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April 22, 2009

LG outs 240 MHz LH90 LED-backlit HDTVs in Korea

lg_240hz_lh90_led_hdtv.jpgLG has announced the availability of the LH90 LED HDTV series in Korea. Available in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch screen sizes, the LH90 trio sports Trumotion 240 MHz technology, 2, 000, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, an ambient sensor that cuts energy use by up to 70% by adjusting the LED backlights to room conditions, THX certification, a USB port that supports DivX files, and integrated speakers. Shipping in Korea now, the LH90 series from smallest to largest is priced at the equivalent of $2449, $3116, and $4749 respectively. While LG has confirmed the LH90 series will ship internationally, the company didn't provide dates.


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April 20, 2009

HDTVs with Adobe Flash support shipping this year

adobe_large.jpgAdobe Flash, the web technology behind Hulu and YouTube videos, not to mention thousands of applications on the web, is expected to come to the television later this year. Both TVs and set-top boxes supporting Flash should start selling later this year. If the technology becomes standard for video across computers, televisions and mobile phones, content creators will only have to create for one format. For viewers like you and me, Flash could bring the promise of instant video on any screened device to fruition. However, Microsoft's Silverlight technology is a potential competitor, and according to the company can display video at a higher resolution than Flash.


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April 14, 2009

JVC bows GD-463D10 3D professional display

GD-463D10.jpgJVC has announced the GD-463D10, a 46-inch monitor intended for professional use. It wouldn't be worth mentioning if it wasn't a 3D display though. That's right--the 46-inch LCD panel uses polarizing filters to display 1080p 3D images with the use of "circular polarization glasses". Furthermore the 3D images display with no flicker because the left and right displays are simultaneous. The GD-463D10 is 39 millimeters at its thinnest point and only 75 millimeters at its thickest. It supports 1080/24p, 1080/50p, 1080/60p, 1080/50i and 1080/60i video signals although the latter two can only be represented in 3D if they're signals compliant with the side-by-side picture format. There are also 3 HDMI slots. Expected to be released in July 2009, the JVC GD-463D10 hasn't been priced, but given there will only be 2000 units produced this year, think expensive.


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April 9, 2009

Hitachi Wooo plasma and LCD HDTVs outed for '09

wooo-ut800.jpgHitachi has unveiled a flurry of Wooo brand LCD and plasma HDTV's in Japan this morning. The "Wooo UT800" LCD series features a 35 millimeter thin design combined with an external tuner unit. Sized in 32-, 37-, 42-, and 47-inch screen sizes, the UT800 line sports 1080p resolution, a 120 Hz frame rate, and an eco-friendly power consumption level. The external tuner packs in a 250 GB hard disk drive, an iVDR-S slot for iV Pocket equipment, and an SD card slot. The 2.6 kilogram Wooo UT800 LCD sets will be available in October.

wooo-03.jpgNext up is the Wooo 03 series which consists of four plasma models and three LCD's. The plasma line consists of one 720p 42-inch model plus 42-, 46-, and 50-inch 1080p models. Other features include a 40000:1 contrast ratio for the 1080p models, a 250 GB hard disk drive, automatic image quality adjustments, and internet access with Yahoo Japan support. The LCD lineup features a 720p 32-inch model and 37- and 42-inch 1080p models with similar specs. The Wooo 03 series will be released starting at the end of April.

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April 1, 2009

TVSnob monthly roundup for March 2009



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Digital TV Transition 2009

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March 26, 2009

Mitsubishi LaserVue laser TV's back in production

mitsubishi-laservue-hdtv.jpgMitsubishi's LaserVue TV's are back in production after featuring a setback last month. In early February the company said it had halted production of the high-end laser HDTV's citing a "problem with manufacturing equipment." Of course, this had nothing to do with the global economic collapse or anything given the near $7000 price tag. But hey, we're not complaining. The supply chain is running smoothly and the LaserVue should be back on store shelves soon.


