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September 30, 2005 Annual 'Best & Worst' HDTV List

It's amazing how bad some actors/actresses look in HDTV and Phillip Swann of isn't too proud to point out their weak points. TVPredictions has the Annual 'Best & Worst' HDTV List which starts with:

10. Clint Eastwood I love his work, but in high-def, Clint's face looks like his first TV show: Rawhide!

9. Former President Bill Clinton
I think Monica would discard her presidential kneepads if she saw Clinton now. In high-def. the former president's face is littered with blood-curdling corpuscles. Yeech. And the bags under his eyes are so big that you could put $100 worth of groceries in them. And, maybe it's my imagination, but his nose seems to have gotten bigger, like he's a real-life Pinocchio. As Clinton gets older, he's starting to look like the old comedian W.C. Fields.

8. Sandra Bullock
The Miss Congeniality star wouldn't win any beauty contests in high-def; she's 41, but her face looks even older in HD. Even worse, her skin looks like she's had an acne problem for some time.

The lists also includes the best looking in HDTV but we're not feeling that generous today.


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September 30, 2005

GPS Lodge & The Best of the Blogpire

Gps Lodge FindwhatyouloveAnother week and another Best of the Blogpire. If you haven't checked out GPS Lodge then you're missing some of the best GPS news & reviews on the web. They've got a great review of the new Magellan RoadMate 800 which has an mp3 player built in. Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Reusable Coffee Filter for Keurig - Review: Timothy's World Coffee Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold K-Cups

Just The Chips: Know When to Walk Away - Know When to Run - Nevadajacks American Beauty Clay Poker Chips

Kitchen Contraptions: Smart Stick Blender by Cuisinart - Smoothiccino Maker

Shaving Stuff: Review of Pacific Shaving Oil - Analysis of Gillette

What's All The Racquet: Prince Goes Pink to Fight Breast Cancer - Choosing a racquet for your kid

TV Snob: Does Your Sunbrite TV Need a Good Watering? - HDTV World - Everything you Need to Know About HDTV

Shirt Snob: Passion Tie Halter by Playhouse Clothing - Sale and new tees at Busted Tees

GPS Lodge: Magellan RoadMate 800 Announced - Magellan: $50 rebate on eXplorist - New GPS Satellite Launched - Review: Magellan eXplorist 600

The Cooking News: Fruity, full-bodied wine best for pizza - Coffee perks up ordinary recipes - Women still struggle to become a top chef

Liquor Snob: Tuaca Liqueur: Support Your Local Bartender - Keychain Breathalyzer: Alcohawk Micro-Digital - Quaffer Shot Glass with Built-In Chaser - Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filter Review: Part 1

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September 29, 2005

Rent My DVR - Another Sueable Business Model Arrives

In this day and age of lawsuits over downloaded material, it amazes me that people are coming up with new business models to get sued over. I'm talking about the new televison recording service called Rent my DVR.

In a nutshell, you go to the and request a TV show. If someone records it for you, you'll pay about 25 cents and use Rent My DVR's client to download the show. Is this legal? According to the Rent My DVR website, they claim:

Q. What does the TV networks have to say?

A. According to fox networks it is OK to ask a friend or co-worker to tape video shows for you. We at are all friends. See "ask fox question 8."

8. Can I get tapes of FOX Network Primetime Shows sent to me?

The FOX Network does not provide nor sell videos of any of shows, specials or movies that air on the Network.

Our recommendation is to ask co-workers, friends, family and neighbors for anyone who may have taped off-the-air the show you are looking for.

I'd have to say that using a blurb from Fox's website to justify this is a bit lame and of course Fox didn't say charge your friends for the recording.

Our recommendation is to stay away from the service because we have a feeling the attorneys are about to pounce on this one.


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September 28, 2005

Does Your Sunbrite TV Need a Good Watering?

We mentioned the Sunbrite TV, the all-weather LCD TV before. We just wanted show you an image from of the TV being doused with water. For $2700, I'll probably just cover my RCA in saran wrap. Should be fine right?

At [via Engadget]

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September 27, 2005

Amazon DVD Releases Coming October 2, 2005

Here are a few of the new DVD releases Coming October 2, 2005

Cinderella (Disney Special Platinum Edition)

Stargate SG-1 - Season 8 Boxed Set

Cream - Royal Albert Hall - London May 2-3-5-6 2005

The Interpreter (Widescreen Edition)

Into the West

ArrowContinue reading: "Amazon DVD Releases Coming October 2, 2005"

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Get Your TV Related Product Reviewed by TVSnob

Are you a PR specialist or company representative looking to get your TV related product reviewed? Well, you've come to the right place. TVSnob is a website that covers TV hardware and technologies. We also cover gaming systems, DVRs, TV on DVD and more. Our readers are passionate about all types of TV related products, so if you have a product that you feel might be of interest to our readers, please contact:

william at

If you're interested in advertising on TVSnob be sure to check out the self-service option:

You can also get more advertising options here:

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UPN premiers "Everybody Hates Chris" on Google Video

It's not really surprising that UPN is the first Network to offer it's wares to Google Video. According to Yahoo news:

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc. GOOG.O> said on Monday its streaming video site will run a four-day exclusive screening of the premiere of UPN's new comedy "Everybody Hates Chris" -- a first for Google and the upstart network. The entire pilot of the new sitcom, which is based on the childhood of comedian Chris Rock, is available via Google Video at beginning on Monday, the companies said.
The news might be a little more exciting if the show was a non-UPN product. Still, it's nice to have more options when it comes to television viewing.

