetween snow and rain is no fun, especially not for gadget freaks who like to whip out their cellphones or Nintendo DSs), but that didn't stop us, a few hundred Sony fanboys, and lots of B-list celebs (who clearly needed to collect the appearance fee) from hitting Sony's official launch party for the PlayStation Portable this evening."

Via Live from Sony’s PlayStation Portable Launch Party - Joystiq -

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March 23, 2005

Slingbox Personal Broadcaster

I've been following this story for quite some time. What I don't get is HOW it timeshifts TV and from what? Just the signal? Do I just need to give it a feed? What is sending what? I've even gone to their site every week to see if I get it and I just don't. Maybe after it ships and we get some real reviews and not marketing speak I will finally GET IT. :-)

"The Slingbox definitely features a unique product design with literal written its features on top of the casing. Additionally the box looks like a piece of chocolate. The promise of the Slingbox is to redirect, or "placeshift,? the TV signal from any cable box, satellite receiver, or personal video recorder to a viewer's location and device of choice“ whether in another room in the home or anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection."

Via I4U News - Slingbox Personal Broadcaster Coming Soon

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March 22, 2005

New Mobinote Portable Video Player


"I4U reader Samer S. points out that Mobinote announced for CeBIT three new portable video players, but it looks like nobody reporting from the CeBIT saw them.

Mobinote, known for pioneering 7 inch size screens on PVPs with their Mobinote DVX-POD 7010, announced specifically the DP7020 (DVX-POD 7020), which features built-in speakers. The photo of the DP7020 we found on a CeBIT flyer of Mobinote. It only shows the new PVP from the back.

Via I4U News - New Mobinote DP7020 Portable Video Player?

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PSP Review Roundup at Engadget

Well I just purchased iPSP and have ripped my whole set of Wonderfalls in anticipation of viewing some killer episodes while on the way to work.

This set of compiled reviews should tide you over while you wait the 3 days to get your hands on a PSP.


"You are still going to have to wait three more days to get your hands on yours, but Sony's been sending out review units of the PlayStation Portable to journalists, so we've thrown together this little roundup of all the reviews we could find (even though you've probably already made up your mind about whether or not you're going to spring for this bad boy):

Via PlayStation Portable review roundup - Engadget -

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March 21, 2005

PSP Casting Means TV for PSP

Can you say Bit Torrent and PSP = Portable TV MADNESS!!!! There is a ton of apps coming out for the PSP and mobile TV and Movies (if you have a giant 1gig or 512mb memory stick) will be coming to you soon enough.

"There are tons of videos available for download from the internet. Unfortunately, nearly all of it is unplayable on the PSP. Wouldn't it be cool if you could automatically download, convert and copy these videos to your PSP for later playback? Well now you can."

Via PSP Video 9 - PSPcasting

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The $11 LCD Photo Frame?

Imagine doing this as your giant LCD TV becomes obsolete. :-)

"Make group pool Flickr member "tv" posted a couple photos of a the $11 Mattel JuiceBox modified in to a photo frame. He says "I'm working on an LCD frame hacked out of a Mattel JuiceBox ($11 at Wal-mart). The 'Box runs uclinux and accepts MMC cards". Wow, this might be the way we can all have low-cost photo frames.

Via MAKE: Blog: The $11 LCD Photo Frame?

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March 20, 2005

Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Reviews?

logitech_harmony_880.jpgI've got their 688 remote and would love to know if this is going to be even better. I hope someone can review this prior to the April release...hmmm - maybe I should write logitech.

"Logitech has added another model to their popular (and pricey) Universal Remote line, the Harmony 880. The 880 stands out from its predecessors because of the inclusion of a programmable color LCD that can display up to 8 devices or commands simultaneously. Existing Harmony features such as displaying TV listings on the remote are still included, as is a massive library of supported devices.

Via eHomeUpgrade | Logitech Harmony 880 Universal Remote

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102 Inch Plasma HDTV

I've got to say. My 30" TV would almost fit over 3 times inside this monster. You have to ask yourself though - WOULD I WANT THIS IN MY LIVING ROOM? Maybe if I'm rich and have a giant house with giant rooms this would work.

"Alright, alright, alright, this war between Samsung, LG, and whoever else to see who can build the world's largest plasma TV has got to stop right now. Samsung, you just rolled out your new oversized 102-inch display, that’s great, but we're already having trouble scraping together the $45,000 we’ll need to buy the 80-inch plasma display you came out with a few months ago, so don't make things any worse for us, ok? How could we possibly be happy with the 80-incher knowing there was something a bigger and badder out there? You know we've sort of got this problem."

Via Samsung's 102-inch plasma TV - Engadget -

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Top Picks: Biggest Plasma TV Screens Under $2000 has a pretty complete guide to plasma screens under $2000.

