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April 29, 2005

The HL-R6768W, Samsung’s 67-inch DLP TV

4081977220921643I wish I had a living room large enough to hold a 67" TV. Maybe I can finish the basement to have another location for a GIANT TV in the house.

The HL-R6768W, Samsung’s 67-inch DLP TV - Engadget - / :
Samsung announced something like twenty new TVs yesterday, including six new LCDs, but the real biggie (both literally and figuratively) is the HL-R678W, a new 67-incher which supposedly ranks as the world’s largest DLP TV (and we’re inclined to believe them). Better still, the HL-R6768W rocks the 1080p, which is more or less the holy grail for HDTVs (at least when it comes to resolution), built-in NTSC and ATSC tuners, dual HDMI inputs, and support for CableCARD. Should hit stores inJune with an MSRP of $6,199.
Buy at Samsung HL-R6768W 67" Widescreen 1080p HDTV
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April 28, 2005

Microsoft Gets Inside Samsung, Creative Portable Video - Portable Media Center For Dummies

Zen Pmc 1This is a real beauty. Even though both of these have been around for awhile, I love the design.

Tom's Hardware Guide Mobile Devices: Microsoft Gets Inside Samsung, Creative Portable Video - Portable Media Center For Dummies:
The MP3 player is rapidly morphing into the portable video player (PMP). After the Archos AV 400 series, the first PMCs from Samsung and Creative Labs are now available. PMC stands for Portable Media Center, brought to you by Microsoft. The interface is the same as for its desktop Media Center. The basic idea is to facilitate use for a non-technophile public. And indeed playing content is child's play with both players. There are few options, and thus few chances of making mistakes. The usual menus are there, including My Pictures, My Video, My Music and My TV.
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April 28, 2005

Wi-Fi LCD TV from Philips

PhilipsI've been using the Eyehome to stream from my Mac but I can see nearly every manufacturer now building some device to stream content around the home. Let's hope they start to standardize on some protocol besides Windows.

With Streamium from Philips, you can get your eyes and ears ready as your Internet and PC-based pictures, music, videos and games COME ALIVE on your TV and Stereo - anywhere in your home!

Tech Digest: Wi-Fi LCD TV from Philips:
The Philips 23iF9946 is a 23” LCD screen sporting a 400:1 contrast ratio, 450cd/m2 brightness and 176 degree viewing angle, it also has a built in FM tuner . However, though this little telly might appear ordinary, it also boasts something extra; Wi-Fi. The integrated 802.11g connection is part of Philips’ Streamium concept, which is aimed at linking computers, home cinema and stereos together so that digital media can be shared throughout the home.
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April 28, 2005

Matinee 2.2 Available Friday

MatineeI use matinee for all of the tv shows and movies I've ripped in my DVD collection. It's a killer little app and great for use with your Mac Mini.

Mac HTPC - The Mac Mini HTPC » Blog Archive » Matinee 2.2 Available Friday:
Abraham, chief technical guru behind the Matinee Video_TS launcher, sends word that version 2.2 of his handy dandy DVD launcher/organizer will be available on “Tiger Friday”.
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April 28, 2005

HP Debuts Microdisplay TVs

Hp Mr4000NHP design is looking cleaner and cleaner everyday. I'm very interested in the lighted front connection panels and how this will look while viewing.

HP Debuts Digital Entertainment Products - Home Video News - Designtechnica :
Introduced at the Home Entertainment Expo, all of the TVs include new HP Visual Fidelity technologies, which provide enhanced image quality and brilliant color by, depending on the model, gauging a room's ambient lighting and doubling pixel resolution among other innovations.
HP's microdisplay TVs also feature a lighted front-connection panel designed with a special slot under the TV so audio/visual cables can easily be connected from the front and then hidden from view. The microdisplay TVs additionally enable viewers to quickly and easily select an input source, such as a DVD player, by touching a button on the remote control to view on screen how all input sources are being used.
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April 27, 2005

Sharp AQUOS Price Drop Versions : Gizmodo

Sharp CheapaquosFinally some price reductions on Aquos. I really love the 45". I hope these price drops start to happen in the US.

Sharp AQUOS Price Drop Versions : Gizmodo:
Sharp’s enormously popular AQUOS line of LCDs gets a discount, as the company today introduced the “LC-45AE5,” “LC-26AD5,” and “LC-22AD5” TVs in Japan. The Full HD 45AE5 takes after a similar model released in August of last year, but somehow manages to slash about a third of the price off. You’ll find similar situations with the 26A5 and 22AD5.
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April 26, 2005

MG-25 MediaGate Portable Media Player Review

ZOkay - there's no screen - but somehow I want one of these bad boys to take on trips or over to people's houses.