At Yahoo News

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September 26, 2005

Norcent Unveils New 42-inch HD Plasma TV

Check out the price on this 42" Plasma HDTV in this Press Release from Norcent:

San Dimas, CALIF. Norcent, a leading supplier of consumer electronics, unveiled the new PT-4240HD, a 42" high definition Plasma TV. Sporting an updated design along with extremely high resolution and response time and a low MSRP of only $1,999, the PT-4240HD brings the excitement of plasma TV and exceptional value to cost-conscious consumers seeking the next step up in home entertainment.

Norcent’s PT-4240HD achieves 1024 X 768 resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio on a wide 42" plasma display. It offers the true High-Definition experience with 16.7 million colors, an integrated digital tuner and Component, DVI video and PC input options for sharp color reproduction. Viewers have access to on-screen menus in English, French and Spanish that provide 181 auto channel programming, convenient sleep timer settings and favorite channel presets. Two built-in 5-watt speakers recreate the cinematic experience with dynamic, realistic audio.

“With a new design, full functionally, and incredible value, the PT-4240HD is unlike anything on the market today,” said Jennifer Long, CEO at Norcent. “The PT-4240HD will not only look stunning in the homes of consumers, but we’ve also priced it competitively without sacrificing features to deliver the best value possible to consumers who want exciting home entertainment on a wide plasma display.

Pricing and Availability
Norcent’s 42” HD Plasma TV will be available October 2005 at an estimated street price of $1,999.

About Norcent
Norcent is a worldwide, award winning consumer electronics manufacturer dedicated to bringing the latest in high-tech digital technology to the mainstream consumer market. Norcent's key investments in technology partners, ability to leverage the most competitive ISO certified manufacturing facilities allows it to provide cutting-edge digital products to consumers at the best overall value. For more information please visit or send an email to

I'll see if I can get some images and more information for the PT-4240HD.
Update: Thanks to Susan at for the image!

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Which "The Office" is Better Poll

Since we were talking about Ricky Gervais and "The Office" the other day, I thought this would be a good time to do a poll and see which version of "The Office" you like better.

You can also leave us a comment justifying your vote if you'd like.

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HDTV World - Everything you Need to Know About HDTV

As we mentioned the other day, HDTV can be confusing as heck. So if you need HDTV information, where do you start? CNET has always been one of our favorite HDTV resources and now they've compiled all of their great information into a page called HDTV World.

So if you're ready to move up from that 13 inch black and white, hop on over to HDTV world for some great information and buying advice.

At HDTV World at

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September 25, 2005

TiVo to Require One Year Contracts

A few weeks ago, TiVo raised a lot of eyebrows with their red-flag fiasco. So how does TiVo fix the PR nightmare? How about making new customers sign a one year contract with an early termination fee. According to

A recent change made to TiVo's customer agreement has opened up the door to allow the company to institute service contracts. Although it is unclear as to why the change has been made, TiVo has recently endeavored to market the DVR service to new customers and contracts would keep those users from canceling.

According to the new service agreement, any TiVo activated after September 6 will require a 12-month commitment. Those who cancel before the end of their contract, or have their contracts terminated by TiVo, will be forced to pay a $150 early termination fee.

What's next from TiVo? A $1 surcharge for each skipped commercial? Oops, didn't mean to TiVo anymore great marketing ideas.


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September 24, 2005

Ricky Gervais Stars In "Extras" on HBO

If you're a fan of Ricky Gervais from the British version of "The Office", you'll want to check out his new show "Extras" on HBO starting September 25th at 10:30pm ET. I'm a big fan of Ricky Gervais and the reports are that this show is as funny as "The Office". According to HBO:

Ricky Gervais stars as Andy Millman, a frustrated Englishman in his 40s who gives up his day job to pursue acting, only to find that because of his age, blend-in appearance and complete lack of experience, he just can't land any juicy parts.

Undaunted by failure and convinced of his "star" potential, Andy spends most of his days changing from costume to costume and hustling from set to set, stalking anyone who might somehow help him land a speaking role or, at least, a larger extra part in a scene. In an effort to make a rare on-camera impression, Andy often milks the scenes that he's in to get more screen time, but that strategy has a tendency to backfire.

