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January 9, 2008

Next Playstation 3 Firmware Update Promises Blu-ray Disc Copying To PSP?


Expect the ability to copy Blu-ray files from your Playstation 3 to your PSP as part of the next PS3 firmware update sometime this year. Sony demoed copying Blu-ray from the PS3 to a Playstation Portable or memory stick at CES.

"This way, you can have a portable copy you can take with you," explains David Bishop, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "There was always the promise of greater interactivity. You'll see that coming in the new year."

Via PC World

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January 8, 2008

CES 2008: Microsoft Crushes Xbox 360 HD DVD Rumors, Says Internet-Connected Television The Real Way To Go


Microsoft has this to say when confronted about the Xbox 360 HD DVD rumor:

We have reiterated multiple times since launching the Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player that we have no plans to integrate an HD-DVD player in to the Xbox 360. We feel that offering the drive externally is the best way to give consumers the ultimate choice to create their own high-definition experiences.

Of course they would say that. I mean, HD DVD is dead, right? Maybe they'll offer a built-in Blu-ray drive instead. Or maybe not, as an announcement at CES yesterday makes it seem that Microsoft wants no part of the format war at all.

Microsoft will be offering high-def movies and programming from ABC, Disney, and MGM Studios as part of its Xbox Live service. The deals are said to be part of Microsoft's ultimate plan to make internet-connected televisions the primary source for HD content, which could in the end make the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war a pointless issue.

We do have to wonder though, after Warner Bros. announcement that they would solely support the Blu-ray format if Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates was originally planning to add a built-in HD DVD player to the Xbox 360, but changed his mind at the last minute. I guess we'll never know.

Via Information Week, Kotaku

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January 5, 2008

Xbox 360 Rumor: Microsoft Working On Next-Gen Game Console? To Include Blu-ray Drive?


The newest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, to hit shelves January 15th, contains a rumor that Microsoft is working on a next-gen Xbox 360. Dug up by rumor afficiondo Q-man, and reportedly from a mole working at Microsoft, a first party sequel that was originally to be released for the current Xbox 360 is being developed and released for the next-gen console instead. Maybe a next-generation Halo? A next-gen console will probably be a couple of years off, as the Xbox 360 is only a little over two years old, so don't expect this to be the much-anticipated CES Microsoft announcement. Most likely that will be the debut of a built-in HD DVD drive for the 360. Or maybe Microsoft will follow Warner Bros. over to the Blu-ray camp. That really would be the death of HD DVD!

One thing is for sure: the way the format war is looking at the moment, expect a next-gen Microsoft console to have a built-in Blu-ray player.

1up via Kotaku

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January 3, 2008

CES 2008 Rumor: Microsoft To Announce Partnership With Toshiba In Releasing HD DVD-Equipped XBox 360


Microsoft's Bill Gates has hinted that there'll be a Xbox 360-related announcement at CES 2008 on the heels of revelations that the Sony PSP will soon be integrated with online telephone service Skype. Reported by the Seattle Times writer Brian Dudley who speculates that the announcement could be a new Xbox 360 SKU with integrated HD DVD playback. Currently the Xbox 360 supports HD DVD, but only with a separately purchased HD DVD player. The rumor further goes on to include a possible partnership with Toshiba in developing a "digital video recorder with a hard-drive, high-definition HD-DVD drive and Xbox gaming capabilities".

The Xbox 360 is allied against the Blu-ray camp and Dudley also states that such a partnership could help the gaming console successfully penetrate the lucrative Japanese market. Further rumors from gadget mag Stuff include the possibility of an Xbox 360 Ultimate system to be released in August 2008 that would include "built-in wi-fi, hi-def audio output, 1080p HDMI support, cooler 65nm hardware architecture and a near-silent fan" putting it on par to compete with the functionality of the Playstation 3. Stuff says that the new Xbox 360 Ultimate will also include the built-in HD DVD drive and a huge 320 GB hard drive for storing content from the Microsoft's IPTV service which will apparently be finalized at CES 2008.

This doesn't really sound like an earth-shattering announcement as the Playstation 3 already includes the majority of these features, with the exception of a Blu-ray player replacing the HD DVD playback of the Xbox. The real earth-shattering announcement will probably the price Microsoft intends to charge for the new Ultimate Xbox.

