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February 22, 2006

TV-B-Gone: A Tool for the TV Vigilante

For those people who feel they need to control the world comes the TV-B-Gone Universal TV Power Remote Control Keychain. The device is pretty simple:

Simply press the button and the remote runs through a sequence of codes until it shuts virtually any TV off May take up to 69 seconds for the TV to turn off, but most TVs will turn off within the first few seconds Range: 20 feet to 50 feet, depending on the make and model of the TV Turns TVs both on and off.

Mitch Altman, the creator of TV-B-Gone states on his website:

How much of the TV that you watch do you really like a lot? If you could choose whatever it is that you'd like to be doing right now, anything at all, what would it be? Was your answer, “Watch TV!”? Whatever your answer was, my wish for you is that you have time in your life to do it. Please make time in your life for what you really like. Better yet, please make time to do what you love. Wouldn't that be great? Don't know what you love? Try out a few things, see what happens.

Me, my life got so much better from watching TV less (I haven't actually had a TV since 1980!). As a result, I had enough time to invent TV-B-Gone®! My idea was to give others a similar chance – so I created a fun way to get the message out there that turning a TV on or off really is a choice. Anywhere, anytime. Please, go out there and choose.

Wow, thanks Mitch, what would we do without you? All we need now is a bunch of smug people walking around turning off TVs in sportsbars. I'm sure he'll donate some of his sale proceeds to the poor smuck in the hospital that got smacked in the head with a dozen Corona bottles for shutting off the TV during the big game.

So if you carry the TV-B-Gone around, please use a little common sense and most of all a little courtesy.

At [via]

Compare Devices: TV-B-Gone

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February 20, 2006

TVSnob Logo Contest - We Have a Winner

Congratulations to Nicholas Hofstede for his simple but elegant winning entry based on variations of a LCD TV pixel theme:


Nicholas will receive a $50 Amazon gift certificate and our undying gratitude for a job well done.

So thank you to everyone who participated in the logo contest and stayed tuned as we’ll be taking the design direction that Nicholas set and finishing out the entire new TV design soon.

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February 16, 2006

American Idol Crushes the Winter Olympics in TV Ratings

According to the Washington Post:

Between 8 and 9 p.m., when the tape-delayed, mostly men's figure skating Games coverage was holding the interest of about 16 million viewers, "Idol" was amusing nearly 27 million by dashing the dreams of roomfuls of Ashlee and Usher wannabes.

Among the 18-to-49-year-olds that NBC targets, "Idol" more than doubled the ratings of the Games.

It's got to be hard for an Olympic athlete to know that more people care about "American Idol" than what they're doing. I really think that loud mouth morons like Bode Miller turned off a lot of viewers. Hey Bode, if you're going to make yousef the focus of the Olympics, win something!


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February 13, 2006

Get your TVSnob Logo Contest Entries In

Okay, this is the last week of the TVSnob logo contest. We've got a few entries in and we're waiting on yours. All of the details are here:

TVSnob Logo Contest

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February 10, 2006

TVSnob Logo Contest

Need something to do this weekend? Here's a little suggestion.

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Now That's What I Call a Television Addiction!

There just isn't enough time to watch TV anymore. Maybe I should multi-task like this fellow:

Authorities are seeking a burglar who allegedly took the time to make coffee, cook and eat meals, take showers, pick out a change of clothes, watch television and check his e-mail while inside three rural Washington County homes this month.

Do you think maybe he was watching "America's Dumbest Criminals"?


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February 9, 2006

Turn your Flat into the Star Trek Enterprise: Go Bankrupt

I knew there were some obsessed Trekkies out there, but I think Tony Alleyne is the guy that makes Trekkies go "What the *&^%#?". This DJ/Interior Decorator actually went bankrupt decorating his condo to look like the Star Trek Enterprise. According to the

Tony Alleyne boldly went where no other DIY enthusiast had gone before when he turned his studio apartment in Hinckley, Leicestershire, into a replica of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. The flat included a life-size model of the show’s transporter room. He even reshaped his windows to look like portholes and set up vertical lights so that he can pretend to be “beamed up”, but the nine-year mission failed and Mr. Alleyne, 52, came crashing back to Earth with a bump. Yesterday, at Coventry County Court, he admitted that he has been declared bankrupt with debts of £166,000.