Andy must also contend with his inept and contemptuous agent (Stephen Merchant), who not only fails to get his client a speaking gig, but actually encourages him to quit acting and find another form of employment. It's clear that Andy would fire his agent (we never learn his name) in a heartbeat - if another agent would agree to take him in.

What's really great is we'll get to see more of Stephen Merchant (Co-writer and Director of "The Office") than we saw in "The Office".


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Saturday Night Live to Premiere New Season in HDTV

It's about time SNL went HDTV. Here's the PR with the DL (stupid acronyms seem to have taken over my computer):

NEW YORK -- September 22, 2005 -- "Saturday Night Live" begins its thirty-first season October 1 and in High Definition.

The season premiere will be hosted by Steve Carell hot on the heels of his sleeper comedy "The 40 Year-Old Virgin" and the return of the NBC television series "The Office." Outspoken and award-winning hip-hop artist Kanye West will join Carell as musical guest.

Hopefully this season will be less hit or miss than the previous few years.

At HDTV Magazine

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September 23, 2005

Amazon DVD Releases Coming September 27, 2005

Here are a few of the new DVD releases Coming September 27, 2005

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin - The Untold Story

Gilmore Girls - The Complete Fourth Season

Robots (Widescreen Edition)

Hogan's Heroes - The Complete 2nd Season

ArrowContinue reading: "Amazon DVD Releases Coming September 27, 2005"

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Study Says DVR Subscriber Rates Dropping

I don't know how I ever survived without a DVR. The beauty of being able to pause and rewind live TV is something you just can't understand until you actually try it. Magna Global recently released a study that showed in the second quarter of 2005, DVR subscribers dropped considerably versus the fourth quarter of 2004. Magna's conclusion is the drop is a result of DVRs appealing to higher-end subscribers.

I beg to differ that point. I've been saying for years that cable companies spend more time on commercials telling us to stop stealing cable than on letting us know how great their products are. The cool thing is that someone seems to finally agree with me. David Kiley of responds to Magna Global's study:

What this analysis doesn't address very well is that cable companies have not done the best job of marketing DVRs, and will undoubtedly respond to the downturn in purchases by making them cheaper to buy. DVRs may have a first-wave appeal to higher end cable subscribers, but as the rest of the cable world goes from analog to digital cable and cable companies get more aggressive at marketing and pricing the devices, strong penetration will continue. The DVR addresses one of the great un-met needs of the last thirty. Will it ever be 100% of cable subscribers? No. But at 8 million and climbing, they wind up in the most valuable consumer households advertisiers covet: upper income, well educated, busy.

So how does the cable company fix the marketing issue? I'd offer customers a DVR free of charge for a week. Heck, I'd even drop it off and offer to pick it up. I guarantee that after a week it'll be awful hard to get that box back. But hey, if cable companies did that, they would probably have less time and money on "Stop Stealing Cable" commercials and we sure wouldn't want that.


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ClaroTV - A Whole New Way to Look at a Piece of Glass

Remember the good ole' days when glass was something for birds to poop on or to throw a baseball through (kids throwing baseballs, not the birds)? Now ClaroTV has designed a TV right out of a science fiction movie. Here's a description of the ClaroTV from Gizmag:

The ClaroTV range is distinctly different. It offers everything you expect from a high quality TV or display - but in GLASS. The result is a stunning TV without wires and without a box around it. The Holoscreen is a revolutionary holographic film which displays any image fed through a projector at a specific angle on to a transparent display. All other light is ignored. The result is a remarkably bright and sharp image quality - even in brightly lit environments. The screen is a 1.5m x 1.0m rectangle of 10mm glass with a 610mm x 814mm sheet of translucent attached to it. Any type of projector can be used to cast the image. To complete the futuristic setup, a pair of optional Ferguson Hill FH001 speakers can be positioned either side of the screen.
I'm not surprised there's no price mentioned, but you can bet this will be the most expensive, if not the sweetest piece of glass you ever got.


Update: Looks like this sweet piece of glass will run you $45,000US. You may just want to point your projector at your new triple pane windows.

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Our New Blog Liquor Snob & The Best of the Blogpire

Liquor Snob ThumbAnother week and another Best of the Blogpire! We launched a new blog this week - Liquor Snob. If you haven't had a chance to read a little bit about "real spirits" then you should take part of your busy Friday and read Liquor Snob. Liquor Snob had some amazing gems this week including: Booze Books: The Modern Drunkard, iPod Bartender: Digital Drinks Anyone?, and Bong Vodka - Art Meets Liquor for Cultural Exchange Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Review: Baronet Coffee One Cup Pumpkin Spice Coffee Pods - Review: Lavazza Espresso Point - X10 Mini Brewer Single Serve Coffee Maker

Just The Chips: PSP Payout Poker & Casino - TJ Cloutier Enters Game Market - World Poker Tour: Season 1 on DVD