Via CVG, Stuff

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December 27, 2007

Sony Doesn't Want XBox 360 Owners Buying Bravia's


Here's a good one for our readers. Every month the Official Xbox Magazine reviews at least one HDTV as one of the big challenges for game console owners is finding a compatible high-def display that'll maximize the picture quality of their games. Currently working on a review for the March 2008 issue of OXM, tech reporter David Murphy decided it was time to review a Sony Bravia set, one of the best gaming HDTVs currently on the market. Here's where it gets interesting.

Murphy contacted the Sony PR department to request a set for review and was told...NO! Why you might ask? Because OXM is a Microsoft-focused company and Sony is a Playstation-creating company. Looks like the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war isn't the only one getting a little heated. The PR rep apparently stated, "I have to support our friends over at our sister company". Surprised, Murphy wrote back that many of OXM's readers purchase sets that are reviewed in the magazine and that he himself had even just purchased a Bravia and found no incompatibilities with the XBox 360 console at all. Sony still decided "to pass on this opportunity".

So, XBox 360 owners, it looks like Sony is too good for your money!

Via Official XBox Magazine

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December 19, 2007

Hollywood Producer Jerry Bruckheimer To Make Video Games


Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer will be trying his hand at making video games soon, thanks to a deal with MTV. Games would probably begin to hit store shelves in 2009 and will be completely separate and distinct from his popular TV shows and movies such as CSI and Pirates of the Caribbean. Rather than games based on popular TV shows, this deal would see something of the reverse done, with original games being released and then shows or movies released based on the games. Bruckheimer is already working on a movie adaptation of the video game series Prince of Persia, which will begin filming next summer. One thing we do know for sure is to expect video games with plenty of action, explosions, fights, and car chases! We're looking forward to this!

Via New York Times
Image Credit: Associated Press

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December 18, 2007

Playstation 3 2.10 Update: Gizmodo Like The XBox 360 Media Capabilities Better


As you probably know now, the Playstation 3 2.10 update has been released, bringing with it Blu-ray Profile 1.1 support. Gizmodo has run a battery of tests on it and given us a verdict. After testing, they've decided the XBox 360 implementation is better. There is DivX and WMV playback support as promised, but no such support for XviD as many were hoping. Definitely not a feature that should be missed given that many video downloads are now in XviD format. You also need to download Windows Media Player 11 for video playback. The Windows default SMB folder sharing or Windows Media Connect are not usable. Definitely a pain in the ass. You can playback burned CD's and DVD's and the picture quality is pretty good for both this type of content and streamed media as well. Plus the PS3 can tell what aspect ratio your files are and adjusts them to properly fit your screen, doing a much better job than the Xbox 360. And finally, according to Gizmodo, the new user interface is just plain pathetic. They recommend the XBox 360 as the better media center.

Via Gizmodo

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December 13, 2007

Sony PSP: Firmware Update Turns Slim PSP's Into Portable DVR's


Once again all the cool stuff hits Japan before it jumps the pond. December 18 a big Sony PSP firmware update, version 3.8, is being released allowing the new slim PSP's to record 1 seg digital broadcasts. While it is definitely cool to see such an ultimate portable DVR, recording is only possible in Sleep mode, so you can't record while using the internet or during gameplay. But recording during Sleep mode will definitely be less of drain to battery life, very possibly the reason for that decision on the part of Sony. Other new features coming with the firmware update include expanded RSS capabilities, an internet radio station, video search by scene, and access to a series of demos and wallpapers via PSP WiFi spots.

Via Kotaku

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December 5, 2007

How To Find A Wii: ebay Seller Features Wii For $1, 234, 567.89


If you're still desperately searching for a Nintendo Wii to become your latest home theater addition this Christmas, you can check out the Wired Guide to scoring one which we mentioned yesterday, or you can head over to ebay where you'll find one on sale for the very reasonable price of $1234567.89! But this isn't just any Wii, this ia a "lucky" Wii destined to bring you all the attention you need to launch your business, brand, or product to the moon. Seller 69starz69 even makes sure he justifies his use of the word "lucky" by providing a convincing explanatory Christmas tree!

This guy is good, I'm convinced.

Via The Register

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No IPTV For XBox 360


There has been speculation for some time now that the Xbox 360 fall update would include IPTV, and for the past couple of days the rumor began to float around again. This time was only different in that the IPTV update would require provider support to work. Gizmodo contacted Microsoft today and lo and behold, they said in no uncertain terms that there would be no IPTV included with the current update. Let the rumors begin again.

Via Gizmodo

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