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April 30, 2007

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April 30, 2007

Amazon DVD Releases Coming May 01, 2007

Michael Palin's Around the World in 80 Days

Melrose Place - The Second Season

Will & Grace - Season Six

The Girls Next Door - Season 2

Dinosaurs - The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons

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April 26, 2007

Deal of the Day: Pioneer PDP-5070HD PureVision 50 Inch Plasma HDTV

Looking for a name-brand 50" Plasma under $2500? You'll want to check out the great deal on the Pioneer PDP-5070HD PureVision 50" Plasma HDTV over at Amazon: Product Description The 50-inch Pioneer PDP-5070HD plasma television delivers large, lifelike images right out of the box, thanks to the built-in ATSC (digital) tuner that can pick up over-air high-def channels with an optional antenna. You can also hook up an HDMI-capable cable or satellite set-top box and enjoy the highest standard of high-definition audio and video--with only a single cord connection. Nicely compact, it features a bottom mounted speaker design that makes it easy to fit into a home theater cabinet with a smaller footprint.

Pioneer's exclusive Crystal Emissive Layer is sandwiched between the plasma glass and the individual light cells. This advanced layer helps conduct energy more efficiently so that each cell can be charged and discharged three times faster than before. Pioneer's Advanced Continuous Emission IV (ACE IV) works in conjunction with the Crystal Emissive Layer in the glass to reduce the visual steps between levels of color, making color transitions smoother than ever before. It also offers both vertical and horizontal ribs that help keep the light focused and concentrated, and prevent it from bleeding into neighboring cells. This cell structure means a brighter, sharper, and more accurate image that consistently reminds you of the reasons you bought a plasma TV in the first place.

The PDP-5070HD features a 1365 x 768-pixel resolution (meaning that 1080p signals via the HDMI connection will be downscaled) and a wide 160-degree viewing angle. This Pioneer PureVision plasma TV uses Pure Drive II, 10-bit all-digital processing that maintains a digital path throughout signal processing. This streamlined Pure Drive process provides an optimal picture with virtually no video noise or loss of quality. Other video processing features include Dynamic Range Expansion (DRE) to further reduce video noise, Advanced Pure Cinema 3:3 pull-down for smooth, natural reproduction of film content, and color temperature adjustment.

Be sure to check this deal out before the price goes up.


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April 25, 2007

DIY: Turn your Xbox 360 into a Laptop

What could be better than making your Xbox 360 mobile? Now you can with this really cool and in-depth DIY over at Engadget that turns your Xbox 360 into a portable laptop. The DIY starts out:

The making-of How-To for the Xbox 360 laptop will be in three parts. In today's segment we'll discuss the parts list, stripping down an Xbox 360 motherboard, and modding / reattaching the DVD and hard drives. The next installment will cover case design, construction and hacking the LCD display, as well as wiring the video. Part 3 will then describe wiring all the separate parts together, troubleshooting, and finishing up the unit. Full design files will be including along the way. Let's take a look and prep to get started!

A few of the things you'll need:

  • Xbox 360 Premium system
  • Westinghouse LCM-17x1 17-inch widescreen monitor
  • Xbox 360 WiFi module
  • Small, flat USB keyboard

If you're brave enough, you'll definitely want to check out this cool weekend project. If you try this, let us know how it works out.


Compare Prices: Xbox 360

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April 24, 2007

Is Walmart About to Offer an Inexpensive HD DVD Player?

There's a nice unconfirmed rumor circulating on the internet that Walmart may be offering an HD DVD player soon. According to

News that Wal-Mart was planning to sell a high-def disc player at the discounted price of anywhere from $50-$299 spread across the web like wildfire Friday, but at the end of the day, the unconfirmed report raises more questions than it answers.

The news first surfaced Thursday morning in a post on AVS Forum which cited a Chinese news agency as reporting that Wal-Mart has signed a deal to produce two million HD DVD players to be sold at a discounted price of $299 a pop.

There is some confusion if the Walmart plans to sell HD DVD or Blu-ray according to the article:

But as other online news outlets began to pick up the story on Friday (including perhaps most notably, Engadget), questions began to arise over which high-def formats (if any) the original Chinese report was referring to, as translations of the article show that it uses the phrase "Blu-ray HD DVD" or "Blue Light HD DVD" to describe the supported format of the reported disc player.

