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July 8, 2009

Mitsubishi 65-inch WD-737 RPTV reviewed: "most screen for the least money"

wd737-rptv.jpgRear projection HDTVs are still hanging around and for those looking for alot of screen for relatively little cash, they can be a good purchase option. Of course you can't mount them on the wall and you won't enjoy the picture quality pump through the screens of most LCD and plasma sets.

CNET's recent review of Mitsubishi's WD-737, a 65-inch rear projection monster, confirms the quality tradeoff here, but also confirms the picture quality is decent enough to recommend it if you are indeed looking for the most screen for the least money.

The WD-737 sports accurate color and has enough picture controls to adjust any issues you may have, it has a reasonable 3 HDMI ports and almost no bezel. On the other hand, the screen can be grainy and the blacks lighter than most HDTVs, but you'll find that with most rear projection sets left on the market.

Personally, I don't think I'd buy a RPTV these days, big and cheap or not. But if that's what you're looking for, the Mitsubishi WD-737 doesn't look half bad.

Buy it now from Amazon for $1599.99 with free shipping!


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July 1, 2009

Philips finally prices 56-inch Cinema 21:9 HDTV

philipscinema219.jpgWe mentioned a rumored price for the Philips Cinema 21:9 way back when, but at the time we also heard a supposed June release date. That's come and gone and now a new price has officially been announced. Once converted from euros, the price will equate to roughly US$7400. The set, which will ship in the UK at some point, is the first to feature the 21:9 aspect ratio, enabling it to playback movies shot in widescreen format without those annoying horizontal black bars. Philips also manages to fit 8.3 million pixels on the 56-inch display, as far as I know the most ever for an HDTV. Unfortunately though, there isn't any indication the Cinema will ship to North America.


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June 26, 2009

Cello Electronics HDTV line records Freeview TV OTA to SD cards

cello-pvr-television-records-sd-card.jpgNow that is interesting. A British LCD TV company named Cello Electronics has announced the world's first HDTV that records directly to SD cards. Unfortunately for us in North America, it's only headed for the European market at the moment. The set, available in 22-, 26- and 32-inch screen sizes, records over-the-air Freeview TV to an SD card making it easy to transfer content for viewing on your laptop or netbook. Moreover, the HDTV has dual SD slots and two TV tuners so you can record two channels at once. Known specs are minimal at this time, but it is known that the set has a remote-controlled EPG, 1440 x 900 resolution, but unfortunately no HDMI slots.

Shipping in July under the Soundwave brand, the Cello Electronics HDTV will be priced at TBA, £399.99 and £469.99, in order of size mentioned above.


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June 23, 2009

Vizio outs fall XVT family with new internet content, 240 Hz SPS

vizio-connected.jpgVizio barely got its spring HDTV line out the factory gates before it announced its fall 2009 line this morning. The internet-connected SV422XVT, SV472XVT and VF552XVT are sized 42-, 47- and 55-inches, respectively. The trio features 1080p resolution panels, 240 Hz SPS (scenes per second) and Smooth Motion technology. The larger two models also feature TruLED backlighting with Smart Dimming, while the two smallest feature 4 HDMI slots and the largest 5 HDMI ports. The Vizio HDTVs also have new content thanks to recent partnerships. Widget functionality over 802.11n LAN or Ethernet now includes Amazon Video On Demand, Blockbuster On Demand, Rhapsody, Vudu, Revision3, Twitter, Faceibook, Netflix, Flickr, Pandora and more. The 42-, 47- and 55-inch Vizio XVT Connected HDTVs will ship in November, October and December priced at $1199.99, $1699.99 and $2199.99, respectively.

Vizio will also be launching a pair of 120 Hz Thin Line XVTs in September, sized 32- and 37-inches. They'll be priced at $749.99 and $849.99, respectively.

Read--New Vizio XVT HDTVs announced
Read--Vizio and Rhapsody partnership announcement
Read--Vizio announces new content partners

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LG using ARM processors in future internet-connected HDTVs

arm11-imx31.jpgOne of the most common complaints about new internet-connected HDTVs is the noticeable unresponsiveness of content widgets such as those offered by Yahoo's Widget Engine. The reason for this is that the CPUs used in these televisions were designed for nothing more than a menu and a picture. Network access severely stresses HDTV manufacturer-made CPUs. In a world where speed is everything, lag time in electronics is unacceptable is you want to sell.

That said, LG is reportedly discontinuing in-house manufacturing of CPUs for its HDTVs, instead outsourcing production to chipmaker ARM. Future LG internet-connected HDTVs will use the ARM11 MPCore processor, a multi-core chip that should easily handle local area network access and TV widgets when used in tandem with the company's Mali graphics chip.

Variations of the ARM11 processor are used in the new iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre, both of which handle internet connectivity without a hitch. Notably, Intel helped develop Yahoo's Widget Engine, so look for Intel to push its chips on HDTV manufacturers in the near future as well.