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March 24, 2009

All Sony TV's to have motion sensors in the future?

sony_bravia_we5_03.jpgWhen Sony launched its WE5 Eco TV range last month, one of the differentiating features was the Presence Sensor. A motion sensor, Presence Sensor basically detects when you're sleeping or have left the room and shuts the television off. Sony claims that this feature alone can reduce energy consumption by up to 50 percent. I'm inclined to believe this. As a person who rarely watchesTV unless I'm going to sleep, most of my TV-watching time is spent unconscious.

Now it appears that future Sony lines will have incorporate the Presence Sensor in order to become a little bit more "greener". In a conversation with Register Hardware, Sony UK's Senior Product Manager for TV's, Christian Brown, said, "I would hope it [Presence Sensor] will become a standard feature, otherwise it wouldn't have been put on there."

Eco lines are becoming tremendously popular among big-name HDTV manufacturers. Let us hope for our sake--meaning all of humanity--it continues to catch on.


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March 12, 2009

Sony Bravia's could get pretty darn smart by the end of 2009

macrovision_logo.jpgIn the very near future, Sony Bravia TV's may tell you what you should be watching. According to the UK's Pocket-lint, Sony will be drawing on Macrovision's massive consumer database to provide content recommendations from your Sony TV. The stealth project, codenamed Neon, will require you to answer a series of questions when you turn on the Bravia. From your answers, the set will be able to tell who you are, sift through your viewing history and provide suggestions. It'll also be 'smart' enough to adjust itself if, for example, your young child decides to join in your viewing pleasure.

Neon will also be able to pull content from other devices connected to your television such as a PS3 which could mean Bravia's released later this year have a unified PS3 interface. Adding in a social networking component, Neon could also provide recommendations to you based on what your friends are watching, though it's not known how the Macrovision software learns who your friends are.

Neon is expected near the end of 2009, included with an as-of-yet unannounced Bravia line.


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March 4, 2009

2009 Panasonic Viera plasma and LCD lines get prices, release dates

panasonic-viera-pz850(2).jpgWe already had a good look at pricing for Panasonic's 2009 Viera line for the Japanese market, but we've been waiting ever so patiently for some US information. HDGuru has a list of pretty well everything we've been waiting for. Panasonic is one of the few HDTV manufacturers still hitting plasma hard, and is a producer of a quality product.

The X1 plasma series replaces 2008's PX80 models, sticking with 720p resolution for its 42- and 50-inch models. Respectively priced $899.95 and $1099.95, the X1 models should already be hitting stores.

The S1 plasma replace the PZ850 series, and add in the high-grade Neo PDP panel. The series runs from 42- to 65-inches, all 1080p, and starts at $1199.95 though pricing for the larger models isn't available. The smaller models will hit stores this month, while the larger models won't be available until May.

The THX-certified G10 plasma series runs between 42- and 54-inches. The three smallest models will ship this month while the 54-inch model will ship in May. Pricing will start at $1399.95 and top out at $2399.95.

The 1-inch thin 54-inch Z1, V10 and G15 models will ship in June though prices haven't been made available yet.

Panasonic offers four LCD lines that aren't nearly as exciting as its plasma offerings, ranging in size from 19- to 37-inches. The entry-level 32-inch C12 LCD is priced at $499 while models like its top-of-the-LCD-line 37-inch G1 model runs all the way up to $1099.95.


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March 2, 2009

Sony W5 and F5 Bravia's get electronic wallets in Japan

sony-lcd-tv.jpgImagine a future in which pay-per-view viewing can be paid for on demand rather than clumped into a giant lump sum at the end of every month. The western world's future, in terms of technology anyway, can often be found in Japan's present. Electronic money transfer is already ubiquitous in Japan, and Sony has announced that it's W5 and F5 Bravia's will come equipped with electronic money card readers for pay-per-view via an internet connection. Nice, no more fat monthly bills and no more mistakes entering credit card numbers on the good ol' remote control.


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