Via Top Picks: Biggest Plasma TV Screens Under $2000

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Gizmondo Arrives in the UK

It seems like all the portable game systems have the ability to put MP4 content on them. That means with a little creativity you can rip those DVDS you own and carry them around. Can anyone say - a game of Tetris and then perhaps an episode of Home Movies?

"You probably couldn’t pick a worse time to introduce a brand new portable game console than eight days after the debut of the Nintendo DS, but Tiger Telematics stuck to their guns and rolled out the Gizmondo in the UK today."

Via Engadget -

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March 18, 2005

Samsung HL-P5063W DLP review


"Samsung's HL-P5063W is a 50-inch DLP-based rear-projection HDTV. It uses a new Texas Instruments DLP chip, dubbed the HD3. The HL-P5063W is currently available for a relatively low list price of $3,500.

Via Samsung HL-P5063W Intro - Samsung HL-P5063W review - Projection TVs - CNET Reviews

Buy at Samsung HL-R6768W 67" Widescreen 1080p HDTV

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PSP - The Portable TV to Get

I'm convinced that the way to go is the PSP. You get games, music, and MP4 support. So a couple of Fireflys and an episode of Survivor to go please!

"I was finally able to get my hands on a PSP and … WOW! My husband is actually the “real� owner of this device and I am luckily sharing this precious toy with him. It’s really neat and, as previously mentioned, besides playing games, you can listen to mp3s and watch videos on it. I am a TV addict and having the possibility of watching movies or shows wherever and whenever I want is quite exciting, but when you find out how good the video and sound quality is on the PSP, the whole device just becomes dangerous. I know my reading activity, which mostly used to occur while traveling, will drastically decrease, and that’s just going to be the starting point. In a couple of months I will probably report how I lost my job and had to join a PSP rehab program.

Via Popgadget: Personal Tech for Women: Very happy owner of a PSP

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RCA LYRA 2780 Portable Media Centre review

I am awaiting my PSP to view my TV on this week. Can't wait for that over this Lyra.

"The LYRA.2780 Media player from RCA, while not as well known as the latest models from Creative or iriver is certainly going to be one of the first players you’ll see when you walk into any Dixons store in the UK. So does the player with its unknown branding warrant a look."

Via RCA LYRA 2780 Portable Media Centre review

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Review: Syntax : Olevia LT30HV 30” LCD HDTV @ CHAITGEAR

I bought the 30" Syntax I have now based on this review - and to tell you the truth - there is nothing but great accurate information in this review.

"Syntax Groups was at one time best known for its motherboards. But no more – their entry into the consumer electronics field has many other companies scaling back plans, as Syntax in its first year has already captured approximately 5% of the North American LCD-TV market. Let’s see what is making the Olevia brand so successful.

Via Review: Syntax : Olevia LT30HV 30” LCD HDTV @ CHAITGEAR

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New 26" Syntax Olevia LCD TV

I've got the older 30" and I love it.

"Syntax has just announced their newest Olevia LCD TV model, the 26″ LT26HVE HDTV set, and based on the given features and pricing, I think they could have another hit on their hands…

The new Olevia LT26HVE is a 26″ hi-def LCD TV, sporting a 1280x768 resolution (15:9, like the 27″ and 30″ units), 750:1 contrast ratio, 700nits brightness, a 170-degree view angle, and 12ms pixel response time. That should make for a great smaller-room HD experience."

Via Syntax Launches 26” Olevia LT26HVE LCD HDTV @ CHAITGEAR

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V-RAMBO 'Wrist Video' System Puts Real-Time Video Right on Soldiers' Wrists

Imagine walking around like Dick Tracy - but it's Wonderfalls on your wrist!

"An Israeli company called Tadiran Spectralink Ltd. (Holon, Israel), a member of the Elisra Group, has just advanced the military combat application of telepresence a step further with their wrist-mounted Video Receiver And Monitor for Battlefield Operations, or V-RAMBO, for short. Tadiran Spectralink refers to the technology that V-Rambo utilizes as "Wrist-Displayed Vital UAV-Derived Intelligence".

Defense Review - V-RAMBO 'Wrist Video' System Puts Real-Time Video Right on Soldiers' Wrists

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LG PM70 Portable Media Center

This will DEFINITELY get steamrolled by the PSP for portable TV shows. Oh well - nice to have some choices though.

"Infosync has details of an as-yet-unreleased Portable Media Center device from LG, that looks a lot like the DVX-POD 7010, except that it’s an actual Windows-branded unit. The first generation of PMC devices were crippled, in my experience, by their need to transcode every type of file into Windows Media versions before copying it to the unit. That made for needlessly long transfer times and really killed the devices usefulness for anyone not totally on board with Windows’ codecs. J0rgen lists all sorts of file formats on the LG PM70, though, so if it can really play OGG Vorbis and Xvid natively, they might have a winner (this is presuming the market for portable video players won’t be steamrolled by the PSP)."

Via Gizmodo

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