Kitchen Contraptions: Fatten Up for WinterEZ Clean Deep Fat Fryer from T-Fal - Zevro Zero Gravity Spice Rack - Honey Spoon

Shaving Stuff: New Shaving - Shaving Kits from Mulholland Brothers - Norelco 6423LC for $31.88 at

What's All The Racquet: Nikolay Davydenko Signs Full Prince Sponsorship - A Ball Machine That Actually Hits Realistic Shots

TV Snob: And the Love Affair with HDTV Continues - Top Rated HD TelevisionSony KD-34XBR960 - Man breaks record for watching TV

Shirt Snob: Free People's Belted Chin Yarn Sweater - Astrosatchel Bags - Ditsy Babydoll Cap Sleeve by Free People

GPS Lodge: Huge increase in Garmin R&D spending pays off - Gizmondo plans Widescreen Handheld Game - Amazon Claims Lowest GPS Prices of the Season

The Cooking News: Wine News: Fine Wine From The New York Vine - Food News: Doctors call for healthier hospital food

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September 22, 2005

Greetings from the TVSnob Editor

Hello all. Thought I'd take a quick moment to introduce myself. My name is William Hungerford and I've been given the honor of taking over the helm as Editor of TVSnob. I'd have to say I'm a pretty hardcore TV fanatic (just ask my wife), with a real fascination of the emerging technologies such as HDTV, Plasma TVs, DVRs, and more.

Besides being obsessed with television, I'm also a Freelance Journalist who specializes in technology related articles and stories. I'm the Guide of the Palmtops/PDAs site at (a division of The New York Times) where my focus is on mobile technology and how to use that technology to enhance your life and not over-burden it. If you're really bored, you can see more about my writing background at

So all you TV fanatics and even you part-time TV fans, be sure to bookmark TVSnob or better yet drop us in your RSS reader. We'll be sure to bring some relevant and informative TV information daily. Okay, I'm off to watch some TV!

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And the Love Affair with HDTV Continues

When we started hearing about HDTV back in the late 90s, like most consumers, I thought HDTV was just a lot of hype (just like all of those poor suckers who said buy Microsoft stock, glad I didn't listen!). Of course when we saw HDTV on the showroom floor, most of us were pretty much blown away. According to, the love affair with HDTV isn't about to slow down:

By the end of this year there will be 28.6m high-definition television sets in homes worldwide, according a report from market research firm Informa Telecoms & Media. By 2010 that number will be more than three times larger, at 106.2m homes.

Here's the statistic that really amazed me:

Importantly, of the 28.6m HD households, just 9.8m have the necessary set top box (or integrated HDTV set) to enable content to be viewed. i.e. they are actually viewing HD content, rather than simply having the potential to do so. This means that only a third of homes with an HDTV set are receiving HD content. By 2010, HD programming is expected to be much more readily available, and more than 75 per cent of HDTV set homes will be receiving content, or 80m homes.

My guess is that a lot of people buying HDTVs don't understand the tools needed for receiving digital channels. If you're thinking about HDTV, a great starting point is There's plenty of resources to help educate consumers on what HDTV is and the main considerations when buying an HDTV.


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September 21, 2005

Find the best Television for you - dontbuyjunk


We found this site from Gizmodo and others yesterday. It's pretty good. They have a variety of products for review and sale and only feature the best and not a bunch of junk. The best part is the site mission - one we can stand behind here at TV We created TV Snob for the same mission - but only for things TV. We want to bring you only the best and work had to find you stories, products, and also sites like these so you aren't lost in the madness that has become TV.

393415-883 Small"The idea for this site started when we noticed our friends and family often asking us for product advice before making a purchase. They know us as electronic enthusiasts who enjoy regularly researching about the latest and greatest products, from magazines to Internet message boards. Even if we didn't know the best recommendation off the top of our heads, we knew where to find the product information and how to then analyze it to come up with the best recommendation. However, we became increasingly frustrated that there was not a site that we could feel comfortable recommending to our friends and family that would offer accurate recommendations in a simple and personalized manner."

At dontbuyjunk - find the best Television for you

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September 20, 2005

New Sharp Aquos LC-57GE2 1080p LCD HDTV

New Sharp Lc-57Ge2 Sharp is once again announcing a bunch of LCD TVs in new giant - never seen before sizes. The new 57 inch Aquos HDTV with 1920x1080 pixel resolution is officially called the Sharp Aquos LC-57GE2. The Sharp Aquos LC-57GE2 features 1500:1 contrast ratio, 4ms response time and a 176 degrees view angle. Sharp will launch the Sharp Aquos LC-57GE2 on December 1st in Japan for 1,450,000 Yen (~$13,000). Not sure of the details here stateside, but it's only a matter of time before this beast swims over to our shores.

More details in this Sharp press-release (Japanese). via I4U News

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September 19, 2005

TiVo Halts Own Web & Phone Sales?

