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June 13, 2008

Onkyo's WAVIO GXM-2.1HD Expandable Home Theater System

gxw21hd_hyojun_small.jpgOnkyo's WAVIO GXM-2.1HD is a 2.1-channel home theater system, expandable to a full 5.1-channels with the addition of center and rear speakers. Consisting of an amp with 5.1-channel support capable of outputing 30 W per channel and 60 W from the subwoofer, and a couple of side speakers, the GXM-2.1HD features Dolby Surround Sensation and supports both Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It also is HDMI 1.3-compatible with a couple of inputs featuring 36-bit DeepColor and xvColor support. Slated for release in Japan, no official price has been set yet, but it's expected to be around 54, 800 Yen, about US$506.

Via Onkyo

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June 12, 2008

SRS Labs Bringing TruSurround XT Audio To Sharp Aquos And Olevia LCD TV's

srstrxt.gifSRS Labs, the company behind the TruSurround XT surround sound technology, will be featured in Sharp Aquos LCD TV models in Asia and Europe as well as in all the Series 2 and Series 6 Olevia-brand LCD TV's. The partnership with Sharp will see TruSurround XT embedded in models ranging from 32 to 52 inches, appearing in 25 Asian models and 16 European models. The Olevia sets featuring TruSurround XT will be shipping to North America this summer in sizes ranging from 26-65 inches.

TruSurround XT audio technology can process up to 7 channels of audio over 2 speakers, creating "phantom" speakers for multichannel audio that simulates a surround sound experience for the TV viewer. Because the Consumer Electronics Association states that 76% of all flat panel TV owners don't have a separate audio system, TruSurround XT is ideal for HDTV's with built-in speakers because it can take advantage of surround sound capabilities in TV shows and movie discs without the need for a full blown, separate audio setup.

Read-Sharp Partners with SRS Labs
Read-Syntax-Brillian Partners with SRS Labs

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June 11, 2008

Yamaha's YST-001 Integrates Lighting Into Your Speakers

0806110101(2).jpgAn entirely new concept in home theater systems, Yamaha has integrated a speaker stand lighting system from Koizumi Lighting, YST-001, with their home audio systems, providing additional ambient light behind your TV screen to easy eye strain during long periods of viewing. The speaker stands are placed on either side of your TV, and using a remote control you can adjust the amount of light the YST-001 emits as not to interfere with the picture quality. The YST-001 speaker lighting system costs 134, 400 Yen in Japan, about US $1251.

0806110102.jpgVia Aving

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June 7, 2008

BlueLounge CableBox Hides Pesky Home Theater Cables

BlueLounge-CableBox-05(2).jpgNobody likes looking at a mess of tangled A/V wires, and only the sickest among us like tripping on them. That's why BlueLounge has come up with a low cost way to get rid of this pesky problem. The BlueLounge CableBox is just a simply designed rectangular box with outlets at either end that'll let you thread your various wires through. They'll still be all tangled up and ugly looking, but now they're in a box which you can pop a lid on and instantly your home theater will look neat and tidy. At only $30, you'll be hard pressed to find a cheaper, more effective solution for wire clutter.


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VisionArt: Using Art To Conceal Your Home Theater A/V

a.jpgIf you've built your home theater system right into your wall, but don't particularly like the look of it when it's not in use the VisionArt system might be the solution for you. VisionArt uses museum-quality art prints in designer frames to conceal your wall-integrated flat panel TV when not in use. If you've stuck your speakers in the wall too, you'll probably want to hide those as well, so VisionArt has teamed up with speaker company Triad to incorporate the right, center, and left channel speakers into the area the motorized canvas will cover. Once you want to use your home theater, the art is mechanically moved out of the way and you're ready to go.

Via Born Rich

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June 5, 2008

Sony's HT-IS100 Golf Ball Sized Speaker System

hts1000494(2).jpgAs your home theater sound keeps getting better, the size of the speakers pumping out that high quality sound seem to keep getting smaller. Sony's HT-IS100 Bravia Theater Micro System is about as small as you can get; the 5.1-channel surround system features 450 Watts of audio power through five speakers each roughly the size of a golf ball and includes a subwoofer with a 32 bit S-Master digital amplifier. The system includes three 1080p HDMI inputs with repeater functionality and support for eight channels of uncompressed audio. If you want to go wireless, you can actually extend the system to multiple rooms using Sony's S-AIR Air Station speakers, sold separately of course. You can also get a wireless speaker kit that delivers audio sans wires to the rear speakers eliminating any pesky wires running the length of the room. Sony's HT-IS100 will be available in July for $700. Check out the press release after the jump.

Via Sony

ArrowContinue reading: "Sony's HT-IS100 Golf Ball Sized Speaker System"

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June 4, 2008

JBL's Control NOW Speakers Ideal For Tough Audio Setups you just moved into a new home and it's time to set up the home theater. It's then that you realize you don't have the ideal setup for your dream theater, understandable given that your wife or girlfriend picked the home, not you. And while there are infinite potential problems you could run into, we'll just focus on the audio aspect of things. If you've got tough deal setting up your audio system, you may want to take a look at JBL's Control NOW loudspeakers, available now.