Akihabara News : Your Leading News provider on Gadgets and Hi-Tech stuff from Akihabara in Tokyo Japan and in other Asian Countries:
And there it is, the MG-25 MediaGate, built by the Korean company AL Tech! So, before I start to rave about this new product, here’s a brief description of the background…

AL Tech has a whole range of MediaGate products, and nowadays, 3 of them show up on their website: a car MP3 player that can accommodate a USB key, a DVD/DivX player with networking capabilities (but according to AL Tech this product was never sold because of the high cost) and our MG-25, a casing for a 2.5” HDD with video playback functionalities.
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April 25, 2005

The Poor Man’s Tivo

Bittorrent AppA complete visual guide to all things TV and how to get it from the net. Use at your own discretion indeed.

All Forces » Blog Archive » The Poor Man’s Tivo:
Why do I want to watch TV in my computer you might ask? You don’t have to. You can burn a DVD of the show or connect a powerbook to a TV. The compression quality of the shows are usually good enough to be watched full screen on the Mac or TV. These video files are made by viewers who record them, edit commercials out and the post them online for people to download. This is a visual guide to downloading them.Disclaimer: This of course is for research purposes only. Use at your own discretion and do not hold me liable.
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Airclick USB - Control Your HTPC

Airclick UsbI've been looking for a solution to control my MacMini that I'm using for iTunes, EyeTV and a DVD player in my home theatre set up, and it looks like Griffin has come to the rescue again. You can control not only iTunes and other multimedia applications - but powerpoint too. So taking this little baby on the road should allow for use with demonstrations.

AirClick USB is a remote for Mac and PC computers. The receiver module attaches to any available USB port (including hubs) and receives signal from up to 60 feet away. AirClick USB is ideal for controlling applications including iTunes, QuickTime, and even Keynote or PowerPoint.
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Syntax LCD TV Bundle Available At for $2899

You can get the 37" and 20" LCD TVs from Syntax in a bundle for $2899. This bundle has the best of both worlds - one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

"Syntax Olevia LT37HV 37" Widescreen LCD TV and LT20S 20" LCD TV Bundle (2 TVs)" ()

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DirecTV Offers $200 Rebate to Voom Refugees : Gizmodo

DirecTV Offers $200 Rebate to Voom Refugees : Gizmodo:
Voom, the satellite HD television service, has finally given up the ghost, forcing users to find another HDTV provider by the end of the month. DirecTV is offering Voom customers a $200 rebate on HD equipment, in hopes of snagging some of the tens of thousands of customers now forced to watch television in standard resolution. It’s just a mail-in rebate, however, which are the bane of the discount world.

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April 24, 2005

SmartDisk Unveils FlashTrax XT Portable Media Player+Recorder @ CHAITGEAR

Smartdisk-Flashtrax-XtI love the idea of having 40 gigs of space for a portable media player. Imagine this Mom&Dads on trips this Summer - fill this with DVD rips of all of your kids DVDs. No DVDs to fight over - just the Flashtrax!

SmartDisk Unveils FlashTrax XT Portable Media Player+Recorder @ CHAITGEAR:
With a legacy of the original FlashTrax behind it, then new FlashTrax XT is more PMP than camera-storage device. Unlike most PMPs on the market – but like it’s predecessor – the FlashTrax XT is designed with a clamshell screen so the screen is protected when closed (and a case isn’t a complete necessity). It flips open up to 130 degrees, exposing a ‘hidden’ set of additional play controls as well.
The basic specs on the FlashTrax XT are a decently-sized 3.6 LCD, 40 or 80GB hard drive, USB 2.0 high-speed data connectivity, and a removable/rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. In addition, the device sports composite video out, for viewing on an NTSC or PAL video device (TV, projector, etc.).
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Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server

Ra300Ensemble A5 Screen 1I really don't need to buy an entire PC system to have a media server, but Sony would like to sell me one.

Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server:
To the casual observer, Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 might look like any ordinary home PC. However, underneath the unassuming façade lurks a much more original and interesting machine, which combines the power of a top-spec gaming machine with a home entertainment server capable of managing nearly every media device you set it loose on.