LiltivoI really hate to get up on a Monday morning and read TiVo has even more troubles. According to Real Tech News and the TiVo web site it appears TiVo is having some phone center issues and is not taking new orders by phone OR web. Ouch! You can still order a TiVo at Best Buy or similar store but I guess for the time being not directly from TiVo.

"In a strange turn of events, Tivo is no longer accepting orders for DVR units via phone or web. Unconfirmed posts suggest the company they outsource sales duties to has folded. At this time, potential web customers are being directed to Order at Best Buy. Upon calling 1-877-BUY-TIVO a recording informed me, We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please visit our website."

At Alice Hill’s Real Tech News

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Top Rated HD Television - Sony KD-34XBR960

B0002Ndfkm.01-Aiwhefkg4Ht6N. Sclzzzzzzz We recently found this gem of a site - Goto Reviews. I like a site that takes the guess work out of what products are best but backs it up by finding a set of really good reviews to put their money where their mouth is.

According to Goto Reviews and backed up by - the SONY 34 Inch Super Fine Pitch(TM) XBR(R) Television KD-34XBR960 - essentially a 34" CRT HD TV is the best of the best. If you can handle the size and the SIZE of an old CRT - you won't get a better picture than this.

"Hi-Scan High-Definition TV receives and decodes digital standard-definition and HDTV signals from over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required) and cable TV service (CableCARD required) * all signals displayed at 1080i or 480p * widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio * Super Fine Pitch Aperture Grill *"


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September 16, 2005

Man breaks record for watching TV

Story.Joachim.Ap I'm for breaking world records and especially when I can watch TV - BUT ONLY ABC SHOWS FOR 69 HOURS??? COME ON! How did he survive?

"Suresh Joachim broke the Guinness world record for the longest time spent watching TV. He finished Friday with 69 hours and 48 minutes.After passing the previous record of 50 hours and 7 minutes Thursday, Joachim continued until shortly after 7 a.m. Friday morning (EDT).Joachim did his TV viewing in the lobby of WABC-TV as part of the "Guinness World Record Breaker Week" on the syndicated "Live With Regis and Kelly."Sitting on a brown leather couch, he watched nothing but ABC shows."


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Nintendo Revolution Links & News

Pointingdevice F This will change the way you interact with games and the TV. Wired has a great write up on how the Nintendo Revolution will truly shake things up in the game world along with, gizmag, I4U and the rest of the blogosphere.

I for one will be getting this over any other next gen console. The new game controller looks like a remote, but it's much much more.

"Its Japanese designers call it a "game remote control." Nintendo's American employees have taken to calling it "freehand style." Whatever you call it, the controller -- which uses motion-detecting hardware to pinpoint its distance from the screen, location in the room, and even pitch and yaw -- promises a whole new way to play console games."

Nintendo Revolution articles at Wired News,, gizmag, I4U & the blogosphere and probably about a 10,000 other places. :-)

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The Best of the Blogpire

What a week. If you haven't read it already, Shaving Stuff has word the Gillette is introducing a Five-Bladed Razor. I'm not sure the world needs a 5 bladed razor, but I'm sure I'll have to try it. We have a new blog we will "OFFICIALLY" announce next week called Liquor Snob. If you want to spend the the rest of your Friday and have something both interesting, naughty, and downright funny to read - check out Liquor Snob.

Now on with the best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Pre-order Tassimo at - Single Serve Coffee Visits Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Just The Chips: Winning Low-Limit Hold'em from Lee Jones - New Payout Poker and Casino Screens

Kitchen Contraptions: Bialetti Mukka Express 2-Cup Cappuccino Maker Now at - Review: simplehuman Semi-Round Stainless Steel Trash Can

Shaving Stuff: The Schick Quattro Power - Gillette Introduces Five-Bladed Razor

What's All The Racquet: Congrats to the 2005 US Open Champions!

TV Snob: Hasbro's ZoomBox Projector - TV On Your Finger - TV on your Tombstone

Shirt Snob: New Junkfood Tees - Second Skin Shirt by Generra

GPS Lodge: New Magellan RoadMate 360 - New nuvi a Personal GPS Travel Assistant

The Cooking News: Campire Chili - Coffee News: P&G: Coffee may be out of stock

Liquor Snob: Liquor Filter Puts the "Lure" in Liver Failure - Beer...For Kids? - Absinthe Revisited...And Debunked?

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September 15, 2005

Hasbro's ZoomBox Projector

Hasbro-Zoombox-1It's absolutely amazing to think that kids will have the ability to project video games on a wall or ceiling up to 60" wide for $299 bucks. What's even more amazing? The ZoomBox Projector from Hasbro's Tiger Electronics Division also has a DVD & CD player built in, allowing them to watch movies on the thing. And finally - it even has built in speakers? My god. It's full of stars.

ZoomBox is available online at and in New York this December. After that, expect a full roll out of the ZoomBox in 2006.