Available in both indoor and outdoor versions, the Control NOW speakers feature a quarter round curved shape that allow you to mount them pretty well anywhere. JBL says they're suitable for placement "corner-mounted between a ceiling and wall or between two walls, or placed either horizontally or vertically on a shelf". They can even be joined together to create half-round, three quarter round, or a circular speaker configuration and hung straight down from the ceiling using a pole-mount bracket and ceiling-fan hardware.

The speakers feature a tweeter in a JBL Bi-Radial horn, designed to output smooth and even sound even in horrible audio setups. The tweeter has 4-inch woofers computer-designed to optimize output and minimize distortion and even the casing is designed using a high-strength composite material with sound clarity in mind.

How much will JBL's Control NOW speakers set you back? Not to much if you don't have to many audio options in your household. $249 each for the indoor speakers, and $279 for the outdoor set.

You can find them at Amazon, usually at a reduced price.


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June 3, 2008

Who Makes The Best Home Theater Equipment?

theater1(2).jpgEach year CEPro does a survey of the top 100 American consumer electronics installation companies to find out what the top 5 favored brands are in a bunch of CE categories. They run the gambit from central vacuum to DVR's, and for the best run-through of everything we suggest you take a look at the slideshow at CEPro's website. But if you just want a little free advice from the pros, here's the favored brand in a variety of home theater categories from America's best installers.

  • Acoustical treatments--Acoustic Innovations
  • A/V receivers--Integra
  • Bookshelf speakers--B&W
  • Broadband--Linksys
  • Cabling--Monster
  • DVD players--Sony
  • DVRs--DirecTV
  • Floorstanding speakers--B&W
  • Front Projection TVs--Runco
  • Home theater amps--Integra
  • In-wall/In-ceiling speakers--SpeakerCraft
  • Remotes & IR--Xantech
  • LCD TVs--Sharp
  • Lifts/Mounts--Chief
  • Lighting control--Lutron
  • Media servers--Kaleidescape
  • Multi-channel amps--Crestron
  • Plasma TVs--Pioneer
  • Projection screens--Stewart Filmscreen
  • Rear projection TVs--Sony
  • Satellites--DirecTV
  • Scalers--Runco
  • Seating--Acoustic Innovations
  • Two-channel amps--Rotel
  • Whole-home automation--Crestron
We definitely recommend checking out the slideshow linked to above, but if you have some cash to burn and are looking for the hottest names in home theater equipment, the above brands should be exactly what you're looking for.
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May 28, 2008

Sony's Sountina NSA-PF1 Speaker Nothing More Than A Glass Tube

Sony_Sountina_009(2).jpgTake a look at the future of home theater speakers. Sony's Sountina speaker is nothing more than a glass tube that will saturate your home theater room with a full 360 degrees of sound eliminating the need for more than one speaker. The Sountina transmits sound the usual way through vibrations but is radically different than traditional speakers which use paper and magnesium. Model number NSA-PF1, the Sony Sountina speaker has a frequency response of 50Hz-20000Hz, features a coaxial connection, 13 cm subwoofer and a 7 cm medium speaker. Measuring in at 325x1845x325mm and weighing 12.5 kg, the Sountina is slated for a June 20 release in Japan priced at 1, 050, 000 Yen, the equivalent of US$10027. Wow, a litte on the pricey side but to be expected as Sony is aiming the Sountina at the hospitality industry, i.e. restaurants and hotels.

Via Japan Corporate News

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May 27, 2008

Marantz Kicking Out AV8003 Pre-Amp And MM8003 Power Amp

05262008_marantz.jpgMarantz is launching a new pre-amp, the AV8003, and power amp, MM8003, employing what Marantz calls its "future design direction". Meant to be teasers for their 2009 lineup, the two new amps look to combine the aesthetics of the Reference Series with the newest home A/V technologies. The AV8003, which can be used as a multizone processor and controller, is networkable, THX Ultra 2-certified, and thanks to its built-in video scaler can scale and upconvert up to 1080p. The pre-amp supports Dolby TrueHD, DTS Master Audio, and Deep Color and is satellite radio-ready with a subscription to either XM or Sirius. Crammed with inputs and outputs include 4 HDMI 1.3a inputs and a couple more outputs, XLR Pre Output terminals, XLR audio inputs for SACD, component video outputs for multi-room, RS-232c, Direct IR inputs, DC triggers and flasher outputs, the Marantz AV8003 pre-amp will be available next month tagged with an MSRP of $3150.

The MM8003 power amp actually has 8 channels, each 150 Watts, combining the "best sonic features" of the PM-11S1 and SR9600 according to Marantz. With XLR input terminals, output channel relay on/off control, custom filter capacitors, and ultra-wide bandwidth current feedback technology, the Marantz MM8003 power amp will hit shelves priced at $1850.

Via marketnews

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