An Intel Pentium 4 processor complements the 16x PCI-Express Nvidia GeForce 6600 couple with 1GB of RAM; that should cover all but the most obsessive gamer’s need for a good long while. Plus dual RAID array hard drives provide the capacity for storing unnecessary amounts of digital media and back it up securely.
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HTmini » MicroNet’s Minimate kicks all sorts of behind

Stacked Back Appletop-Small-1Using your mini for a HTPC? Need more storage? Then Micronet's minimate is for you. And to think I just bought the Maxtor $250 to stand next to my mini - STUPID!!!! I'm so stupid!!! Oh well - I should have waited but I'll need another 250gb drive soon.

HTmini » MicroNet’s Minimate kicks all sorts of behind:
Consider the following, a slim device (about half the height of the mac mini) that sits directly above the machine. By attaching it to your machine with 1 USB cable and 1 Firewire cable, you’ve automatically added 400GB of disk space (7200RPM), four USB 2.0 ports and three Firewire ports!
This device is called the MiniMate and is offered by a company called MicroNet. There are 80, 160, 250 and 400GB versions which cost $149, $179, $249 and $499 respectively.
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TV Wristwatch from the Future!!!

TvwristwatchDick Tracy or not - this watch must be from the future!!! A watch with TV? :-)

You've probably seen similar gizmos in sci-fi movies and Bond films, but this particularly chic televisual timepiece looks like being the first that really cuts the mustard in terms of convenience, price and picture quality. Plus, you don't need arms like Arnie to wear the thing. The TV Wristwatch (£129) sports a 1.5-inch TFT colour screen and is powered by a rechargeable 550mAh Lithium-polymer battery which provides an hour of viewing time (that's two standard soaps or a footie first half plus banter).
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April 21, 2005

Tech Digest: Panasonic announce freeview PVR box

7791Man do I feel stupid buying a regular DVD player now. Tech Digest: Panasonic announce freeview PVR box:
Panasonic have announced the upcoming release of their first freeview PVR box, which comes with an 80GB integrated hard drive, which you can use to record all those episodes of Joey that you’d otherwise miss. The TU-CTH100, as it’s dubbed, will feature dual tuners that let you watch one channel and record another.
You can expect to capture up to 45 hours of footage on the hard drive (that’s about two and a half series of twenty-four. Not bad) and it comes with an intuitive interface (although what doesn’t nowadays?) for the channel guide and the hard drive, allowing you quick access to what you’ve recorded.
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The F-Stop Blues: Review of Orb Networks for Windows Media Center

Orb Main SmallGreat review of Orb. Expect ours soon! :-) The F-Stop Blues: Review of Orb Networks for Windows Media Center:
In this week’s Lab Test I review Orb networks software which allows you to stream content from your PC to just about any type of device with an internet connection including another PC, laptop, cell phone and PDA. You need to install some software on your host computer with all of your content and then you access that content through the web. Orb currently is $9.99 a month and has a 2 month free trial.

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April 20, 2005

The Need for Personalized Television - I Want My My TV

Attachment-1The long tail - the long tail - the long tail - you hear it over and over everyday. I can agree - good TV is hard to find, and I would love to be able to get whatever niche TV I want everyday but - at what cost?

eHomeUpgrade | The Need for Personalized Television - I Want My My TV:
Alex Rowland has an interesting long tailish post out about the problem we have of finding good TV. Rowland seems to feel that much of what we may want by way of niche TV is in fact already out there but that we just can't find it.Certainly tools like TiVo and it's time shifting, recommendations and wish lists (and Rowland adds, Yahoo!'s TV Guide and TMS data) help some but even with these tools finding good television still is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Some of the mainstream stuff is pretty easy. When the whole world is talking about the Sopranos or Desperate Housewives you check some of this stuff out and it sticks. But what about finding new stuff and finding more niche stuff?
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US Broadband Audience to Double by 2009

IPTV News:
The US home broadband audience will double from about 55 million individuals in 2004 to about 108 million by 2009. However, decreasing average access revenue and increasing competition will force providers to seek new revenue streams from value-added services.

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April 19, 2005

LCD TV as Ambient Light Source

Color LightI've got a ton of the Mathmos ambient light things, and also this plug-in one from Sharper Image. It's a killer idea to turn your LCD TV into an ambient light source. Thanks Think Geek!

ThinkGeek :: Color Light DVD:
Sure, your television already acts as a sort of lighting device, but that flickering blue and white glow can hardly be considered pleasant. Now as far as what programs actually come through your television, we do have some opinions but we'll leave that part up to you. But to use your TV for background lighting we have just the thing.

