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March 10, 2010

Panasonic 3D gear now available at Best Buy Magnolia stores

bestbuy-thumb.jpg3D alert! Best Buy Magnolia store shoppers can pick up Panasonic's 50-inch Viera VT20 HDTV, a BDT300 Blu-ray Disc Player and a pair of active shutter glasses for $2900, right now! Additional pairs of glasses, currently required for 3D video content viewing, will set you back a further $150 a pair.

To separate itself from the competition, Panasonic is basically paying for 3D programming for DirecTV HD customers in June, so picking up this package is one way to get ready for that if you're a DirecTV customer.


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July 23, 2009

Toshiba's in your kitchen with 19-inch Stainless Style LCD TV

toshiba-19lv612u-lcd.jpgToshiba's 19LV612U Stainless Style LCD TV/DVD combo solution is the company's attempt to enter your kitchen. The 19-inch set has a stainless steel look designed to complement kitchen appliances, a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, 720p resolution, HDMI and PC inputs, and fully complies with Energy Star energy-efficiency guidelines. Shipping in September, the Toshiba 19-inch Stainless Style LCD TV/DVD playin' combo has an MSRP of $349.99.


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July 7, 2009

Sony DVDirect VCD-MC6 lets you record HD video without a PC

sonyMC6dvdirect.jpgThis September Sony's DVDirect VRD-MC6 will be released, an upgrade from the previous VRD-MC5, that will allow users to record high-def and standard-def videos, as well as digital photos from cameras directly onto DVD. The device means that users can do this all without a PC connection.

In terms of form factor, the VRD-MC6 is roughly 60% smaller than the MC5, but has a 2.7-inch display as opposed to the old 2.5-inch version. The display can be used to preview videos and up to 6 JPEG files at a time. Carrying on with JPEG files, those stored on Memory Sticks, SDHC, xD, USB drives, Sony camcorders and digital photos, can all be written to DVD with the MC6 regularly or in slideshow format. Photos can also be used to create menu screens for video discs or users can choose from four preset backgrounds.

Sony Handycam camcorders with built-in hard drives or Memory Sticks can also transfer 1080i video to DVD or alternatively in AVCHD format. This allows users to playback video on Blu-ray players or Playstation 3 game consoles. Standard-def video can be recorded from other camcorders, DVRs and even VCRs via FireWire, composite and USB connections. The unit also maintains Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and aspect ratios.

Keep your eyes open at the end of summer for the DVDirect VRD-MC6 when it ships for $229.


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July 3, 2009

Toshiba continues to shun Blu-ray, brings two new HDD/DVD VARDIA recorders to Japan

toshiba-vardia-hdd.jpgStill no Blu-ray hardware from Toshiba; maybe the company is hoping HD DVD comes back to life. Who knows. One thing is for sure: Toshiba continues to crank out HDD/DVD recorders for the Japanese market. The latest two models in the company's VARDIA series include the 320 GB HDD RD-E304K and the higher capacity 1 TB HDD RD-E1004K, each with a 253 millimeter thin body, one network port and an HDMI slot. Available at the beginning of August, the two models in order of mention, will cost the equivalent of $500 and $650. As far as I can tell, neither model will ship outside of Japan.


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May 21, 2009

Researchers fit 2000 DVDs of info on a single disc

dvd.jpgResearchers at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia have found a way to store 2000 DVDs worth of information on a single DVD. The method to their madness is something. Regular DVDs consist of 3 spatial dimension, but the researchers were able to add a couple more: a spectral dimension and a polarization dimension.

The spectral, or color, dimension is created by inserting gold nanorods onto the DVDs surface. Nanoparticles react to light according to their shape, meaning the researchers were able to record information on different wavelengths of light--in the same location! And it gets even better.

Back to the gold nanorods. When the researchers focus light on the disc, their inherent electrical fields align with the nanorods. Those electrical fields, or the angle of polarization, can be changed and information can be recorded at different angles. Again, in the same physical location.

Obviously commercializing this technology will take some time. Researchers say 5 to 10 years and it may just take that long for a DVD writer to be created that can adapt to the two extra dimensions.


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August 19, 2008

Toshiba To Fight Blu-ray Again With The XD-E500 DVD Player

Toshiba, obviously still upset about HD DVD's defeat at the hands of Blu-ray, has decided not to support the rival high-def format and do something completely different. In what may in the future be known as the best or the worst attempt at market redemption in the history of home theater electronics, Toshiba has chosen to support...DVD. With a twist of course.

Yesterday Toshiba unveiled upon the world the XD-E500, a DVD player featuring the company's proprietary eXtended Detail Enhancement (XDE) technology. XDE, an upconverting technology with a fancy name, take take plain ol' 480i standard def picture and upscale it to full HD 1080p. What's different about XDE though, is that users have the option of choosing picture mode settings-Sharp, Color, and Contrast-to further improve the picture quality depending on the type of video being viewed.

The XD-E500 will ship this month, priced at $149.99, and in addition to XDE features HDMI-CEC, DivX and JPEG compatibility, as well as MP3 and WMA playback. While at first glance this seems like a laughable move by Toshiba, consumers so far look to be perfectly content with upscaled DVD's given the hefty expense of Blu-ray players and discs. For the week ending August 10, the Blu-ray Statistics News Log reports that Blu-ray disc sales only held in a 7% market share in optical disc sales, a far cry from DVD's 93% chunk of the market.

So what do you think-did Toshiba make the right choose by sticking with DVD?

