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June 20, 2005

As TVs grow, so do electric bills

P15A Prepare to pay the price for any electric sucking device you bring into your home. I'm also aware that many of the LCD TVs, PVRs, and other gizmos are "always on" and need to be on to get program guide data and other niceties. So get used to electric drain and be ready to buy solar panels just to power that new TV.

At As TVs grow, so do electric bills |

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June 17, 2005

Apple TV?

050616 Hannspree Hmed 630A.Hmedium I've been following this trend of making TVs look like everything from Mickey Mouse to a Frog - but now apples? It seems Hanspree - a Taiwan based TV maker, is preparing to offer such designs as it launches U.S. operations this summer. I'm pretty sure kids will love these and adults that buy things for kids will love them too. I want one made in the shape of R2D2 or Darth Vadar's head - no!!! BOBA FETT TV!!!!


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June 16, 2005

PSP dead pixel fixer?

9816814156957771 Just yesterday I did notice the few I had watching an episode of Wonderfalls on my PSP. As someone who has a PSP with maybe 2 dead pixels though I'm not that motivated to get rid of them. But, I do know that many of my friends who have PSPs have 10 or 15 dead pixels. I've seen dead pixels also come and go and get stuck on many LCD screens I've had over the years. Maybe this works and maybe your PSP TV viewing will be better because of it.

At PSP dead pixel fixer? - Engadget -

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June 4, 2005

Gadget Promos Creep Into TV Shows

Sony Tv VideoWild. You send your gadgets to TV writers and if they think it would make a great gag on the show - they include it as product placement. Sound like the 50's are coming back for TV. I can't wait to see an entire show centered around how weird a tape measure is. Shameless. Just shameless.

Wired News: Gadget Promos Creep Into TV Shows:
eff Greenfield, executive vice president at 1st Approach, a Dover, New Hampshire-based marketing firm, has been shopping Black & Decker's new AutoTape product to TV writers. At the push of a button, the battery-driven AutoTape automatically extends and retracts a measuring tape.
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TV's future is here, although it needs work | CNET

TV's future is here, although it needs work | CNET
Years ago, our futuristic fantasies involved robot butlers, video wristwatches and flying cars. These days, we would be happy to have a cell phone with no dead spots, e-mail without spam and the ability to watch any TV show, anytime we want it.

Actually, they are making progress on that last item. A company called Akimbo has a tantalizing idea. What if you had a TiVo-like set-top box, complete with a hard drive that could hold 200 hours of video--but instead of recording live broadcasts, you could tap into an enormous library of shows, stored on the Internet, and watch them whenever you liked?
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May 30, 2005

Samsung 50-inch HDTV with 10000:1 contrast ratio

8166274527449374.JpgI need this. I need it badly. Imagine Firefly on this puppy. My god. It's full of flowers.

Samsung 50-inch HDTV with 10000:1 contrast ratio - Engadget -
So no, that 10000:1 contrast ratio wasn’t a typo, and Samsung wants you to know that all that contrast now comes in a 50-inch PDP flavor. All this could be yours for thatspare $6000+ you’ve got lying around.
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May 23, 2005

Yet Another amazing Mac Mini home theater setup

ScreenwebYou've got to check out this more than crazy home theatre set up using a mac mini and many other goodies.

HTmini » Another amazing Mac Mini home theater setup:
I’m using a Mac-Mini, with the new Tiger OS, an M-Audio Transit, a Sanyo PLV-Z2 connected to the DVI port, display calibrated with SuperCal, playback with Apple DVD player. iTunes control with the wireless mouse, great audio visuals with G-Force.This gives me the best picture I’ve ever had from a DVD including several upscaling DVD players. The Mac-Mini sends 720p at 1:1 with the LCD panels in the display. I think it’s great. Needless to say iTunes with Apple Lossless encoding and AirTunes Rocks!

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Fix Your Connection and Power Issues with Pure AV

Ful1 Ap41300-12I've been poking around for something like Pure AV for awhile. I live in a house built in 1924, though I've replaced all the wiring in the house, I can't seem to find something to filter out the electrical noise and hiccups I sometimes get still. Also, I would really love to have all my connections plugged into something that fits in the rack - not on a powerstrip UPS. The Pure AV power consoles look to fix such an issue. Also - I'm really tired of the power going out all the time where I live then coming on suddenly - that can't be good for my LCD TV or receiver. Currently I have a UPS to fix issues - but I would like to add one more level of safety.

Pure AV - Experience the power of digital entertainment:
The PureAV Power Consoles integrate Multi-Phase PureFilter Circuitry and Advanced Over-Voltage Protection into an elegantly designed console that delivers the clearest picture and cleanest sound to your home theater system or high-end audio equipment. The Power Console is designed to fit perfectly in your home theater system or mount on a professional A/V rack.
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May 19, 2005

Sony PS3 is the Reason to buy 1080p HDTVs?

1080P Tv Sony Ps3I love the thinking that a game console will drive sales of TVs that cost 5,000 bucks a pop. What kind of country do you think this is? I guess the kind that WILL probably buy a 5,000 dollar TV to view games on. Well - it's a fun read at I4U - so get clicking.

I4U News - Sony PS3 is the Reason to buy 1080p:
1080p (progressive scanning) compared to the currently common 1080i (interlaced scanning) provides a sharper picture because it draws all lines one after the other for a single frame (60 frames per second). 1080i is alternating every other line per frame (30 frames per second). Back at CES 2005 there was no source that actually provides 1080p, up-sampling possibilities and resulting higher quality picture have been circulated as the only benefit for 1080p HDTVs. Now there is a 1080p source coming, it is called Sony Playstation 3.
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Guide data subscriptions for MythTV

BluetvmenuIt will be interesting to see many of the open source TV service like things allow companies to provide services that people who aren't the early adopters to start to get on board. I liken this to Red Hat Linux and the other companies that make flavors of Linux - it's not a direct comparison - but in the same vein.

Guide data subscriptions for MythTV | PVRblog:
Up until now, the preferred method of getting guide data for MythTV has been using free data from Zap2It DataDirect. The problem with free is that you have to fill out surveys every so often, and it doesn't have some of the higher-end features that other guide data services offer. Enter LxM Suite, which is selling subscription data to MythTV users for an initial cost of $30 for 6 months.
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