The Color Light DVD is a disc that will transition your TV through the entire color spectrum over about a 20-minute time span. You can pause on a specific color to provide a certain kind of background light or set a mood.
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April 18, 2005

Toshiba’s latest LCD TVs with built-in hard drives

2871089443365200This explains why I want to live in Japan. Every SINGLE DAY THEY ANNOUNCE A PRODUCT I WANT THAT IS ONLY IN JAPAN! Rage!!!! :-)

Toshiba’s latest LCD TVs with built-in hard drives - Engadget - / :
We won’t dwell too much on the the sucky part of having a TV with a hard drive in it—namely that when the hard drive
inevitably breaks you usually (though not always) have to send the entire TV in for repair—but Toshiba introduced three
new high-definition LCD TVs in Japan today that come with built-in 160GB hard drives, the 26-inch 26LH100, the 32-inch
32LH100, and the 37-inch (you guessed it) 37LH100. Each TV has a brightness of 500cd/m2, a resolution of
1366 x 768 pixels, and record show using some unspecified Linux-powered DVR software.
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HD for Your Macintosh - EyeTV 500

Eyetv500 MainimageI've been using the Eyehome now for a little over 4 months. I love the thing. It updates over the web, and allows me to access any content stored on my macs across the network. Great stuff. I'm really excited about the new EyeTV 500 - it's not a media hub, but a DVR that uses your mac for storage. Then - any eyehome module you have in the house can also get content off of the EyeTV equipped Mac. Awesome. I'm going to write them and see what I can get for a review.

Elgato Systems:
EyeTV 500 is a feature-rich digital TV recorder for free over-the-air (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM) television. Watch, record, edit and enjoy free over-the-air HDTV and digital standard-definition television (SDTV) on your Mac in crystalline digital quality. The recorded shows can be exported into different video formats for further editing in iMovie® HD, iDVD®, Final Cut® Pro HD/ Express HD or DVD Studio Pro®.
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Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box

Db210Why doesn't someone come out with one of these for less than $100 bucks. I'm really into my Eyehome from Elgato - but I want to add another access point upstairs and now it's going to cost me another $200 bucks. OUCHER!

Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box:
Targeted at the highly competitive entry level market, the DB210 is uncompromising in its abilities to deliver exceptional audio visual quality into the home, using the same decode architecture as its stable-mates from the Pace DB200 series. Its contemporary appearance is a typical example of Pace’s continual drive to introduce products that are not only functional but design statements in their own right.
A total of 4 fully programmable front panel buttons and 3 LEDs ensures that a wide range of operator requirements can be catered for. Together with a reduced form factor the DB210 integrates easily with existing home entertainment equipment.
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Archive, Manage, and Get Rid of those DVD TV Collections

Attachment\I'm in the same boat here. I need to get all those DVDs to my PC without going insane. I remember that feeling of utter joy, when I burned all my CDs to MP3s - now I just want to do the same with my DVDs. When I'm done, I'll have an entire shelf to use for books again.

eHomeUpgrade | Review: Video Vault - Part 1: Software Installation, Archiving, and Managing Videos:
If you've been praying for a developer to come up with an all-in-one solution to archive, manage, burn, transcode, and sync your DVD video collection for use on PCs, handhelds, and media adapters, Video Vault by X Software is the application for you (Retail $119.99). Yes, you may have noticed that they are a regular advertiser on eHomeUpgrade, but we couldn't refuse doing a review for them when they offered us a free copy of Video Vault and provided us with a Samsung Portable Media Center and a D-Link Media Lounge to test their software with (FYI – those are just two of many supported devices). However, since we're more of a blog style news site, we're going to pass on offering a bloated review, but give you the goods in a three part series:
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Toshiba releases 3 giant DLP TVs

Toshiba 162"? My god. I can't even imagine having such a large TV in my little living room...or wait...maybe I can?

Tech Digest: Toshiba releases 3 giant DLP TVs:
Rear projection TVs might be big bananas in the US, but us Brits, with our slightly more bijou living rooms, have tended to ignore them. Toshiba hopes to change all that with its new DLP rear projection TV’s which will be available in 46”, 56” and a
massive 62” in September writes Home Cinema Choice. The
46WMT58, 56WMT58 and 62WMT58 boast incorporated digital tuners, twin HDMI
inputs and are all HDTV ready.
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Sony NAS-CZ1 Streams iTunes, Windows Media : Gizmodo

Sony Nas-Cz1Well it looks cool and supports Windows WMA - but do I really need another audio streaming device?

