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June 18, 2008

LG Electronics And Control4 Team Up To Bring Hotel Rooms' Full Automation Via HDTV

OTHERS_70363_12.jpgLG Electronics, the biggest provider of HDTV's to hotels in the world, is collaborating with Control4 Corporation to co-develop an integrated automation system that'll allow hotel guests to control pretty much everything in their hotel room right from the TV screen. Everything includes lighting, draperies, heating and air conditioning, and other home theater components. The two companies feel this solution is better than going the ol' set top box route, not only eliminating the box, but enabling the system to have more handy features. The system will be nothing more than a card that will be placed in an integrated interface port of LG's HDTV's. There hasn't been any mention of a "release" date, but we're guessing you'll be able to see the system in action on hotel room TV's everywhere in the next year or so.

Via Business Wire

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June 17, 2008

62% Rise In Irish Energy Use Blamed On Big TV's

20071112londonfire.jpgEnergy conservation is a big topic these days, with global warming being on the world's mind, but blaming big TV's for a country's energy usage woes? Wow. We all know that flat panel TV's can suck up energy like the world's strongest vacuum, especially if we go the plasma route, but when Irish national broadcaster NTEreported the Irish national energy use rose 62% between 1990 and 2006, we never thought that large-sized TV's would take such a big share of the blame. But a report by Sustainable Energy Ireland, to be released sometime today, pins a lot of the responsibility on big TV's. RTE says the report states that the Irish have "bigger TVs and more of them, and that Irish people are watching TV more often, leading to a massive rise in energy consumption". The end result? More pollution and a little bit of a contribution to the global warming trend. So watching too much TV on our big flatscreens really is killing us!

Via Earth Times

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June 12, 2008

Staying In A Hotel Soon? Now You'll Get HD Programming The World Over

room1_450(2).jpgSwisscom Hospitality Service, the hospitality industry's provider of broadband internet-based services, and Tangerine Global, an HDTV programming provider to the hospitality marketplace, have teamed up to deliver HD programming to hotels in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Swisscom Hospitality is providing an HD over IPTV platform over which Tangerine Global will be able to deliver popular HD content in hotel chains including Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn, Intercontinental and Marriott. Hotel guests will also be able to use the URL-based system to access the web on their room's TV screen, as well as their email, news and local information, manage their hotel account, and even manage features such as the ambient lighting in their room.

Via Business Wire

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June 10, 2008

80% Of The American Cable Market Committed To Tru2way

tru2way_CMYK_logo(2).jpgLooks like tru2way has gotten quite the backing with Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter and Bright House Networks, which together serve over 80% of the American cable market, all verbalizing their commitment to rolling out tru2way in their systems.

Panasonic Hails Cable's Tru2Way Agreement with Major CE and IT Companies

Holds D.C. Demo of HDTV, Enabling Consumers to Receive High Definition Interactive Digital Cable Service Without Using Cable Set-Top Box

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 9, 2008 -- Panasonic, a leader in the development and application of the next-generation cable TV technology known as tru2way™, hailed the agreement between the nation's top six cable providers and leading Consumer Electronics (CE) and Information Technology (IT) companies regarding the roll-out of tru2way™ in their systems. The cable system operators involved are Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, Cablevision, Charter and Bright House Networks, which together serve more than 80% of all cable subscribers.

Panasonic also reaffirmed its own longtime commitment to tru2way technology leadership through the agreement, and by demonstrating a Panasonic VIERA Plasma HDTV that can receive HD interactive, digital cable service without using a separate cable set-top box. The tru2way demonstration, to be held in the National Press Club, is part of a presentation by National Cable & Telecommunications Association (NCTA) President & CEO Kyle McSlarrow, themed "Cable's Broadband Platform: Innovation for the Consumer."

"Together, with this landmark agreement, multiple innovative industries are expanding choice, convenience and confidence for cable consumers," said Robert Perry, Senior Vice President, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company. "At January's International Consumer Electronics Show," he continued, "Panasonic was the only company to announce plans to launch tru2way products in 2008, including two models of HDTV with tru2way digital cable capability built in--­42- and 50-inch class flat panel Plasma HDTVs--which we expect will be available through multiple retailers this coming holiday season."

In addition to tru2way HDTVs, Panasonic has developed and will be able to supply next-generation all-digital cable set-top boxes to all cable MSOs (Multiple System Operators) whose networks support tru2way specifications. Panasonic has also developed a tru2way-based Portable DVR (P-DVR) model which will let cable customers record programming at home and take it with them wherever they go. It incorporates full digital HDD video recording functionality into a Panasonic portable DVD player platform and allows playback of cable programming anytime anywhere. Both interactive digital cable devices will be supplied to Comcast for their subscribers.

For more than two years Panasonic has been working closely with cable operators and the cable industry's research and development consortium, Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs®), to complete the technical specifications and help test the operation of tru2way technology. "Our OpenCable™ development activities have gained from the beginning with the active participation and input of many contributors, and tru2way development owes a great deal to their ingenuity and assistance," said Dr. Richard R. Green, President & CEO of CableLabs. "We have been especially glad to have Panasonic's help in designing test and verification suites for tru2way technology; and we look forward to continuing to work together with them, and other companies, to advance these systems."

"The announcements by both CE and IT companies of their support of tru2way indicates that the industry finally recognizes that tru2way provides the wide range of options that consumers desire for next-generation interactive, digital cable entertainment," said Dr. Paul F. Liao, Chief Technology Officer of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

"Panasonic is proud to have played a key role in what we expect will be a rapid rollout of tru2way in cable systems throughout the country."

