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January 31, 2009

Philips' 21:9 Cinema TV probably not coming to North America

philips-cinema-219.jpgThe Philips 21:9 Cinema TV I first told you about earlier this month probably won't be hitting the United States, or Canada for that matter. A spokesperson for the company told ZDNet that the release will likely be limited to Europe, which seems to mesh with the previous announcement...but I was hopeful. The 21:9 aspect ratio enables the 56-inch set to reproduce Hollywood film very close to its 2.39:1 aspect ratio. It's tough to say how well it works and unfortunately we probably won't know anytime soon, but we should find out more near the end of February.

Via ZDNet

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January 29, 2009

Sony-Sharp LCD joint venture delayed

2-23-08-sony-sharp-lcd.jpgThe joint venture between Sony and Sharp to produce LCD panels has been pushed back to March 2010, thanks to recession. The venture required a new manufacturing plant to be built and it was originally scheduled to be fully operational sometime in the last quarter of the year. Unfortunately, now that demand for panels is tanking, both companies are probably producing too much inventory anyway, so what's the point?

Via EngadgetHD

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January 15, 2009

Philips launching a 21:9 Cinema TV in Europe this spring

philips-21-9-cinemascope-lcd-tv.jpgWhen we talk about aspect ratios, widescreen typically equates to 16:9. Unfortunately 16:9 still nets you those annoying black bars at the top of your TV screen. Not quite as bad as cinematic film on 4:3, but still a nuisance. Philips is looking to put the black bars behind us with its 21:9 Cinema TV. Now that is widescreen, which is, of course, assisted by Philips' ubiquitous Ambilight technology. According to Philips, the Cinema TV will launch in the UK, France, Germany, and Belgium sometime this spring. No word on a US release or price. You can see the official site here, but it won't launch in its full glory until January 29.

Via GadgetVenue

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January 14, 2009

JVC's 2009 LCD TV line is jam-packed

JVC's got a full HDTV line-up set for release throughout the year, and all's we can say is we hope they're more reliable than last year.
First off is the 42-inch LT-42B300, an LCD TV with an integrated Blu-ray player. It has 1080p resolution, a built-in ATSC-QAM tuner, dynamic backlight control, digital noise reduction, and a plethora of connectivity options including 3 HDMI slot. No word on price yet, but the LT-42B300 is slated for a June release.
JVC's run-of-the-mill LCD TV's, the J300 series, brings 4 new models to shelves this year. Sized from 32- to 52-inches, all four sets offer 1080/24/30p resolution, dynamic backlight control, Smart picture technology that automatically adjusts brightness, 3 HDMI slots, and JVC's cone speakers which use an "off-center voice coil design" to direct sound at the viewer's head level. The 32-, 42-, and 46-inch models will arrive in March but we'll have to wait until August for the 52-incher. No prices have been announced.
Next up is JVC's TeleDock line of LCD TV's. Sets run in size from 32- to 46-inches and all include an integrated iPod dock. Of the five models, only the 42-inch LT-42P500 and 46-inch LT-46P500 feature Clear Motion Drive technology which smooths out motion blurring. The iPod dock is located in a flip-down panel at the bottom of each set. Docked iPod's can playback music and video controlled by the TV remote. The P-series, which also includes 3 P300 sets, offers 1080p resolution, an ATSC-QAM tuner, dynamic backlight control, a USB photo viewer, plus a variety on connection. All 5 sets in the P-Series will launch in April.
The D200 series consists of a couple of LCD sets with integrated DVD players. The 19-inch LT-19D200 and 32-inch LT-32D200 both sport 720p resolution. The 19-inch set has a top-loading integrated DVD player, while the 32-inch model has a side-loaded DVD player. Features are similar to other the other LCD TV's mentioned so far. Both sets will hit shelves in March.
Finally, the 42-inch LT-42WX70 comes with a separate TU-CX100 tuner box allowing for a super-slim design. Aimed at digital professionals, specifically DSLR photographers, the 1080p set boasts 50, 000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, x.v. and Deep Color, 3 HDMI ports and some high-end picture technologies including a Genessa Picture Engine and 100% sRGB/96% Adobe RGB coverage. No word on release date or price for this model.