Sony NAS-CZ1 Streams iTunes, Windows Media : Gizmodo:
Details are lean at the moment, but T3 has information about a new desktop audio system from Sony that can stream not only MP3s, but WMA and AAC as well. If Sony supports the DRM schemes from Apple and Microsoft, the NAS-CZ1 will be the first device I can recall that is able to play both types of DRM-locked music. Of course, they could just be talking about streaming unencumbered media files—we don’t even have a proper list of specifications or price yet.
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April 15, 2005

Tech Digest: Alienware release DH 2 series Media Centre

Dhs2 Front SmPrepare for bankruptcy.

Tech Digest: Alienware release DH 2 series Media Centre:
Uh-oh, it looks like Alienware have released another potentially bank account destroying product. While Alienware normally tries to sap diehard gamer’s pockets with high-end gaming rigs, the Alienware DH 2 series, released today, are media centres. A hybrid machine, Alienware boast that it contains the features of a “DVD player and recorder, CD player and recorder, DVR, FM tuner, CD jukebox and a high-performance PC”. And all in a cool little silver box. Wow.
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TiVo thinks big - Engadget - /

7547766222254290TIVO may be thinking big, but they aren't thinking about anything but the PC. They aren't going to support the Mac on TIVO to GO and they aren't looking at the variety of gadgets you'll need to get your content to - or are they? I think TIVO partnering or buying up an ORB or incorporating a SLINGBOX is a natural fit. Who knows - just don't make the DRM thing a pain in the arse.

TiVo thinks big - Engadget - / :
Recent comments from TiVo CFO David Çourtney reveal some loftly future plans for the company, which involves positioning TiVo as a mediator between all the various forms of media we all seem to be shuttling around these days: TV shows, video, MP3s, photos. The ultimate goal is to be able to “record anything, anytime, anywhere,” and be able to retrieve those files just as easily from wherever you are.
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Xbox 360 design: in plain view this whole time? - Engadget - /

7818259725970126I can't tell you how much I want to avoid the Xbox 360 hype, but since it's going to debut on May 12th, I guess I can cover it for the next month.

Xbox 360 design: in plain view this whole time? - Engadget - / :
Ahhhh, you know how we live to go in for this idle speculation stuff. Someone has made a connection between the description of the design of the next Xbox as being concave, and the design of the site header as also being concave. Eureka! Now that we’ve got two things that are concave, that’s more than enough to go on to spin some rumours out of, eh? Of course, it’s probably bunk, but how much you wanna bet Microsoft’s gonna wish they had been that clever?
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April 13, 2005

The Long Tail of Video & Google

TailWell - I've been looking at the long tail of video for too long. I crave most of the programs that would be available in the long tail (all the video that isn't in the 3-4% the networks will let you access easily - a la DVD or on demand). Does anyone remember the Beachcombers? You would if you love the long tail of TV or Video. Well - now thanks to Google - we're going to get the REALLY REALLY LONG TAIL of user content video. Once again - they've got the jump on many other players with a classic Google beta offering. Hmmm...maybe I can make money selling old fishing videos from my youth.

Google Video (Beta) Upload Program launches | PVRblog:
Long Tail of video? Meet Google: Google just launched their Video Upload Program.

It's crazy to think that searches on Google Video will now include random people's own video and hopefully you won't be limited by what you can search for and they highlight the good stuff. I suspect the main Google Video site will look less like and more like Google News someday, as they showcase video of all types.
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Could TiVo score more cable operator deals?

6832738951651463Looks like TIVO could pick up even more cable deals in the next few months. Good for them.

Could TiVo score more cable operator deals? - Engadget -
We’ve seen enough tech stock analysts f’up over the years to know better than to take this at face value, but Smith Barney recently upgraded TiVo’s stock from “hold” to “buy” based on the company’s future growth prospects, prospects which they see as much improved due to their recent deal with Comcast and the fact that it could very well lead to similar deals with other cable operators.
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The Engadget Interview: Jeremy Allaire, founder and president of Brightcove - Engadget -

2756522442029510Internet Television is coming (IPTV), so be prepared and read this interview which really sums it all up. Nice work engadget - I like how in depth the questions get. This is a good 1/2 hour read if you look up many of the items they are talking about in the interview. I'm not sure how the offering from Brightcove will pan out - but I'm sure they'll have a technology play and a portal play of their own. It all sounds great for consumers in the end - more choices and more TV.