Thank Jennifer for sending this in!

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June 8, 2008

Sapphire's 56-Inch 4K Display Makes 1080p Resolution Look Like Fuzz

sapphire4klcd56inch(2).jpgIf you've got some seriously deep pockets and are looking for picture resolution well beyond 1080p, the Sapphire 4K may be of interest to you. Another member of the so-called quad HDTV family, the Sapphire 4K is a 56-inch 2160p display, translating into a pixel count of 3840 x 2160, four times that of a 1080p display. Unveiled at Computex in Taiwan last week, the Sapphire is short on specs at the moment but rumor has it that it'll cost you at least $60, 000. Better start working overtime.

Via TGDaily

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June 5, 2008

TV Armor Protects Your LCD Or Plasma TV Screen From Hurled Objects

tv-armor1.JPGSometimes innovation results from one's misfortune. In this case, the innovative idea was a direct result of the crack made in a 47-inch LCD TV the moment a flying toy firetruck made contact. TV Armor, a cool new product developed by Michael Cunningham, is designed to make sure your brand new HDTV doesn't end up on the curb because it was nailed by a flying object. Made of optical grade acrylic plastic, cut precisely using a computer, TV Armor fits around the frame of your TV shielding the screen from contact with anything that might do it damage. Felt spacers are placed in between the protective screen and the TV, not only to protect your set from scratches, but also to allow TV Armor room to flex and absorb any impact from a flying remote, beer bottle, etc.

If TV Armor sounds like it might belong in your household, it's currently available in five sizes and suited for both plasma and LCD models. Just head over to the website to order.

  • 30-32 inches-$129
  • 36-37 inches-$139
  • 40-42 inches-$149
  • 46-47 inches-$159
  • 50-52 inches-$169

Have a larger set? TV Armor is also custom manufactured for larger screen sizes.

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June 3, 2008

The Weather Channel Goes HD, Take A Virtual Tour Of The $60 Million Studio

zlucas4(2).jpgWe usually just focus on TV products here at TVSnob, but in a high-def world sometimes we have to move outside the boundaries and show you something a little different. The Weather Channel is in the midst of putting up a $60 million state-of-the art HD studio for their weather broadcasting which will totally change the way you look at weather. They've been working with Cisco over the past year to build an infrastructure capable of supporting a 24/7 HD broadcast, utilizing the company's Catalyst 6500 switches which play a big part in the backbone of the new network and security systems for keeping out would-be intruders. Not only will those with televisions supporting HD content see a big difference as of June 2, but so will those with standard definition sets. The Weather Channel and Cisco have put together a virtual tour of the new HD studio at where you can visit 21 "points of interest" where you can find out more info including Cisco's tech role in putting the whole project together.

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NHK's HDTV Successor, Super Hi-Vision, Goes Color

fig01.jpgJapanese public broadcaster NHK has been working on a Super Hi-Vision (SHV) technology since 2002, a technology they feel will eventually be HDTV's successor. Up until last week NHK's Super Hi-Vision tech was able to produce a television picture with a resolution roughly 16 times finer than today's 1080p standard, but only in black and white. A 33 megapixel image sensor the company recently developed in their Tokyo research lab has moved that high-res picture into the colored world. The sensor in combo with a new signal processing circuit, ultra high-resolution lens and thinner optical cable were able to display a single SHV image with a 7680x4320 pixel resolution, equal to 16 tiled HDTV screens. The sensor enable the picture's primary red, blue, and green colors to display in full resolution as standalone colors thanks to each color having a devoted chip. This enable the picture to be so bright and sharp that a viewer can read the details on a shirt tag when the camera captures the image from several meters away! No actual hardware has been developed yet, and if it was manufactured right now it would be too big to be of practical use. We'll keep an eye on this, because with NHK being an early HDTV innovator as far back as 1964 we suspect Super Hi-Vision technology will be big in the future.

Via PC World

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May 19, 2008

Comcast Hits 500 HD VOD Titles, Next Target Infinity

logo.gifComcast now has 500 HD VOD choices available, including both movies and TV shows from the likes of Showtime, Encore, MoviePlex and Starz and plans to hit the 1000 mark by the end of the year. If you remember back to CES in Vegas, Comcast announced Project Infinity which outlined the company's plan to have 1000 HD titles in their library by the end of '08 and ramp up in 2009 to have 3000 fresh HD VOD titles available each month! It looks like they're well on their way.

COO of Comcast, Stephen Burke, says Project Infinity is just scratching the surface of the full potential of on-demand programming and the future could include subscription VOD, electronic sell-through applications, and of course advertising targeted right to you. Eventually the company wants to make every piece of linear content available on-demand and experiment with allowing subscribers to DVR primetime TV.

And Comcast better get VOD right, because on-demand programming is one of the only features keeping cable subscribers from heading to satellite and telco competitors.

Update: After the jump you can check out a press release we received from Comcast PR.

Via Broadcasting & Cable

ArrowContinue reading: "Comcast Hits 500 HD VOD Titles, Next Target Infinity"

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May 18, 2008

Taiwan Giving High-Def TV Channel A Go

5-16-08-pts-building.jpgThis past Thursday, the Taiwanese cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung got their first HD digital TV channel thanks to the government-sponsored Public Television Service. HiHD, the new HD channel, is running on a trial basis to promote HDTV in Taiwan and is part of a government-funded US$88 million program to develop a nationwide HDTV network in three separate phases. 63 programs will be available on HiHD at the moment and once the first phase of the network development is completed at the end of 2008, the Taichung metro area will also have HiHD.

Via Digitimes

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