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April 24, 2005

SmartDisk Unveils FlashTrax XT Portable Media Player+Recorder @ CHAITGEAR

Smartdisk-Flashtrax-XtI love the idea of having 40 gigs of space for a portable media player. Imagine this Mom&Dads on trips this Summer - fill this with DVD rips of all of your kids DVDs. No DVDs to fight over - just the Flashtrax!

SmartDisk Unveils FlashTrax XT Portable Media Player+Recorder @ CHAITGEAR:
With a legacy of the original FlashTrax behind it, then new FlashTrax XT is more PMP than camera-storage device. Unlike most PMPs on the market – but like it’s predecessor – the FlashTrax XT is designed with a clamshell screen so the screen is protected when closed (and a case isn’t a complete necessity). It flips open up to 130 degrees, exposing a ‘hidden’ set of additional play controls as well.
The basic specs on the FlashTrax XT are a decently-sized 3.6 LCD, 40 or 80GB hard drive, USB 2.0 high-speed data connectivity, and a removable/rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. In addition, the device sports composite video out, for viewing on an NTSC or PAL video device (TV, projector, etc.).
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Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server

Ra300Ensemble A5 Screen 1I really don't need to buy an entire PC system to have a media server, but Sony would like to sell me one.

Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server:
To the casual observer, Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 might look like any ordinary home PC. However, underneath the unassuming façade lurks a much more original and interesting machine, which combines the power of a top-spec gaming machine with a home entertainment server capable of managing nearly every media device you set it loose on.

An Intel Pentium 4 processor complements the 16x PCI-Express Nvidia GeForce 6600 couple with 1GB of RAM; that should cover all but the most obsessive gamer’s need for a good long while. Plus dual RAID array hard drives provide the capacity for storing unnecessary amounts of digital media and back it up securely.
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HTmini » MicroNet’s Minimate kicks all sorts of behind

Stacked Back Appletop-Small-1Using your mini for a HTPC? Need more storage? Then Micronet's minimate is for you. And to think I just bought the Maxtor $250 to stand next to my mini - STUPID!!!! I'm so stupid!!! Oh well - I should have waited but I'll need another 250gb drive soon.

HTmini » MicroNet’s Minimate kicks all sorts of behind:
Consider the following, a slim device (about half the height of the mac mini) that sits directly above the machine. By attaching it to your machine with 1 USB cable and 1 Firewire cable, you’ve automatically added 400GB of disk space (7200RPM), four USB 2.0 ports and three Firewire ports!
This device is called the MiniMate and is offered by a company called MicroNet. There are 80, 160, 250 and 400GB versions which cost $149, $179, $249 and $499 respectively.
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TV Wristwatch from the Future!!!

TvwristwatchDick Tracy or not - this watch must be from the future!!! A watch with TV? :-)

You've probably seen similar gizmos in sci-fi movies and Bond films, but this particularly chic televisual timepiece looks like being the first that really cuts the mustard in terms of convenience, price and picture quality. Plus, you don't need arms like Arnie to wear the thing. The TV Wristwatch (£129) sports a 1.5-inch TFT colour screen and is powered by a rechargeable 550mAh Lithium-polymer battery which provides an hour of viewing time (that's two standard soaps or a footie first half plus banter).
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April 20, 2005

The Need for Personalized Television - I Want My My TV

Attachment-1The long tail - the long tail - the long tail - you hear it over and over everyday. I can agree - good TV is hard to find, and I would love to be able to get whatever niche TV I want everyday but - at what cost?

eHomeUpgrade | The Need for Personalized Television - I Want My My TV:
Alex Rowland has an interesting long tailish post out about the problem we have of finding good TV. Rowland seems to feel that much of what we may want by way of niche TV is in fact already out there but that we just can't find it.Certainly tools like TiVo and it's time shifting, recommendations and wish lists (and Rowland adds, Yahoo!'s TV Guide and TMS data) help some but even with these tools finding good television still is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Some of the mainstream stuff is pretty easy. When the whole world is talking about the Sopranos or Desperate Housewives you check some of this stuff out and it sticks. But what about finding new stuff and finding more niche stuff?
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US Broadband Audience to Double by 2009

IPTV News:
The US home broadband audience will double from about 55 million individuals in 2004 to about 108 million by 2009. However, decreasing average access revenue and increasing competition will force providers to seek new revenue streams from value-added services.

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April 19, 2005

LCD TV as Ambient Light Source

Color LightI've got a ton of the Mathmos ambient light things, and also this plug-in one from Sharper Image. It's a killer idea to turn your LCD TV into an ambient light source. Thanks Think Geek!

ThinkGeek :: Color Light DVD:
Sure, your television already acts as a sort of lighting device, but that flickering blue and white glow can hardly be considered pleasant. Now as far as what programs actually come through your television, we do have some opinions but we'll leave that part up to you. But to use your TV for background lighting we have just the thing.

The Color Light DVD is a disc that will transition your TV through the entire color spectrum over about a 20-minute time span. You can pause on a specific color to provide a certain kind of background light or set a mood.
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April 18, 2005

HD for Your Macintosh - EyeTV 500

Eyetv500 MainimageI've been using the Eyehome now for a little over 4 months. I love the thing. It updates over the web, and allows me to access any content stored on my macs across the network. Great stuff. I'm really excited about the new EyeTV 500 - it's not a media hub, but a DVR that uses your mac for storage. Then - any eyehome module you have in the house can also get content off of the EyeTV equipped Mac. Awesome. I'm going to write them and see what I can get for a review.

Elgato Systems:
EyeTV 500 is a feature-rich digital TV recorder for free over-the-air (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM) television. Watch, record, edit and enjoy free over-the-air HDTV and digital standard-definition television (SDTV) on your Mac in crystalline digital quality. The recorded shows can be exported into different video formats for further editing in iMovie® HD, iDVD®, Final Cut® Pro HD/ Express HD or DVD Studio Pro®.
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Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box

Db210Why doesn't someone come out with one of these for less than $100 bucks. I'm really into my Eyehome from Elgato - but I want to add another access point upstairs and now it's going to cost me another $200 bucks. OUCHER!

Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box:
Targeted at the highly competitive entry level market, the DB210 is uncompromising in its abilities to deliver exceptional audio visual quality into the home, using the same decode architecture as its stable-mates from the Pace DB200 series. Its contemporary appearance is a typical example of Pace’s continual drive to introduce products that are not only functional but design statements in their own right.
A total of 4 fully programmable front panel buttons and 3 LEDs ensures that a wide range of operator requirements can be catered for. Together with a reduced form factor the DB210 integrates easily with existing home entertainment equipment.
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Archive, Manage, and Get Rid of those DVD TV Collections

Attachment\I'm in the same boat here. I need to get all those DVDs to my PC without going insane. I remember that feeling of utter joy, when I burned all my CDs to MP3s - now I just want to do the same with my DVDs. When I'm done, I'll have an entire shelf to use for books again.

eHomeUpgrade | Review: Video Vault - Part 1: Software Installation, Archiving, and Managing Videos:
If you've been praying for a developer to come up with an all-in-one solution to archive, manage, burn, transcode, and sync your DVD video collection for use on PCs, handhelds, and media adapters, Video Vault by X Software is the application for you (Retail $119.99). Yes, you may have noticed that they are a regular advertiser on eHomeUpgrade, but we couldn't refuse doing a review for them when they offered us a free copy of Video Vault and provided us with a Samsung Portable Media Center and a D-Link Media Lounge to test their software with (FYI – those are just two of many supported devices). However, since we're more of a blog style news site, we're going to pass on offering a bloated review, but give you the goods in a three part series:
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