We're assuming that the format will be HD DVD but who knows. Any type of high definition player at Walmart should definitely be a bonus for the consumer and surely add some fire to the high definition format war.


Compare Prices: HD DVD

Compare Prices: Blu-ray

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April 23, 2007

Amazon DVD Releases Coming April 24, 2007

Wow! "Drew Carey", "Ironside", and "One Day at a Time" coming out all at the same time. I guess I'll be doing some serious nostaligic DVD watching this weekend.

The Drew Carey Show - The Complete First Season

Ironside - The Complete First Season

One Day at a Time - The Complete First Season

Kidnapped - The Complete Series

Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series

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April 20, 2007

Review: JVC HD-58S998 HDTV

When it comes to buying a new HDTV many first-timers go with a rear-projection TV because there a lot less expensive than flat panels (although flat panel prices continue to drop). The thing most people don't realize is how sleek and unboxy projection TVs are becoming. One such HDTV is the JVC HD-58S998 which has a cabinet that's only 10.75-inches deep and while that may not be sleek enough for some consumers, it's a great HDTV on a budget. According to a review of the JVC HD-58S998 at CNET:

From the front, the JVC HD-58S998 looks like a typically sleek, modern-day HDTV, and in fact it's one of the most attractive examples we've seen yet. We love that the bezel along the top and sides of the screen's edge measures a mere 1/3 of an inch wide (!), even thinner than that of the former thin-bezel champ, Mitsubishi's WD-65831. That sliver of a bezel allows this 58-inch set to occupy just 51.5 inches of width. As is par for the RPTV course, the area below the screen is significantly chunkier and glossy black, interrupted only by a big JVC logo and a cool-looking power indicator that can be disabled--a boon for home theater fanatics who demand a minimum of superfluous illumination. All told, the HD-58S998 is probably as compact as any 58-inch RPTV could be, measuring 51.5x37.9x10.8 inches, and weighing a feathery 115 pounds.

Overall the HD-58S998 got high marks except:

The biggest problem we had with the JVC's picture quality had to do with its uneven geometry. Ideally you want a grid displayed on a TV screen to have perfectly straight horizontal and vertical lines, and with most microdisplays and all flat-panel sets, they come pretty close. With the HD-58S998 we reviewed, however, it was a different story. The most egregious issue was with horizontal lines in the top two-thirds of the screen, which curved upward toward the sides, the left more than the right, for an effect that kind of resembled a crooked smile. Other areas of the grid looked funky, too; vertical lines toward the edges bowed inward at the top and slightly outward toward the top middle, in contrast to the screen's lower third, which was mostly even.

Be sure to check out the JVC HD-58S998 at CNET


Compare Prices: JVC HD-58S998 HDTV

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April 18, 2007

WeaKnees Offers 160GB Upgrade for AppleTV

Is that 40GB hard drive on your AppleTV just not cutting it? Well let WeaKnees (the King of TiVo upgrades!) come to the rescue with a 160GB upgrade for your AppleTV. According to their website:

Replace the drive in your AppleTV with a 160 GB drive - four times the size. The installation process only takes a few minutes and then the AppleTV will re-synchronize with your iTunes to download all of your music, videos, and photos.

The hard drive is fully prepared here. You simply use the included tools and instructions to remove the existing drive and install the new one!

The kit comes with:

  • New 160 GB Seagate drive with 5 year Seagate warranty (six month WeaKnees warranty)
  • Torx T8 tool
  • Installation instructions with pictures
  • Phone, email, and forum support

Not too shabby for under $200. Be sure to check out all of the details at WeaKnees.