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August 11, 2008

InChairTV: Your Dentist's Office Theater Solution

ctAv230.gifWatching a movie in the dentist's office is nothing new. Displays built right into the roof above the dreaded dentist's chair have been around for a decade or two now, but we've yet to hit a good tooth doctor with InChairTV. Root canal or not, InChairTV will transport you to a place far away from the drill bit, using Vuzix AV230 virtual reality glasses to turn a portable DVD player display into something more like a 44-inch big screen. A small subscription fee keeps new TV shows and movies coming so that no matter how bad your oral health is, your dentist will have plenty to keep you distracted. For $500, your dentist will only be paying a fraction of the cost of your dental work to keep you out of her hair, reducing stress levels on the parts of both patient and doctor. Until you find out there's a problem with your insurance of course.

Via Techcrunch

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July 17, 2008

Onkyo Gets DV-SP406 Upscaling DVD Player While Working On Blu-ray Release

DV-SP406-B-F.jpgWhile Sony's busy busting out the next-generation of Blu-ray players, Onkyo seems perfectly happy upconverting plain ol' DVD's. To be fair, the company has a Blu-ray player of their own on tap for later this year, but until then you'll just have to settle for the Onkyo DV-SP406 upconverting DVD player. Capable of upscaling standard-def content to 1080p via HDMI, the DV-SP406 offers playback of all the usual file formats including JPEG, MP3 and WMA files plus video CD's. It also features coaxial/optical digital audio ports, a 108 MHz/14-bit video DAV, Dynamic Range Control, DTS/Dolby Digital/Digital Audio output, and a USB port for multimedia file transfer. Available in black and silver, the DV-SP406 is available from Amazon for $125.

Via Onkyo

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July 2, 2008

New Logo From Toshiba Connected To The Blu-ray Killing DVD Player?

dvddownloaddl(2).jpgEarly in June we got word that Toshiba was working on an HD-enabled DVD player that featured enhanced image scaling capabilities resulting in a picture quality similar to that of Blu-ray. Apparently it's no joke, as the DVD Forum, chaired by Toshiba, has released a new logo that's rumored to be directly related to the super-powered DVD player. It's also now widely believed that the player will use Toshiba's SpursEngine 1000 CPU and judging by the 'Download DL' portion of the new logo will feature interactive and connected capabilities similar to those of Blu-ray's Profile 2.0. What's really surprising is that at the same June 11 meeting that produced the new logo, Toshiba continued talks regarding the now-dead HD DVD format!

Via TG Daily

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June 16, 2008

Green House GH-DV100S DVD Player Nothing But The Simplest

green1(2).jpgAbout as simple as they come, the Green House GH-DV100S DVD player does nothing more than enable DVD ± R / RW and CD-R/RW recording and CD-DA playback. The 1.8 kg DVD player comes with component video, S-video, coaxial digital, and analog audio ports. Set to be released at the end of June in Japan, the GH-DV100S will retail for 3980 Yen, or US$37. Dirt cheap!

Via Aving

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June 4, 2008

The Digitable: Multimedia Coffee Table With A Built-In DVD Player

digitable1(2).jpgThis is interesting: the Digitable, a creation of UK designer Peter Lea, is a modern looking glass coffee table with an integrated DVD/CD player and a spinning carousel for disc storage sitting nicely at the bottom. Too bad it's just a concept design for now. The day may come though, when the coffee table is an integral piece of your high-tech home theater setup!

Via Born Rich

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Toshiba Aiming For Blu-ray Again With A DVD Player, Please Tell Us This Is A Joke

hdxa1_hd_dvd_player.jpgJapanese news outlet Yomiuri Shimbun has reported that Toshiba is working on an upscaling extension to current DVD technology which will produce a DVD player that'll produce picture quality comparable to Blu-ray and the now-defunct HD DVD format. Details are minimal at the moment, but Toshiba's new high-def DVD player (for lack of a better term) should be available in the next 6 months, "relies on a newly-developed large scale integrated circuit chip to rapidly convert the stored video", and is backwards-compatible with standard DVD's. We're guessing we'll be keeping you updated on this one, just because it seems to ridiculous.

Via vnunet

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May 26, 2008

Sony's DVP-NS708H Upscaling DVD Player Sees European Light Of Day

TN-427115_DVP-NS708H-Styled.jpgSony's DVP-NS708H upscaling DVD player, built of course for Bravia TV's and home projectors, upscales standard-def DVD's to 1080p. A European release, Sony's new upscaling player features PhotoTV HD which can play back JPEG pics from a Sony CyberShot or Alpha digital SLR camera, burned onto a CD or DVD, on your TV's screen for optimized photo viewing. Compatible with Bravia Sync, the DVP-NS708H can be controlled with the push of a remote button and features a bunch of outputs including HDMI, component, and coaxial digital. Other features include a Precision Drive 3 Mechanism for stable playback, Precision Cinema Progressive (PCP), and a 12 bit/108 MHz Noise Shaped Video D/A Converter.

Via The Earth Times

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May 19, 2008

Toshiba Vardia RD-X7, RD-S502, RD-S302 And RD-E302 HDD/DVD Recorders Land In Japan

VARDIA_RD_X7_1(2).jpgJapan will be treated to 4 new Toshiba Vardia HDD/DVD recorders in June. The flagship RD-X7 offers a terabyte of drive space, 1080p support, MPEG2 conversion to MPEG4, DVD/CD compatibility and an HDMI port. The RD-S502 will store up to 500 GB and features a 12-bit, 148 MHz processor and the lower end RD-S302 and RD-E302 models have 300 GB of HDD space and an identical processor to the RD-S502.

Via Akihabara News

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