The Engadget Interview: Jeremy Allaire, founder and president of Brightcove - Engadget -
Engadget special correspondent Thomas Hawk had the opportunity to sit down and visit with Jeremy Allaire, Founder and President of Brightcove. What follows is a transcript of their conversation:
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UStec Mac mini Home Media Server Solution

Ustec Mac Mini Home ServerAfter hobbling together my personal server with a Mac Mini - well I feel as if I didn't go all the way compared to the Ustec solution. Then again - I don't have a degree in electrical engineering either. None the less - very cool and very now.

eHomeUpgrade | UStec Mac mini Home Media Server Solution:
Ustec has released one of the most impressive Mac mini home media server solutions to date – hat tip to Automated Home for bring this product into the lime light. Basically what Ustec is offering is a complete home data and A/V distribution solution that's powered by a Mac mini, but leverages the company's proprietary technology to combine commercial grade Ethernet Switch/Router, 350Mhz rated tecWire and tecPorts, advanced firewall capabilites, home security, and whole-home distribution for access to pictures, movies, MP3 files, and more. The only drawback for the do-it-yourself types is that UStec products are only available through certified dealers and home installers.
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April 12, 2005

Me TV: Television of the future | CNET

Me TV: Television of the future | CNET
New technologies, from on-demand programming to TiVo offshoots to flat screens to HDTV, are radically changing the benign concept of traditional television. Viewers are now gaining control over the mass medium, creating interactive communities and installing custom-made home media networks. As entire industries are redefined, how are networks, content providers and advertisers adjusting their strategies?
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Thanks to for picking us up!

Header Feeding On Itself:
Couple new blogs: Chuck Olsen's Digital Television Blog and

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Philips’ RC9800i super remote overlord - Engadget -

2375140050537027I'm a Logitech Harmony man myself - but I am interested in the larger touch screen remotes if they can indeed solve my the problem of being able to name my activities and have them all on one screen.

Philips’ RC9800i super remote overlord - Engadget -
We all knew it was only a matter of time before decked out handhelds disguised as high-end remotes took over (Harmony and Nevo, anyone?), and you know you’re not using the mother of all universal remotes when it’s Philips’ new RC9800i, a device with a 3.5-inch 65k color QVGA TFT touchscreen interface, 600 pre-programmed IR codes and IR “learning” capabilities, 802.11b/g WiFi (for UPnP device control and even streaming audio through the device), integrated li-polymer battery, speaker, USB connector, dock, 32MB of RAM, and 32MB flash memory. Funny, this is like the freaking Hummer of remote controls, and all we want to do is hack it to make world’s most expensive (try $600 US on for size, friend) TV-B-Gone.
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Gizmodo Japan: Asahi DVD Beer Fridge : Gizmodo

Asashidvd-BeerI can see sitting very close to this set - within arms reach perhaps - guzzling beer - watching reruns of Seinfeld - and perhaps a movie.

Gizmodo Japan: Asahi DVD Beer Fridge : Gizmodo:
Jean Snow—The ultimate in bachelor pad accessories: it’s a TV, it plays DVDs, and it’s a beer fridge, all-in-one! You gotta love the higher-ups at Asahi Beer for coming up with this concept. Only thing is, you can’t buy it — it’s only available as a prize in Asahi’s latest sales campaign (the ad appeared in today’s issue of Tokyo Walker magazine). But just the thought of having one of these at home… It doesn’t really get better than this, does it?
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Spider-Man - TV Show On UMD! Sony PSP Game System Gets 1st TV-UMD in June

Spider-Man2003 UmdI'm not going to buy a ton of the UMD disks - but I can see picking up some TV shows if they come on one disk. Also, if you didn't see this short lived Spidey series on MTV - it was nothing short of amazing.

Spider-Man - TV Show On UMD! Sony PSP Game System Gets 1st TV-UMD in June:
On March 24th, Sony's Computer Entertainment division released the Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable) videogame system, a hot new portable gaming unit with a 16x9 widescreen display a bit over 4 inches diagonal, whose games come on a format known as UMD (Universal Media Disc). At this time UMDs are exclusive to the PSP, and easily recognized. It's 60mm in diameter (a bit under 2.5 inches), comes in a small caddy to protect it while being transported, and it stores 1.8GB of digital data.