Compare Prices: AppleTV

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April 17, 2007

Deal of the Day: Sennheiser RS 140 Wireless Balanced Headphones

Ahh, the serenity of watching TV while blocking out all of the outside disturbances. If you a wireless headphones fanatic like me, you'll want to check out the Sennheiser RS 140 Wireless Balanced Headphones. According to Amazon:

Product Description Listening with headphones is almost an exercise in personal bondage. You're movement is limited by the length of the headphone cable. Stylish, lightweight, and comfortable Sennheiser RS140 wireless RF headphone system features a switchable dynamic compression system for excellent speech intelligibility and a balance control for optimum right/left volume adjustment. If necessary, a high output level can be adjusted to compensate for moderate hearing loss. Enjoy wireless freedom of sound with exceptional sound adaptation. Using Radio Frequencies for its wireless technology, you're free to travel around your home while listening to your sounds without disturbing others.

At the core, it's all about the enjoyment of listening without restriction. For that, the RS140 is essential. Optimum signal reception due to self-learning automatic level control Extremely comfortable to wear, ightweight Range - up to 150 meters (RS 140 - 864 MHz) or up to 100 m (RS 140 - 926 MHz) Easy recharging - simply hang the headphones onto the charging cradle / Rechargeable NiMH batteries included Optional wall mounting (transmitter) possible Acoustic signals provide feedback on many functions Operating time per full charge - Up to 23 hours Sennheiser USA 2-year warranty.

Be sure to check out all of the great user reviews of the Sennheiser RS 140 on Amazon's website.


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April 16, 2007

Amazon DVD Releases Coming April 17, 2007

Happy Days - The Complete Second Season

Laverne & Shirley - The Complete Second Season

The Venture Bros. - Season Two

Murder, She Wrote - The Complete Sixth Season

Not Just the Best of the Larry Sanders Show

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April 13, 2007

Review: tvCompass Wi-Fi Smart Remote

If you haven't noticed, we really dig remotes here at TVSnob and I think most of us forget how important remotes are until we lose one. One remote that grabs our interest is the new tvCompass Wi-Fi Smart Remote which has quite a few cool features. According to Wi-FiPlanet, the basics of the remote are:

The $299 (MSRP) Smart Remote uses the familiar wand style that most people are comfortable holding, as opposed the tabletop or two-handed designs becoming more common. The remote sports a spacious 2.2-inch color LCD atop a pair of soft keys (whose functions change depending what's on the screen), while a numeric keypad and a familiar array of several dozen function keys round out the front of the unit.

Many universal remotes use common alkaline batteries, but a Wi-Fi-enabled device like the Smart Remote would likely suck them dry over the course of a day's programming. Therefore, the Smart Remote uses its own internal and rechargeable Lithium Ion battery (define), which isn't user-accessible and is rated to last about a week (our test unit's battery was still going strong after about three days of use). The remote we tested was connected to an AC adapter for charging, but tvCompass informed us that future units would ship with a more convenient charging dock.

Here's the really cool part of the remote:

Another feature that takes advantage of the Smart Remote's connectivity is click365, which uses RSS feeds to let you access info from news, sports, weather and shopping sites (such as directly through the remote. You can't actually make product purchases through the remote (at least, not yet) and some feeds simply present an abstract and send more detailed information to you via e-mail. At the moment there are only a handful of feeds available and you can't add your own custom feeds, though tvCompass says that ability will be forthcoming.

While reading RSS feeds on a remote may not be for everyone, it's neat to see how remote controls keep evolving into mini-network appliances.


More at tvCompass Website

Compare Prices: Remote Controls

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April 11, 2007

Deal of the Day: Onkyo TX-SR504 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver

There's nothing I dig more than a A/V Receiver with the ability to integrate an XM receiver. That's why I really like the Onkyo TX-SR504 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver which has quite a few other features at a truly reasonable price. According to

From the Manufacturer Want more than a superb balance of precise surround sound processing, powerful amplification and signal-enhancing technologies to bring out the very best in your home theater? The TX-SR504 goes above and beyond by giving you the capability to switch up to three high-definition components for simple connection to HDTVs. So, on top of sensational DVD movies and your own music catalog, the TX-SR504 easily integrates recorded video content, live high-definition broadcasts and the most gripping console games. While this receiver’s sophistication can’t be denied, it’s also designed to make operating your home entertainment a stress-free, simple exercise. A perfectly laid out rear panel features color-coded ports, while the preprogrammed RI (Remote Interactive) remote control and accessible front panel controls do all the work for you. In more ways than one, the TX-SR504 will set you up for the best home theater entertainment yet.

