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April 18, 2005

Toshiba’s latest LCD TVs with built-in hard drives

2871089443365200This explains why I want to live in Japan. Every SINGLE DAY THEY ANNOUNCE A PRODUCT I WANT THAT IS ONLY IN JAPAN! Rage!!!! :-)

Toshiba’s latest LCD TVs with built-in hard drives - Engadget - / :
We won’t dwell too much on the the sucky part of having a TV with a hard drive in it—namely that when the hard drive
inevitably breaks you usually (though not always) have to send the entire TV in for repair—but Toshiba introduced three
new high-definition LCD TVs in Japan today that come with built-in 160GB hard drives, the 26-inch 26LH100, the 32-inch
32LH100, and the 37-inch (you guessed it) 37LH100. Each TV has a brightness of 500cd/m2, a resolution of
1366 x 768 pixels, and record show using some unspecified Linux-powered DVR software.
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Toshiba releases 3 giant DLP TVs

Toshiba 162"? My god. I can't even imagine having such a large TV in my little living room...or wait...maybe I can?

Tech Digest: Toshiba releases 3 giant DLP TVs:
Rear projection TVs might be big bananas in the US, but us Brits, with our slightly more bijou living rooms, have tended to ignore them. Toshiba hopes to change all that with its new DLP rear projection TV’s which will be available in 46”, 56” and a
massive 62” in September writes Home Cinema Choice. The
46WMT58, 56WMT58 and 62WMT58 boast incorporated digital tuners, twin HDMI
inputs and are all HDTV ready.
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April 11, 2005

AQUOS widescreen lcd television | LC-45GGD6U

Tel Lc45Gd6U Pic2 H174Some nights I just make the roungs - I love the AQUOS. Even though I will never be able to afford one (not in the next few years anyways), the whole set just screams quality. 1080p? 2 inputs for HD. 1920x1080? Please god - let me have one soon.

AQUOS widescreen lcd television | LC-45GGD6U:
Sharp’s LC-45GD6U AQUOS™ is a breathtaking 45" widescreen HDTV1 that can easily enhance the decor of any family room, living room or den. The LC-45GD6U is the largest LC-TV on the market today (along with other 45" Sharp models), and it displays all content in full HD spec (1080p) resolution, the highest of the DTV resolutions. With a 16:9 aspect ratio, unbeatable resolution of 1920 x 1080 and vivid color purity, it is a next-generation TV to carry you into the high-definition future.
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April 8, 2005

Voom = Dead Again

3868755887686398.jpgOkay - I thought it was dead but kept seeing ads - I guess it is TRULY dead now. Oh well - I really wanted to see the 24hour HD horror channel - maybe comcast and others will get on board and offer more HD content in response. NO WAIT - They'll probably keep their death grip on the 15 lousy channels they offer now.

"Could this finally be the end of the line for Voom? There have been so many twists and turns to the story of the massively unsuccessful high-definition satellite TV provider’s demise (which we can't be bothered to recap at this point) that we really hesitate to make any sort of conclusive pronouncement, but Cablevision's board of directors voted unanimously yesterday evening to shut things down, thus ending Cablevision chairman Charles Dolan's last ditch efforts to save his baby (he'd been trying to figure something out, but apparently he gave up, and was among those who voted to shutter Voom)."

Via Voom = dead (this time we’re pretty sure) - Engadget -

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March 25, 2005

Largest Outdoor HDTV in Atlanta

screen.gifIt's big and being used for sports - go figure.

"Turner Field in Atlanta will become home to the world's largest outdoor high definition display. The screen measures 79 feet wide by 71 feet tall. Those are feet, not inches. To give you a slightly better idea of how large this is, I’ve mspainted a perfectly to scale picture of what a 6 foot person would look up against the it. The scren reportedly has over five million LEDs and weighs 50 tons. Unfortunately, it is also destined to display stupid baseball outtakes for its entire life span."

Via Largest Outdoor HDTV in Atlanta and Other Home Entertainment Stories : Gizmodo

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March 20, 2005

102 Inch Plasma HDTV

I've got to say. My 30" TV would almost fit over 3 times inside this monster. You have to ask yourself though - WOULD I WANT THIS IN MY LIVING ROOM? Maybe if I'm rich and have a giant house with giant rooms this would work.

"Alright, alright, alright, this war between Samsung, LG, and whoever else to see who can build the world's largest plasma TV has got to stop right now. Samsung, you just rolled out your new oversized 102-inch display, that’s great, but we're already having trouble scraping together the $45,000 we’ll need to buy the 80-inch plasma display you came out with a few months ago, so don't make things any worse for us, ok? How could we possibly be happy with the 80-incher knowing there was something a bigger and badder out there? You know we've sort of got this problem."

Via Samsung's 102-inch plasma TV - Engadget -

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