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Archos AV402 & AV700 Portable Video Players

Archos Av402 Av700There are so many of these bad boys coming out! It makes me really think how poor the PSP is for video due to the non-hard drive 1gig limit of the memory stick.

eHomeUpgrade | Sneak Peek: Archos AV402 & AV700 Portable Video Players:
Not sure how accurate these pictures are of the upcoming AV402 and AV700, but they both look pretty sweet. According to Gizmodo, who gathered their info from GenerationMP3, “The Archos AV402 is a case update to the AV400 series.... The AV700 is Archos’s first move into the large-format PVP space, with a 7-inch screen and a 60GB hard drive. Archos will be adding satellite and DVB tuners in a future model that will ship later in the year.”
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April 11, 2005

AQUOS widescreen lcd television | LC-45GGD6U

Tel Lc45Gd6U Pic2 H174Some nights I just make the roungs - I love the AQUOS. Even though I will never be able to afford one (not in the next few years anyways), the whole set just screams quality. 1080p? 2 inputs for HD. 1920x1080? Please god - let me have one soon.

AQUOS widescreen lcd television | LC-45GGD6U:
Sharp’s LC-45GD6U AQUOS™ is a breathtaking 45" widescreen HDTV1 that can easily enhance the decor of any family room, living room or den. The LC-45GD6U is the largest LC-TV on the market today (along with other 45" Sharp models), and it displays all content in full HD spec (1080p) resolution, the highest of the DTV resolutions. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, unbeatable resolution of 1920 x 1080 and vivid color purity, it is a next-generation TV to carry you into the high-definition future.
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DirecTV's HD problem | PVRblog

HdtivoI'm very concerned with having no where to go when I want to get more HD channels. I'm stuck with Comcast for now - bu thtis looks just plain bad - $999 for a replacment if I was even with Direct TV? Ouch.

DirecTV's HD problem | PVRblog:
A few months ago, I finally splurged and got a low-end plasma TV capable of displaying HDTV signals (it's only 480p or ED, but still). I longed for a HD DirecTiVo to replace my current (hacked) DirecTiVo box. Last month I called DirecTV to inquire what my options were, and that's when trouble started.

Basically, if I paid $999 for a HD DirecTiVo box plus ten bucks a month extra, I could get their HDTV pack including Discovery and ESPN in HD format, their HDNet offering of various programming, and HBO in HD, since I already get HBO. Local stations in HD format like Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC were subject to pending FCC approval even though DirecTV has a pretty page set up to sell it.
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TiVo adds ads with DirecTV and Comcast

TivoadsOkay - it's official - prepare to be annoyed!!! I am an owner of a Series 1 and the Comcast - soon to be co-branded TIVO PVR HD. I don't want ads while I fast forward. Can't these companies come up with anything but this?

TiVo adds ads with DirecTV and Comcast | PVRblog:
iVo, the little box that lets you avoid seeing ads, it working hard to make sure you see ads. They have deals with Comcast and DirecTV to make sure you don't forget that a soft drink isn't about sugar, water and CO2 – it's a lifestyle choice that defines you as a person.

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April 9, 2005

eHomeUpgrade | Promptu - Voice Controlled Television

Agiletv Promptu GraphicI can see myself just sitting on my butt - thinking - now I'm talking at the TV finally. I'm having a conversation with my TV and I'm also in total control. If I'm upset at a news item - I can yell - maybe even change the channel. Oh god...the world is truly going to end soon. :-)

eHomeUpgrade | Promptu - Voice Controlled Television:
AgileTV has taken the wraps off a new TV voice control product they like to call Promptu, which enables subscribers of compatible cable TV services to perform advanced TV navigation using only their voice (via Slashdot). Just speak simple verbal commands like “Scan Drama,” “Channel 7,” “Find CSI,” “Find Actor Bill Murray” into the remote’s microphone while holding the green TALK button and get instant access to what’s available on Live TV, the Program Guide, and On Demand. Currently the product is going through trials with Comcast and Time Warner in the Philadelphia region, but it will most likely be available to the rest of the nation by year end (we hope).
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April 8, 2005

I4U News - Wigo Mvolt-100 DivX Media Flask

Mvolt 100 Divx PlayerI love these little portable media devices - I don't have one, but I can see the appeal.

I4U News - Wigo Mvolt-100 DivX Media Flask:
The DivX external drive measures 131.3 x 84.4 x 16.6mm and takes 2.5" hard-drives. It uses a USB 2.0 interface and provides Composite and S-Video output. Supported formats: MPEG1/2/4, DVD, VCD, SVCD,DivX3.11/4.12/5.xx, MP3, WMA, and JPEG.
The Mvolt-100 supports a photo slideshow feature that also plays music in the background.