XM® Satellite Radio* (through XM Passport™) with XM HD Surround
With the next-generation XM Connect and Play port on the TX-SR504’s rear, it is possible to access 160 digital channels of radio programming including 100% commercial-free music; over 30 channels of news, sports, talk and entertainment; and over 20 dedicated channels of XM Instant Traffic & Weather. Now with XM Passport, a mini satellite tuner can be easily connected to other XM Ready devices (like car audio and portable device players) using only one subscription. And in a landmark breakthrough for radio, XM is able to offer XM HD Surround: radio content with six discrete channels of digital audio, enabling 24-hour, 5.1-channel surround sound radio for the very first time. Using the TX-SR504’s onboard Neural Audio decoder, XM HD Surround is possible with the free-form music channel Fine Tuning (XM Channel 76) and XM Pops (XM Channel 113), as well as with a variety of special shows and live music performances.
*Requires XM Passport/Connect and Play Kit

The Onkyo TX-SR504 7.1 Channel A/V Receiver is currently less than $200 with free shipping, so you might want check this deal out before it's gone.


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April 10, 2007

Make Way for LaserTV

So, the other day we were talking about LCOS TVs being a great opportunity to get a large screen TV for a reasonable price. What if we told you there was another projection technology coming that offered exeptional quality at half the price? Well, you might want to check out LaserTv technology from Novalux. According to RealTechNews:

Plasma was king until LCD got bigger and better. And just when you thought you could settle down in front of a huge LCD screen and enjoy some high-def peace of mind comes LaserTV. Developed by Novalux, LaserTV has this little calling card: it costs 50% less to produce, has double the color range, and uses 75% less power.

The article continues:

So here is where LaserTV fits, in the big picture (so to speak.) LaserTV is a projection technology, so if you like micro-thin flat panels, this is not for you. The technology replaces the spinning UHP lamp in the back of projection DLP and LCD TVs with laser-beaming hardware. The lasers are faster and use less power, and they create a picture that side by side, has blown away the best plasma, projection and LCDs sets currently on the market.

So just like LCOS, if you're looking for a sleek flat-screen then LaserTV probably isn't for you. If you can handle a larger projection TV that's affordable, the LaserTv may be right down your alley.

Hopefully LaserTV technology will be available sometime early next year. We'll keep you posted when we hear something.

Mitsubishi is releasing the world's first laser TV, LaserVue, in 2008.


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April 9, 2007

Amazon DVD Releases Coming April 10, 2007

The Untouchables - Season One, Vol. 1

Scooby Doo, Where Are You! - The Complete Third Season

Avatar The Last Airbender - Book 2 Earth, Vol. 2

Teen Titans - The Complete Third Season (DC Comics Kids Collection)

The Streets of San Francisco - Season 1, Vol. 1

The Batman - The Complete Third Season

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April 6, 2007

LCOS TV from MicroDisplay for Under $1500 Coming Soon

Looks like we might be seeing a sub $2000 56inch LCOS TV real soon. If you're not familiar with LCOS, it's basically a reflective technology similar to DLP projectors but uses liquid crystals instead of individual mirrors. According to CNET News:

MicroDisplay, a Fremont, Calif.-based company, will begin manufacturing a 56-inch liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) television this summer that will sell a few months later for between $1,300 and $1,500.

A type of so-called microdisplay technology, LCOS is a silicon chip covered in liquid crystals. Light is reflected off the chip and through a projector to produce an image on a TV screen. MicroDisplay plans to use its own proprietary liquid crystal-covered chip, which it has dubbed "Liquid Fidelity," in rear-projection televisions that it will sell to mass-market brands, such as Akai and Memorex.

One of the big advantages of LCOS is that the TVs cabinet depth is shrinking and they're more energy effecient:

Most rear-projection TVs now measure less than 20 inches deep, though many flat panels measure a mere 8 inches from front to back--MicroDisplay's will be 16 inches deep. Another benefit of rear-projection sets is that they consume half the power of flat panels, which can mean lower electricity bills for owners.