Via Strange New Products at Hasbro Zoombox Projector

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September 14, 2005

Pyramat: Lay Down & Watch Some TV

4586 14090564608 We've seen many incarnations of this vibrating-sound emitting somewhat comfortable piece of furniture. The Pyramat is a cushioned mat with a headrest, built-in speakers, subwoofer and reverberation technology. Moreso, Pyramat is a unique entertainment accessory - a portable foam mat that is comfortable and capable of transmitting the sound from your movie, PC or game console throughout your body.

Available at for $149 Pyramat Interactive PM300 3-Speaker Sound Lounger

Via gizmag at Pyramat

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September 13, 2005

TV On Your Finger

Emagin This little SVGA 3D active matrix OLED is about the size of quarter and would fit nicely on the top of a ring on your finger. Imagine. In the next few years you'll be able to stream TV anywhere you want to watch it if they can make little screens like this work. The possibilities are endless when you think of linking up about 30 of these little screens with different feeds on a wall. Giant picture collages with video, TV, and other items being shown on them. Wow.


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Samsung’s Navigation Mobile TV with GPS and DMB

2253605382536794.JpgI guess you can stick a GPS inside of a toilet and make some news. Okay - maybe that's a bit harsh but a mobile TV with GPS might be interesting but they didn't put the GPS inside for you to wander with the TV and then find you're LOST. DMB or Digital Multimedia Broadcasting is a EUROPE only thing for now too, but I can see how cool it might be to have a portable and pick up some high definition content on it.

The new “Navigation Mobile TV” that combines a GPS navigation unit with a DMB, or Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, receiver for watching digital TV broadcasts. The new handheld runs on Windows Mobile 2003 SE and has a VGA quality 3.5-inch LCD screen. Samsung is working on a new technology called TPEG that can be used to deliver real-time traffic data along over a DMB network as well.

Via Engadget at Samsung

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September 12, 2005

TV on your Tombstone

Hp Content 03Serenity now! Well, I'm pretty sure some re-runs of Firefly would make for a great TV viewing when I'm dead and especially on my Tombstone. I guess people aren't satisfied with a simple name and date and have to add that little extra something to their grave site.

A company called VidStone, LLC has just the thing to make your afterlife more high tech. The VIDSTONE Serenity Panel is the first personal memorial monument product of its kind. Utilizing solar-power technology and a weatherproof LCD panel it provides families the option of viewing a personalized video tribute right at their loved one’s final resting place. The VIDSTONE Serenity panel features a 5-10 minute multimedia memorial detailing the most precious memories of your loved one’s life. Their unique memories are no longer solely relived in your mind , but at your loved one’s place of rest. While nothing ever replaces the gift of life, memories can now come one step closer to forever being remembered and not forgotten with a Vidstone Serenity Panel.

Via Gear Live at Vidstone

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The TViX Mini

Tvix01 News

How about a 3"x5" mobile player with a 100gb drive, remote, and the ability to hook it up to an external LCD screen? Wild.

“The new 100GB TVix Mini C-2000U is the baby bro of the C-3000U and supports most video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (AVI, VOB) and MPEG-4 (AVI, DivX, XviD) as well as MP3, Ogg Vobis or WMA audio files. Plenty of room to store images on the 100GB HD combined with background music option makes this one useful for photographers, too. Also onboard is USB 2.0 OTG (On-The-Go) technology which TVix claim to have adapted. This allows users to connect and download files between the TViX mini and a USB device without the aid of a PC. So even when a computer isn’t available images may be dowloaded from other compatible devices directly to the TViX mini via the USB port. It’s also possible to copy and transfer data!”

Via Gizmodo

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September 9, 2005

New HDTV Come in 400+ Color Variations to Match Your Home

Individualblenden HDTVs that actually look amazing and come in different colors? You have to hand it to Loewe's. Though not in the US, these new TVs come with a choice of over 400 color variations to match the room or cabinet the TV will go in.

"We love Loewe TVs. They just look, well, sexier than TVs from other brands. At IFA in Berlin there was a hall dedicated to them and they really stood out. Perhaps that's because of the new 'Individual' range that Loewe have announced which enables you to choose from one of 400 variants. The housing colours range from chrome silver via aluminium bronze to high gloss cream. What's more the different colours of the fronts can be combined with great effect with insets to the sides. Alternatively you can get individualised designer single TVs, either with Swarovski crystals or upholstered with leather if you're that way inclined. No word on prices yet but I don't suppose they'll be cheap.

Via Tech Digest at Loewe's TV

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The Best of the Blogpire

It's the Best of the Blogpire time again, but before we sound off with the best of the best, please take time to click the banner above any Blogpire weblog and donate to the Red Cross at The victims of Hurricane Katrina can use your help and a donation is one of the best ways to do it.

Now on with the Best of the Blogpire!