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June 21, 2009

HD DVD player ownership continues growth in the United States: Harris Interactive

hdtv-ownership.jpgA recent online poll conducted in April by research firm Harris Interactive has revealed some home theater-related oddities. Notably, that sales of HD DVD players in 2009 are up by roughly the same amount as the high-def format war winner Blu-ray. 11% of Americans own an HD DVD player in 2009 compared to only 6% in 2008. Surprisingly only 7% of Americans own a Blu-ray player in 2009 compared to 4% in 2008. If you factor in the 9% of Americans that now own a Playstation 3 and 3% that own an HD DVD add-on for the Xbox 360, the two HD formats are still close to even. Moreover, the survey indicates that interest in Blu-ray isn't going to pick up anytime soon--unless prices come way down. Only 7% of non-Blu-ray owners reported an intent to purchase a Blu-ray player in the next year.

HDTV ownership on the other hand continues to move skyward--47% of Americans now claim to own an HDTV compared to only 35% in May 2008.

Read (PDF)

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June 8, 2009

NEC bows 24-inch LCD2490WUXi2 and LCD2490W2 color-accurate LCDs

neclcd2490w2.jpgGranted, a pair of 24-inch NEC LCDs just isn't quite as cool as a 43-inch curved desktop display, but either would make a half decent computer monitor. The LCD2490WUXi2 and LCD2490W2 are the latest color-accurate monitors to be spun off of NEC's production lines. Each IPS panel covers about 96.7 percent of the sRGB color space, producing better images than either TVA or PN displays, and enabling them to be used for professional-level video editing. Other common features between the two include 12-bit color lookup tables, ambient light sensors, automatic brightness controls, 320 cd/m2 brightness, 1000:1 contrast ratio, and both DVI and VGA inputs. The only difference between the two is that the LCD2490W2 includes a SpectraView color calibrator enabling enhanced imagery. Both panels sit on swivel stands and will ship later the month; the LCD2490WUXi2 for $1099 and the LCD2490W2 for $1299.



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Vizio outs 31 new HDTVs spread among XVT, M and E series'

vizio09.jpgWhen it comes to announcing new HDTV lines, it's go big or go home these days. Aside from price, there just isn't all that much differentiating different displays. That's what Vizio is doing this morning, adding 31 new models to its XVT, M and E series lines. The new XVT models, ranging from 32 to 55 inches, bring TruLED backlighting, 1080p resolution, 2, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio and SRS sound technology to the table. Models come in both 120 Hz and 240 Hz varieties. The M series is the designer line, sporting JAVA color, 1080p resolution, 50, 000: 1 contrast ratio, 120 Hz technology, and multimedia playback via USB. Models will be available sized between 32 to 47 inches. Finally, the E series is the eco-friendly family, ranging in size from 19 to 42 inches. With its EcoHD technology, it manages to use 20% less energy than the Energy Star 3.0 specifications while (hopefully) maintaining picture quality and performance. Check out the full press release with all the little details after the cut.

ArrowContinue reading: "Vizio outs 31 new HDTVs spread among XVT, M and E series'"

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June 5, 2009

Dell to launch a 43-inch immersive gaming TV in 2009?

immersive-display.jpgIf you happened to attended the Electronics Entertainment Expo this year and hit up the Alienware booth, you were lucky enough to lay eyes on the 43-inch immersive display optimized for video games. Manufactured by US-based Ostendo Technologies, the CRVD Display is 103.6 cm long and 32.5 cm wide, has a 122 cm radius, a response time of 0.016 milliseconds, a resolution of 2880 x 900 and a contrast ratio of 10000:1. Interestingly, the CRVD Display opts to use rear projection technology packing in 4 DLP lamps as the RGB LED light source. The display was only a prototype and wasn't accompanied with any indication of a release date or potential price, but Ostendo said it would be working closely with Dell to bring the 43-inch gaming display to market.



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June 2, 2009

BeoVision 7 LCD HDTV upgraded to include built-in Blu-ray player

bluray2.jpgIt's been a couple of years since high-end HDTV maker Bang & Olufsen released the 40-inch BeoVision 7 LCD HDTV. But despite the fact the company has announced the BeoVision 8 this year, it decided to give the 7 series an upgrade anyway. Scrapped is the DVD optical drive, replaced instead by an integrated BD Live Blu-ray player. Picture frame rate has been upped to 120 Hz from 60 Hz reducing motion blur, and buyers will have the choice of two loudspeakers: either the BeoLab 7-2 stereo speaker or the BeoLab 7-2 center speaker unit with Acoustic Lens Technology. Also included with the updated home theater package is the Beo5 remote control, enabling turn-and-tilt control of the 40-inch LCD panel and control of automated home systems such as lighting and outdoor pool covers. Unfortunately the price of the BeoVision 7-40 remains about the same sporting an MSRP of $13500 with the included center loudspeaker. Got the cash? You'll be able to pick up the integrated Blu-ray BeoVision 7 this month at all Bang & Olufsen retail locations.


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