If you're interested in a large screen TV for a reasonable price you might want to start looking at LCOS from MicroDisplay.


Compare Prices: LCOS

Compare Prices: MicroDisplay

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April 5, 2007

Review: Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U 52-inch LCD HDTV

If your in the market for an LCD HDTV, you can't go wrong with the Sharp Aquos line. has a review of the latest Aquos TV, the Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U 52-inch LCD HDTV. The review is pretty decent with quite a few images and full benchmark results. The review starts out:

The company's newest top-of-the-line sets are those in the D92U series, which includes the Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U 52-inch LCD HDTV. New features making their appearance in this series include a five-wavelength backlight (to enhance color reproduction), 120-Hz frame-rate conversion, and an Advanced Fine Motion display mode. Those last two features aim to eliminate lag from fast-moving images and to smooth them out by quickening the display's response time. It also has a conspicuously high 15,000:1 rated contrast ratio — a 50 percent jump over the spec for last year's models. Of all these improvements, that last one is the most immediately noticeable when you first turn on the set.

Overall the articles states:

The Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U 52-inch LCD HDTV is the kind of bigscreen flat TV that many folks would be glad to have in their homes. It delivers a crisp, bright picture with an impressively wide viewing angle, deep shadows, and strong contrast. Where the Sharp comes up short is its below-average handling of standard-def programs and pumped-up, unnatural-looking color. That first issue is one that I imagine many people could live with, but the second one is something that discerning viewers will find hard to overlook.

Be sure to check out the full review.


Compare Prices: Sharp Aquos LC-52D92U 52-inch LCD HDTV

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April 4, 2007

Deal of the Day: Philips 42PF7320A 42" Widescreen Plasma HDTV

If you're looking for a great deal on a sweet looking TV, be sure to check out the Philips 42" Widescreen Plasma TV: Product Description

Save space and enjoy a wonderfully vivid picture with the stylish, 42-inch Philips 42PF7320A widescreen plasma TV, a great choice for your full-featured entertainment center. It has a built-in 181-channel NTSC tuner for standard television broadcasts, and you can receive high-definition TV right out of the box with the optional, removable CableCARD, which picks up HD (ATSC) broadcasts from your digital cable provider (digital cable subscription required). This set includes a tabletop stand, but it's also wall-mountable with optional kit (VESA compatible).

This plasma TV includes an anti-ageing circuit to help prevent screen burn-in and an anti-reflective coating on the screen. This set uses Philips' exclusive Pixel Plus video processor to increase the number of lines and the number of pixels. The result is razor sharp pictures with incredible detail and dept, every time from any source.

The 42PF7320A has a 1024 x 768-pixel resolution, 160-degree viewing angle, a 1500 cd/m2 (candela per square meter) brightness rating, and a 10000:1 contrast ratio. (The higher the contrast ratio, the greater a TV's ability to display subtle color details and not get washed out by ambient room light.) Other features include picture-in-picture display (via component and HDMI connections), auto volume leveler, adjustable color temperature and sharpness, sleep timer, and V-Chip parental controls.

What a great TV for around $2000 with free shipping so you might want to jump on this price while you've got the chance.

More at

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April 3, 2007

Hands on with Apple TV

Computerworld has a decent and lengthy look at the new Apple TV. Overall the review is positive but brings up an important point:

One thing potential buyers should keep in mind is that Apple TV is designed to work directly only with audio, video and podcasts managed in an iTunes library using iTunes software. In other words, despite its many virtues, iTunes is not for those who plan to acquire video and audio from other stores. Put differently, Apple TV directly supports only the formats that iTunes supports, although there are a variety of tools, including Apple’s QuickTime Pro and Techspansion’s Visual Hub, that can be used to convert video.

The article finishes up by saying:

The Apple TV is focused on one goal: Bringing iTunes-based digital media stored on your computer to your TV. It achieves that goal quite well and simply with a device that is simple to set up and a delight to use.

Apple TV, however, isn't for everybody. For one thing, its $299 price tag isn’t exactly inexpensive. And you are largely limited to using the iTunes store, which has a large and loyal following. However, videos are available from a variety of other sources that aren't supported by Apple TV and the iTunes software.