Single Serve Coffee: Senseo Red Edition Coming in October with Shorter Spout & Free Travel Mug - Review: Green Mountain's Fair Trade Rain Forest Nut K-Cups for Keurig

Just The Chips: Erotic Caribbean Poker Game - Jennifer Tilly Scores Women's Poker Victory - Poker & Condoms

Kitchen Contraptions: Alessi New Fall/Winter 2005 Kitchen Gadgets - Kitchen Robot Roundup - Fireflies in a Jar for Your Kitchen

Shaving Stuff: The Beautiful Rosendahl Razor - Pubic Shaving from - Extreme Shaving from King of Shaves

TV Snob: LG's Latest & Greatest TV Fridge - Nintendo DS TV Tuner - 3D HDTV without Glasses

Shirt Snob: Donate money to the Red Cross through these companies - New Orleans help - Two great shirts from Threadless

GPS Lodge: GPS News: Navman iCN320 Flash Based GPS - GPS NEWS: Hey what's in your Phone - Garmin Mobile?

The Cooking News: Wine News: Move over, beer: Wine is No. 1 choice - Wine News: Controversy mounts over best way to seal wine bottles

Liquor Snob: Cocktail Hour and New Orleans Relief Fund Raiser - Beer - Now Packed With Vitamins?

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Thomson's Mobile Set-Top Box

Mobile Set Top Box Model Dti0601.Jpg Finally a mobile set top box with a little style.The new Freeview set-top box with built in 11 cm LCD screen is very mobile and weighs in at a whopping 425 grams. There's also a USB port for software downloads via the PC and an optional external antenna for digital TV reception at high speeds. The mobile set-top box operates on a rechargeable battery that provides up to 2.5 hours playtime. A 12 Volt car adaptor is available as an optional extra. The DTI0601 will be available in the UK, Australia, France, Germany and Italy in early 2006.

Via Tech Digest

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September 8, 2005

LG's Latest & Greatest TV Fridge

Lg Grg217Btja.Jpg You know in the next rev of your kitchen, you'll end up putting a TV somewhere in your kitchen, so why not in the fridge? Well, I can see some issues with this. Imagine half awake, going downstairs for a drink of water and BAM! Putting the glass of water on the wrong side and smashing the LCD TV. Or worse yet, getting that same drink of water and then turning on the TV - getting stuck watching some fascinating infomercial unfold.

If none of that bothers you, worries you, or makes you feel nervous about putting a TV in your fridge, then you may want to know what LG has in store for you.

"LG has unveiled the latest in its series of top-end side by side fridge freezers, the GRG217BTJA, which features an integrated 13inch LCD TV. The screen already has an analogue TV tuner built in, but you can also connect it to a DVD or VHS video player. The fridge itself is monstrously large, but it does boast some neat features such as LG’s Miracle Zone, a small drawer in the fridge whose temperature can be controlled at the touch of a button."

Via Tech Digest

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September 7, 2005

Nintendo DS TV Tuner

2238136478270903-1.Jpg If you need to watch TV on every device that has a screen, you may want to check out the new Nintendo DS TV tuner. It does effectively double the size of your Nintendo DS, but doesn't adding TV to the DS make it twice as good? You'll get a whopping 6 hours of playback time from 4 AAA batteries.

Via Engadget

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Digital TVs: More screen for less green

011005 Rcatv It's on. The Fall/Holiday shopping season will soon be in full force and so will the price cuts. I suggest waiting until at least mid-December to see the full effect of how low an HDTV set (okay CNET - Digital TV) can go. What cost $25,000 just a few years ago can be had for a tenth of that, but we disagree you can't get a Digital TV for less than $1000. Many of the 30" and 26" LCD TVs can be had for well under $1000. I do like prices that are 41% cheaper than last year at the same time though overall. Wow.

Get all the juicy price details at CNET

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September 6, 2005

How to get a new TiVo for $49 bucks

26Rebatesm 090405We won't even attempt at trying to summarize how you go about getting a TiVo for $49 bucks. Suffice to say, there seems to be a variety of ways to get it for the $49 price so visit the PVRblog for all the details.

At PVRblog

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Catch Your TV on Fire with a TV Fireplace

Firelight Beachcomber.JpgI like to have an uncluttered living room with just a TV or maybe no TV at all and just this amazing fireplace with the TV popping out of the top! So far I've only managed to put all my electronics in the media closet and run cables up to the 30" Syntax LCD TV.

What I like about the concept of a Fireplace TV is how it would take the emphasis off of the TV in our living room. Though we are total TV hounds, it's really only on from 8-10pm that the TV is even on. We pack all of our TV viewing into short bursts with total TIVO control. I could see having the fireplace for the rest of the 12 hours of the day we might be in the living room being a good thing - especially in the long winter months we have in New England.

This particular design is the "Firelight Beachcomber" with a lava rock and electric flame in the fireplace. I think we may have to go with something a little less modern, but you never know. I could see myself watching the flames and then perhaps a good movie - or both at the same time?