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Samsung and Diego Announce Deal to Launch Moxi Powered Samsung Home Media Center

Moxi Samsung Media Center It looks like MOXI has some MOXIE with Samsung. I hope to see more of these home media centers. Currently I'm really enjoying the eyehome from elgato.

eHomeUpgrade | Samsung and Diego Announce Deal to Launch Moxi Powered Samsung Home Media Center:
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies, and Digeo, Inc., a leading provider of media center software and services, today announced their intention to enter into a deal to produce the next-generation Moxi II Media Center product family. Both Charter Communications and Adelphia have agreed in principle to purchase the Samsung Home Media Center products, which leverage Digeo’s cost-reducing X-Stream silicon architecture, and Moxi II Media Center software and applications, in addition to Samsung’s broad technology portfolio, manufacturing, and marketing expertise.
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Voom = Dead Again

3868755887686398.jpgOkay - I thought it was dead but kept seeing ads - I guess it is TRULY dead now. Oh well - I really wanted to see the 24hour HD horror channel - maybe comcast and others will get on board and offer more HD content in response. NO WAIT - They'll probably keep their death grip on the 15 lousy channels they offer now.

"Could this finally be the end of the line for Voom? There have been so many twists and turns to the story of the massively unsuccessful high-definition satellite TV provider’s demise (which we can't be bothered to recap at this point) that we really hesitate to make any sort of conclusive pronouncement, but Cablevision's board of directors voted unanimously yesterday evening to shut things down, thus ending Cablevision chairman Charles Dolan's last ditch efforts to save his baby (he'd been trying to figure something out, but apparently he gave up, and was among those who voted to shutter Voom)."

Via Voom = dead (this time we’re pretty sure) - Engadget -

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April 7, 2005

Orb takes the home out of home entertainment

Why wait for a dedicated device like Slingbox when you can have ORB now. Download some shows - get some pictures - send it anywhere you want. Okay - I know they are indeed different but you can get ORB now - and I think in the long run -you'll want both. Too bad it's only for XP - but at least it suports both Media center and regular flavors of Win XP. I hate the stuff that is only for Media center.

"Orb TV can offer you live and recorded TV, Internet TV, and access to webcams from virtually any of your Internet-connected devices. "


"Orb gives you secure access to the digital media on your home PC through a simple web interface. Orb streams your content safely to virtually any internet-connected device. Just install the Orb software on your PC, then access your media anywhere."

Via Orb Networks :: WhatIsOrb

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New LCD TVs & Plasma Screens from Panasonic

panasonic_viera.gifI want every one of these babies!!!

"Panasonic has introduced three new plasma and six new LCD TVs in Japan, all of which are in the VIERA line. Scheduled to be released on May 1st, the plasmas will be available in 50, 42 and 37 inch sizes, and the LCDs in 32, 26, 23 and 19 inch sizes. The most expensive set is 650,000 yen, and the cheapest 160,000 yen it'll let you guess which models those correspond to. A point of interest for the plasma panels is the new PEAKS driver, resulting in a pretty nice 3,000:1 contrast ratio. There wasn't any mention of PEAKS being used on the LCDs. Also, the commercial image character for the new VIERAs will be Koyuki (of Last Samurai? fame)."

Via Via Panasonic's New Plasma, LCD VIERA Lineup : Gizmodo

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April 6, 2005

Syntax Olevia LT42HVi

LT42HVi_.jpgI do like the black versus the silver one I have. Also the HDMI interface is a nice touch and HDMI tuner. I can't tell you how amazing my OLEVIA is for the price - so I'm anxious to see this baby in person.

"Syntax is preparing to launch another Olevia flat-screen LCD television, this one a 42-inch widescreen with a 1,366 by 768 pixel resolution and an 8ms response time (pretty decent, as these things go). The biggest thing, though, is that it's Syntax's first HDTV with a built-in ATSC and HDMI tuner, meaning it's effectively a plug-and-play solution (previous models required an external tuner). Expect to see the LT42HVi in June for around $3,700."

Via Syntax Olevia LT42HVi : Gizmodo

Buy at Syntax Olevia LT32HVB 32" Widescreen LCD TV with free LT20S 20" LCD TV by mail

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April 4, 2005

All-Weather LCD TV

Okay - this would rock in a hot tub.

"The SunBrite 2010 is a super-bright all-weather LCD tv that supposedly stands up to any kind of weather and conditions. They even have a video of the unit getting doused with water while it is on. The 2010 Pro is twice as bright and comes with a standard internal heater with thermostat to keep it from freezing solid during the winter."

Via :: All-Weather LCD TV

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