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January 19, 2011

Nintendo launching glasses-free 3D DS next month

nintendo-3ds.jpgNintendo is working to update its DS handheld game console with the 3DS, coming to Japan February 26th. The 3DS is a dual-screen unit - a touchscreen bottom screen and a 3D upper screen. The glasses free console runs on two 266 MHz ARM processors, comes with a 2 GB SD card for expansion and a charging cradle as opposed to a plug-in connection. It will also have a gyroscope and accelerometer so it can sense motion.

LED lights act as indicators on the unit with a green light meaning the unit is fully charged, a red light meaning the battery is low, and an orange light indicating the presence of a friend online.

Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs and Cats, Steeldiver (a submarine game), Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3-D and Kid Icarus: Uprising will all be available when the unit launches next month for the equivalent of US$300.

Via Fast Company

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December 15, 2010

SNK outs NEO-GEO PS3 controller

snk.jpg This is pretty neat. Remember the NEO-GEO? Japan's SNK has come up with replica NEO-GEO controller modified for use with Sony's Playstation 3. Instead of the old A, B, C and D buttons, SNK has used the shapes and symbols familiar to avid PS3 gamers. The controllers are up for grabs right now from Play-Asiafor roughly $45.


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November 15, 2010

Microsoft Kinect sells 1 million units so far

xbox360-kinect.jpgMicrosoft's Kinect motion sensors, its motion recognition software, have sold a cool 1 million units across the globe nearly 2 weeks before the biggest North American shopping day of the year Black Friday. The company now believes that Kinect, an Xbox 360 add-on will sell approximately 5 million units by the end of 2010. Amazingly Kinect won't be available in most Asian countries until the end of this week after which sales will likely accelerate.


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September 22, 2010

Playstation 3 to get 3D picture viewing by end of September

ps3-small.gifSony's Playstation 3 is supposed to be ready to support 3D Blu-ray discs in October, but by the end of September it will be ready for 3D picture viewing.

A press release issued today says that the 3D image viewing will be available through the new PlayMemories app, downloadable from the Playstation Store by late September. The images have to be shot with 3D-compatible cameras of course, which include the Cyber-shot models WX5 and TX9 and DSLR models A55V and A33.

The PlayMemories app will be free when it arrives in the next few days.

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July 5, 2010

New Xbox 360 not as popular as PS3, Wii in Japan

360-new.jpgThe new Xbox 360 managed to sell 15, 000 units in Japan during its first four days on the market. The previous Xbox 360 managed to sell 2, 370 units during the same period. The previous full week saw only 2, 060 units sold. The launch was assisted by the popular new game, Monster Hunter Frontier Online.

Despite the new Xbox 360's initial success it was still outsold for the week by both Sony's Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. The two game systems sold 19, 578 and 19, 115 units, respectively.


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May 11, 2010

Playstation Move controller gets a Canadian price tag

move-price.jpgThe much-anticipated Sony Playstation Move controller isn't going to launch until sometime during the holiday season of 2010, but pricing details are already beginning to leak. Rumors have placed the full package, including the camera, around $100 in the past. Now Gamestop Canada is reporting a price of $59.99 for the controller meaning a full price of $100 could be accurate. Things can change over the next six months, however.


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Microsoft inks LG partnership for 3D Xbox 360

lg-xbox-360.jpgWithout much buzz whatsoever, it appears that Microsoft has entered into a partnership with LG to sell its Xbox 360 3D gaming capabilities alongside LG's 3D 55- and 47-inch LX9500 LED HDTVs. This partnership will only extend as far as the borders of South Korea for when it goes public in June, though plans are for an extension to the entire Asia-Pacific region. No word on a move across the pond to North America, nor is there any mention of new hardware for the Xbox 360 to ensure cooperation with LG 3D TVs.


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May 4, 2010

PS3, PSP owners now have extended warranty options

ps3-warranty.jpgPS3 and PSP owners hoping their devices make it long past warranties will have a little extra security today. For a little extra money, of course. PSP extended warranties will cost $29.99 for a year, or $39.99 for 2 years. Accidental damage premiums will add another $10 onto each of those price tags. 1 year and 2 year extended warranties for the PS3 are a little more expensive: $44.99 and $59.99, respectively. Then again, extended warranties for electronics are one of the most profitable scams around...


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April 12, 2010

Netflix streaming available to all on the Nintendo Wii

wii.jpgAs of today, Netflix disc rentals and instant streaming are available on all Nintendo Wii video game consoles. With a Netflix rental plan starting at $8.99 per month, a broadband connection and a Wii, movie aficionados can access tons of movies instantly. The Netflix/Nintendo partnership was first announced in January 2010 and is part of Netflix's goal of being available on every connected home theater device.


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March 29, 2010

Wii HD converter supports 1080p


Although the Nintendo Wii is great for parties, it doesn't have the same appeal as the Playstation 3 or the Xbox 360. Not only because it doesn't have the same great games, but because it doesn't have the quality 1080p graphics nor does it look like it will anytime in the near future.

A company called VDIGI looks to fix this issue with the first HDMI connector designed for the Nintendo Wii to offer 1080p video upscaling. In fact, not only can the VD-W3 convert video, but it can also convert audio as well.

Available from VDIGI's online store, the VD-W3 costs $75 though that doesn't include the HDMI cable itself.


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March 11, 2010

Playstation Move controllers revealed with advanced motion detection

playstation-move.jpgPlaystation gaming is set to become a little more complicated in the fall of 2010. Sony announced this week at GDC 2010 in San Francisco, the upcoming release of the Playstation Move controller and sub-controller.

Equipped with advanced motion detectors, the Playstation Move controller is supposed to be more movement accurate, controllable via active buttons and an analog trigger, plus deliver the shock-and-rumble feedback that's been around for ages.

The Move sub-controller is to be used concurrently for the manipulation of in-game objects.

Sony says at least 20 Playstation game titles will be released in 2010 that are to be played with the Move controllers. Check out the demo video below.


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January 18, 2010

Xbox Live to get live ESPN sports in 2010?

espn-logo.pngOh my gosh! Xbox Live and ESPN together at last. According to a leak in The New York Times today, Microsoft may be soon streaming ESPN through its Xbox Live service. In the article, Microsoft's middle-to-long term growth strategy for Xbox Live is laid out and could include live, interactive games that complement ESPN sports events. The company is said to be in talks with Disney regarding the deal but no other details are available at this time.

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October 19, 2009

Microsoft rolls 250 GB Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 2 gaming package

xbox-360-mw2.jpgMicrosoft has responded to the Sony's 250 GB Playstation Slim with its own 250 GB strategy. Costco and Amazon will both ship a 250 GB Xbox 360 with the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and a pair of wireless controllers. You'll pay $50 bucks more than you would for the Playstation Slim ($399.99), but it's worth it for the extras.


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October 15, 2009

Sony debuts new PS3 Slim with more storage space

250gbps3.jpgSony today announced it would be releasing another PS3 Slim with more memory and a higher price tag. Targeting high-end gamers, the new PS3 Slim features 250 GB of storage space as opposed to the current PS3 Slim and its 120 GB hard drive. Sony says the current model, which has only been on the market for a few weeks, sold one million units in its first three weeks on the market. The new PS3 Slim will cost $350 and ship November 3.


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