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April 8, 2008

Why You Should Subscribe To Verizon's Fios TV

Quite the stir started when Comcast announced that it would be squeezing 3 HD channels into the bandwidth they previously slotted for two, resulting in a degraded picture for those of us who subscribe to the cable provider. Customers are raging that the new system starting this month will result in pictures that sometimes border on worse than analog. Comcast has decided to go the route of added compression in response to competitive pressures from the likes of Verizon Fios TV, making more channels available without increasing the amount of space necessary to transfer them to your HDTV. So how much will this affect you?

An AVS Forum member decided to find out just how much picture quality would be affected with Comcast's new compression policy by recording two shows, on the same channel, at the same time delivered from both Comcast and Fios TV. The results were astounding. Average bit rates were calculated, and a huge difference was observed, with Fios TV performing at a much higher rate. Screen captures also illustrated the degraded picture quality coming from Comcast as you can see below:


Fios TV

Comcast TV

Take a look at the facial features and you'll immediately see the difference. You'll tend to see more problems with channels that are already highly compressed such as Discovery HD, while some channels hardly seem to be affected. Regardless of the channel though, you're guaranteed to see a decrease in contrast and a whole lot more banding and artifacts on your screen.

The US market won't be the only one affected by compressed HD signals either. Canada's Rogers Cable has announced that effective April 9, a bunch of channels delivered to its Personal TV customers will face added compression. Like Comcast, the cable provider defends its decision by saying that they'll be delivering more channels to its customers without using more bandwidth keeping bill about the same. It seems though that no one is listening. I mean, why would we want more HD channels that look worse than the analog pictures of 30 years ago?

It seems we'll be seeing a lot more HDTV buyer's dishing out thousands for a new flat panel absolutely refusing to pay an extra $10 to their cable provider for a high-def signal this year. Our recommendation: stick with Fios TV, they don't compress their signals.

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April 7, 2008

Mitsubishi's LaserVue Laser TV Coming Later This Year, Plus 14 New LCD And DLP HDTV's

mitsubishi_laser_tv_2-thumb-450x337.jpgMitsubishi announced their 2008 HDTV lineup today including the long-awaited laser TV we saw early this year at CES in Las Vegas. The laser TV will be branded under the LaserVue name and will be available in the 3rd quarter of this year. LaserVue will be the first ever laser-powered TV available to the consumer market, making available a color spectrum that's twice that of current LCD's and plasma's on the market. The LaserVue also offers 3D viewing capabilities and is incredibly energy efficient, using half the power of a typical LCD TV and one-third the power of a typical plasma. Still no pricing info yet though.

While many big name manufacturers are pulling out of the DLP market, Mitsubishi announced 7 new models, all big screens with increased brightness, thinner bezels, proprietary 6-color processor and 3D viewing capability. The first five models and their prices are as follows:

  • 60-inch WD-60735 - $1,799
  • 65-inch WD-65735 - $2,199
  • 73-inch WD-73735 - $3,199
  • 65-inch WD-65736 - $2,499
  • 73-inch WD-73736 - $3,599

The other two models will be part of the Diamond DLP line which features Smooth120Hz for crisp, clear fast-moving scenes and Dark Detailer for higher contrast. The sets will have a high gloss design and Blue Light Accent. The 65-inch Diamond WD-65835 and 73-inch Diamond WD-73835 will retail for $3399 and $4699 respectively. All the new DLP models should be available this month.

The company also has 7 new Ultra Thin Frame 1080p LCD TV's with frame widths reduced to less than one inch. The sets will feature 10-bit panels, x.v. color, 6-color processing, Smooth120Hz Film Motion, GalleryPlayer, and Deep Color. The GalleryPlayer is downloadable software which can be loaded onto the Mitsubishi allowing you to view high-definition art and photography right on your TV screen. The first five models and their respective prices are as follows:

  • 40-inch LT-40148 - $2,499
  • 46-inch LT-46148 - $2,999
  • 46-inch LT-46149 - $3,499
  • 52-inch LT-52148 - $3,599
  • 52-inch LT-52149 - $4,099

Like the DLP line, the new LCD line will also feature two Diamond models: the Diamond LT-46246 and the Diamond LT-52246, priced at $3799 and $4499 respectively. The Diamond models feature Variable Smooth120Hz Film Motion, low profile speakers, DeepField Imager for improved contrast, and a high gloss design with Blue Light Accent. The new LCD line will be available in May.

via press release

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April 6, 2008

Sony XEL-1 OLED TV Now Available On Amazon

sony-xel-1-contrast.jpgThe famed Sony XEL-1 OLED TV is now available from Amazon. Pricey, but utilizing the most cutting-edge TV technologies around, the Sony XEL-1 is selling for $2499.99. The 11-inch set uses organic LEDs to boast incredible contrast ratios approaching 1000000:1 and full HD 1080p resolution. Want a closer look before you make the big purchase? See it unboxed first.