Still, if you want easy access to music and video from iTunes, as well as your personal digital images, Apple TV is an excellent choice.

Be sure to check out the complete Apple TV review.


Compare Prices: Apple TV

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April 2, 2007

Amazon DVD Releases Coming April 03, 2007

Entourage - Season Three, Part 1

Twin Peaks - The Second Season

Law & Order - The Fifth Year (1994-1995 Season)

Dancing With the Stars: Cardio Dance (Full Frame)

Tom Goes to the Mayor - The Complete Series

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Microsoft Announces Xbox 360 Elite

The experts said that we'd never see an Xbox 360 with a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port but Microsoft is about to prove them wrong. Microsoft has announced the Xbox 360 Elite which has an HDMI port and a 120GB harddrive. According to, the features include:

  • Xbox 360 Elite console: The Xbox 360 Elite is equipped with a premium black finish and three powerful core processors capable of producing the best in HD entertainment (up to 1080p, like any Xbox 360), 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound, HDMI output and DVD playback with upscaling capabilities right out of the box.
  • Xbox 360 120GB hard drive: The huge 120GB detachable hard drive allows gamers to save their games and store television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, extra game levels, demos and other content available from Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (black): The sleek black finish of this high-performance wireless controller matches the style of the Elite Console. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of 30 hours on two AA batteries.
  • Xbox 360 headset (black): Now available in black, the headset lets you strategize while playing together online or trade taunts with your opponents. You can also send voice messages to friends on Xbox Live.
  • Xbox 360 HDMIcable: New to Xbox 360, HDMI lets you get HD video (up to 1080p) and multichannel surround sound, all from one cable.
  • Xbox Live Silver Membership: With this, gamers can chat with friends online, collect achievements and gamerscores, send and receive voice and text messages, and access Xbox Live Marketplace content such as game demos, HD movies and TV, as well as the best in downloadable games from Xbox Live Arcade.
  • One-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold: An Xbox Live Gold Membership provides a complete online entertainment experience. Subscribe to this premium service and engage in competitive online multiplayer matches, tailor your matchmaking via feedback and accomplishments, chat with more than one person at a time, and take advantage of unique privileges in Xbox Live Marketplace and Xbox Live Arcade.

Overall the PS3 is still a better deal but if you're an Xbox 360 fanatic, you'll want to check out the 360 Elite.


Compare Prices: Xbox 360

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April 1, 2007

March 2007 Monthly Roundup for TVSnob

Can you believe the first quarter of 2007 is already over? Wow, this year is going fast! We had some important TV news and events in March, probably the biggest being Cablevision's Network DVR getting shot down in court.

You'l also want to check out the article on Apple's exciting new product Apple TV and choosing the right HDTV to go with your Apple TV.

So grab a cup of coffee, relax and catch up on a little Tvsnob reading.

General News and Rants
Cablevision's Network DVR Gets Shot Down in Court.
DVD Region Codes Explained
Remote Wrangler - Remote Control Organization for Complete Dorks!
Ambisound HTS8100 Arriving 2nd Quarter of 2007

Deal of the Day
Deal of the Day: Niko OTP-3211W 32-Inch HD-Ready LCD TV with DVI Input
Deal of the Day: Sony DAV-FC9 DVD Dream System
Deal of the Day: Samsung HT-Q70 XM Ready Five-Disc DVD Changer Home Theater System
Deal of the Day: Toshiba HD-A2 HD-DVD Player
Deal of the Day: Hasbro's ZoomBox Projector

Reviews, First Looks, and Tutorials
The Ultimate Remote Control for Star Wars Geeks
First Look: Choosing an HDTV for Apple TV
Hitachi to Offer HDTVs with Removable Hard Drives
DIY: Turn your Indoor Pool Into a Home Theater
Cool Weekend Project - Build an A/V Switcher
Review: Sony RM-VL600 Remote Control
First Look: Yamaha AVX-LC30 TV Rack
Review: Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD Player

New DVD Releases
Amazon DVD Releases Coming March 27, 2007
Amazon DVD Releases Coming March 20, 2007
Amazon DVD Releases Coming March 13, 2007
Amazon DVD Releases Coming March 06, 2007

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