But did that discourage him? Nope:

So he gutted the flat and is now rebuilding it as the bridge of the later Star Trek series, Voyager. The work is funded by his income support payments, and the flat will shortly be put on the market again, at a price that should put him back on course for Planet Solvency.

The weird thing is this guy's wife is divorcing him. Why?


View Images of Mr. Alleyne's Flat Here

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February 6, 2006

MacGyver and a Turkey Baster: Priceless

Well, if you watched the Super Bowl for the commercials, you're were probably a bit disappointed. If you missed the commercials, you will want to catch the MacGyver "Mastercard" ad. Yep, MacGyver is back and the commercial is great. You can check it out at iFilm, but be patient because they're getting a lot of traffic from people wanting to see the Super Bowl commercials.

See the MacGyver commercial at

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February 4, 2006

Watch the Super Bowl Commercials Online (After the Game of Course!)

It's pretty amazing how the Super Bowl commercials have become almost as big as the game itself. According to

Yahoo Inc. will feature on its video home page, at, links to this year's Super Bowl ads, hosted at MTV Networks' There will be a delay from when the ads air but the first of the ads should start appearing before the game ends, said Ethan Fassett, Yahoo's product manager for video search.

"We already know that a large chunk of users watching the Super Bowl are interested in watching the ads themselves," Fassett said.

Ifilm is making the ads available at, where ads from last year's game are currently kept. Although Ifilm has never acquired rights from advertisers since it began carrying Super Bowl ads in 2002, no one has ever complained, said Roger Jackson, Ifilm's vice president for content and programming.

So after the Steelers your team gets smacked down at the Super Bowl, just surf over to one of the links above to rewatch your favorite commercials from the big game.


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February 3, 2006

TVSnob Monthly Roundup: January 2006

Wow! Is January already over? We had a busy month which started out with CES 2006. You'll want to read the TVSnob CES 2006 Roundup to see some of our favorite products that were introduced at the world's largest consumer electronics trade show.

Here at TVSnob we're in the middle of an identity crisis, so we rolled out TVSnob Logo Contest. We're looking for the best logo design from our readers and we've got a nice $50 Amazon gift certificate for the best design. The contest ends Feb. 15, 2006 so be sure to check out the details here.

One of the great things about January is football. We had some great college football bowl games and some incredible NFL playoff games. We also had some TV buying tips to help you get ready for the Super Bowl. Here's a brief recap of some of those headlines:

Super Bowl XL Going Super HDTV
How to buy a big TV
Jerome Bettis Almost Became the Next Bill Buckner
Run Onto a Football Field - Lose Your TV Priviledges!
Rose Bowl Tonight Wraps up the College Football Season

We also featured quite a few cool reviews and buying guides:

NeuNeo HVD2085 1080p Upconverting DVD Player Review
How to Buy A LCD Television in 8 Easy Steps
TV on the Road Without a Slingbox
Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remote for Xbox 360 Review

Of course we wouldn't want to forget our general TV rants:

CSI Doesn't Make an Idiot a Smarter Criminal!
Why I Don't Trust Reality TV
No more Employee Discount Commercials Please - In Fact I'll Pay Double!

We also had some interesting news tidbits:

The Xbox 360 Sure Cooks a Mean Omelete
Don't Tell My Kids that the British Have all of the Cool Toys
WB and UPN Networks to Become One
Sleuth Channel - A Bit of Crime Nostalgia

And last but not least, be sure to check out our archives of Weekly TV on DVD releases and Weekly TV Ratings.

Stayed tuned for an awesome February!

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