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April 3, 2008

Chief Thinstall TV Mounts: "Industry's Thinnest"

03312008_chief1.jpgWhile thin has definitely been in lately with some flatscreen models becoming no thicker than two of your finger, we haven't heard of a TV mount being marketed as the "industry's thinnest". Until now of course, or we wouldn't be telling you about it.

Chief's new Thinstall Series features TV mounts with depths slim enough to accommodate even the thinnest LCD and plasma sets on the market. Take for instance the Thinstall PSMT2015, designed for Hitachi's new UltraThin TVs, which are just 1.5" thin. With a mount depth of 0.49-inches, it's actually only one-third as "thick" as the Hitachi it supports.

The steel mounts can hold weights of up to 175 pounds, plenty of strength to hold up models that are as thin as an inch. They all feature a Glide Lock for easy install with no tools, lateral shift and an open wall plate eliminating much of the need to fiddle with electrical cord placement.

Chief says that all of their Thinstall mounts are custom-made, and as new and thinner flat panels hit the market, they'll be there to build the corresponding thin TV mounts.

Via marketnews

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April 2, 2008

VisWall: See Your High-Def Picture, And Feel It Too

1206985657_3759.jpgIf you think 1080p resolution, infinite contrast ratios and LED backlights are the best flat-panel displays have to offer, you're dead wrong. The 14 foot by 8 foot widescreen VisWall located at the Tufts Center for Scientific Visualization has a 3D picture so intense and real that viewers feel that they are actually right in the display! With a huge 9 megapixels of resolution and twice the sharpness of the best high-def TV's, the VisWall is actually used by scientists to visual images and situations that are usually beyond the capability of the human eye.

The display uses twin projectors rather than multiple projectors resulting a smooth image and eliminates "ghost" images using a German-designed filter. The VisWall also goes another sense beyond vision, something we won't have in the HDTV world until touchscreens are prevalent. It has something called "haptic" ability meaning it can use computer-generated feedback to impart a feel of touch on a viewer using remote controls to, for example, use an on-screen scalpel to perform a virtual surgery. It's akin to your child being able to feel as if they can give their favorite cartoon character a hug through your LCD TV! Wouldn't it be nice to have a VisWall in your living room? Cost to build-$350, 000.

Via Boston Globe

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April 1, 2008

New York Yankees To Get 5925 Square Foot High-Definition Scoreboard

0de7a8cd77eeefb92e2059c906b95384.jpgNew York Yankees fans can expect a high-definition treat to go along with their new stadium in time for the 2009 season. A brand new Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision HD video-scoreboard measuring a whopping 101 feet wide by 59 feet tall, amassing a total of 5925 square feet will be installed in the new Yankee stadium. The installation is to start this summer and be complete by March 2009, in time for the opening of the new stadium and start of the 2009 MLB season.

The giant HD display will display 1080p resolution, and driven by Mitsubishi Electric's state-of-the-art DSC2 Digital Display Controller, display up to 4 full HD resolution images at once. The display will be the first to use Diamond Vision(TM) AVL-ODQ8 LED's, totally an uncanning 8,601,600 LED lamps.

For comparison's sake, the current Yankee scoreboard, also a Diamond Vision display measures only 25 feet by 33 feet and uses 486,400 LED lamps. Huge difference!

Via press release

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Verizon's FiOS HD VOD Going Live

FIOSHD2.jpgIt looks like Verizon's FiOS HD VOD service is going live in some areas today. Forum postings from Broadband Reports indicate that FiOS TV markets in Texas, California, Maryland, Northern NJ, Philadelphia/Delaware should go live today if they haven't already.

Via Zatz Not Funny

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March 29, 2008

What The Hell Is A TV Mirror?

seura-enhanced-web.jpgIn this world of multi-tasking and high-speed, watching television while fixing your face in the mirror is a great use of time. In my opinion anyways. Seura has developed a new TV mirror technology that allows the viewing of a HD television picture, but allows it to complete vanish when not in use. Coming in three series'-enhanced, premier, and decouverte-TV mirrors are perfect for bathroom use, or, coming in larger sizes, for a simple but contemporary addition to your living room or hallway.

Seura via Product News

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March 25, 2008

American HD Households Will Reach 65.7% By 2012

Verizon_TopCheck_Logo_120x90.jpg65.7% of US multichannel households will have either high-def cable or high-def satellite subcriptions by 2012, according to a recent study by SNL Kagan. That's a huge increase from an 18.8% HD penetration number for 2007, but with 1 in 3 homes now having at least one HDTV, networks are under pressure to provide more HD content. We wouldn't doubt they hit 2012's expected numbers by the last half of 2010.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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March 20, 2008

Polaroid Working On Cool Concept Design For HDTV's

NEWS-13431-96c6e176b90dfb3448579e915abadd8b.jpgPolaroid is experimenting with a new concept HDTV that utilizes a prototype design that displays the Union Jack on the TV's frame. Polaroid says that the idea beyond the concept design is simply to prove that "something like this is possible" and could merge into "custom screens for gaming fans". No launch date has been set, nor has a price been released although Polaroid says that customers will have to pay a premium for their patriotism.

Via Pocket Lint

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