Via Shiny Shiny at Firelight Beachcomber

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September 5, 2005

Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote with RF & IR Capabilities

Harmony890 Wow. RF and IR in a remote with a color screen just like the Harmony 880? We are impressed here at TV Snob. I love the Harmony series of remotes, and instead of having to worry about any line of site with IR, you could pick up an entire RF set of remote repeaters for the house.

Logitech´s Harmony 890 Remote Control uses both radio frequency (RF) and infrared (IR) wireless signals to deliver complete control of your home-entertainment system that may be hidden behind cabinets or in separate rooms. With a wireless range of up to 100 feet, the Harmony 890 remote sends RF commands to a base station, which then blasts infrared signals to any components in that zone. With the Harmony 890 remote, you can create a system that involves multiple remotes and/or base stations to deliver control of all the entertainment zones throughout the home. This one is not too shabby, although at $399 USD, the only place we might see these in action is on MTV Cribs.

Via Gear Live

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September 2, 2005

3D HDTV without Glasses

View 0005Yeah right. I'll believe it when I see it without the glasses. :-) I haven't really been following the entire 3D TV and especially 3D HDTV debacle, but apparently it's getting better. Three companies are getting together to make 3D TV happen: Grundig, Newsight GmbH, and 3D IP. the format requires no 3D glasses, and allows you to see 3D in a new type of autostereoscopic display.

More at OhGizmo!

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The Best of the Blogpire

It's September and Summer is slowly wrapping up around the Blogpire. The students are back in Boston and causing traffic madness wherever you go, the nights are a bit cooler, but we all know we've got a few weeks left of some really nice late Summer weather and some great late Summer blogging.

Single Serve Coffee has news of the Keurig Elite B40 & Special Edition B60 Available at and their Single Serve Monthly Round Up for August 2005

Just The Chips looks at Phil Gordon's Little Green Poker Book and the PSP World Series of Poker

Kitchen Contraptions reviewed the simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder and also has a great Monthly Round Up for August 2005

Shaving Stuff found Hitachi's +10 Razor of Goodness and also has a terrific August Wrap-Up

What's All the Racquet found The Coolest Tennis Gear in Forbes Magazine and 5 New Racquets from Dunlop, Head, Prince, Wilson & Yonex

TV Snob has been watching Photonic Textiles on their pillows and has great Roundup for August 2005

Shirt Snob continues to find Great deals at Max Studio and has their round up for August

GPS Lodge find a bunch of new reviews: GPS Review: Garmin V and an UPDATE: Contest Details for September plus their Monthly Round-up for August 2005

And The Cooking News finds out that Hurricane Katrina May Affect Coffee Prices and some very cool cooking tips that Asian flavors add to recipes

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Photonic Textiles - TV on Your Pillow?

4527 2090544933You have to give Philips some major props. In the LCD TV world they were one of the first to really get the new products out there, and they continue to innovate on all levels of display technology. I recently wrote a little blurb for on how Philips is working on LCD TV ghosting, but now Philips is working on something even cooler - displays on fabrics.

I don't think we'll be seeing TV right away on your pillow but I do believe you start to see your entire environment light up and interact with your music, TV or video games. You can imagine the possibilities, but one I like to think of is how you could make the mood lighting around you or the pillow burst colors in red as you watched a scary movie. The entire environment could pulse and interact.

"Philips Research is pointing the way toward a new age in the long history of textiles. At first glance, objects such as clothing, towels, upholstery, and drapes would seem unlikely places on which to place intelligent and interactive systems. Yet these low-tech objects figure prominently in our lives. By integrating flexible arrays of multicolored light-emitting diodes (LEDs) into fabrics—and doing so without compromising the softness of the cloth—Philips Research is bringing these inert objects to life."

More at gizmag

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September 1, 2005

TV Snob Roundup for August 2005

Tvsnob Roundup

August was another big month for TV Snob. TV Snob placed in the Feedster Top 500 Blogs of the web. We also continued to find the best TV information from HDTV, LCD TV, and of course portable video devices for TV on the go. We're also looking to add more content to TV Snob. If you're interested in all things TV - why not Write for TV Snob.

Here's the best of TV Snob August 2005.

HDTVs prices are dropping and you can now Save 40% on Top Selling HDTVs at TiVo Makes a Profit? And we have a Great Olevia LCD TV Customer Service Experience. We also found this Polaroid Under-Cabinet 10" LCD TV/DVD Combo for the kitchen, and found the Logitech Harmony 880 Advanced Universal Remote Review to be a good read.

It was nice to see Media Center PC Shipments On The Rise, and we thought theLCD Picture Frame Doubling as LCD TV was quite interesting. Need to relax even more while you watch TV? Watch TV and Get a iJoy Massage. Sony Expands HDTV Line with 50 & 60-Inch Grand Wega TVs and TiVo To Go from Your Cell Phone. And last but not least, finally some quality UMD Discs for your PSP HBO to release shows on PSP.

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