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January 9, 2009

Sharp AQUOS BD Series with built-in Blu-ray player coming this month

sharp-bd-series(2).jpgSharp's LCD TV's with built-in Blu-ray players are finally hitting the United States. Dubbed the AQUOS BD Series, the Blu-ray sets range between 32- and 52-inches, feature 4 HDMI inputs, a 10-bit panel, and a 120 Hz refresh rate. All 5 models will be available in the United States this month and next but we'll have to wait on prices.. We can't wait! Check out the full release after the cut.

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Sharp's AQUOS LC-E77U LCD TV's coming in first half of 2009

sharp-e77u(2).jpgPart of Sharp's AQUOS E-Series LCD line that includes the E67U models, the E77U Series includes the 40-inch LC-40E77U, 46-inch LC-46E77U, 52-inch LC-52E77U, and gigantic 65-inch LC-65-E77U. Features include:

  • 1080p resolution
  • 4ms pixel response time
  • 120 Hz frame rate
  • Optical Picture Control which adjusts brightness for room luminescence
  • exceed Energy Star 3.0 requirements by at least 15%
  • 5 HDMI 1.3 slots with Deep Color and 24p input
  • 2 1080p component video inputs
  • PC input and RS-232 port

Availability dates are as follows:

LC-40E77U--March release for $1399.99
LC-46E77U--February release for $2099.99
LC-52E77U--February release for $2399.99
LC-65E77U--June release for $4499.99

Via Akihabara News

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LG slams CES with its flagship 55LHX with 240 Hz refresh, LED backlighting, and more

55lhx(2).jpgLG has introduced some great stuff at this years CES, but the company tops it all with its flagship 55-inch 55LHX LCD HDTV. Check out some of the specs this bad boy features:

  • LED backlight with local dimming

  • 240 dimmable LED zone, twice the amount of last year's LG models

  • 240 Hz refresh rate

  • included wireless base station capable of transmitting uncompressed 1080p picture

  • 0.9 inches thin

  • 10-point IRE system

  • full color management and picture wizard

  • room lighting sensor

When the 55LHX ships in March, expect it to be damn expensive.


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LG's LH50 LCD line, PS80 plasma lines both get broadband streaming

We're already well aware of LG's intent to add internet video streaming directly into its TV's. The LG50 LCD series does exactly that. The 47-inch 47LH50 and the 42-inch 42LH50 will both be able to stream Netflix, YouTube, Yahoo Widgets, and a plethora of other broadband content through Ethernet or possibly a third-party wireless hub.
Both models feature a 120 Hz refresh rate with dejudder processing, a room lighting sensor, extensive picture controls, picture wizard, and 4 HDMI inputs. Shipping in late spring, prices haven't been announced.
LG's PS80 plasma series will consist of the 50-inch 50PS80 and the 60-inch 60PS80 and both will also feature the same streaming capabilities of the LH50 series. In addition both sets can connect to a computer or USB drive to display photos and play music. The sets are also THX certified like Panasonic's G10 series which should improve color accuracy. The PS80 series has all the pictures control and picture wizard found on most of its 2009 models. Slated to hit stores in June, we're still waiting on prices.

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LG gets wireless with the LH85 LCD series

lg-lh85(2).jpgSure, LG's LH55 series sports a 240 Hz frame technology, but the LH85 series is wireless. The new 2009 LCD line, the LH85 series consists of the 47-inch 47LH85 and the 55-inch 55LH85, both of which can deliver 1080p video wirelessly using a 60GHz radio and multielement antenna array. The LH85 line uses a 120 Hz refresh rate with dejudder processing, a 10-point IRE system and color management controls, and a picture wizard to assist the process of manual calibration. Both sets will hit shelves in May.

Via Obsessable

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LG unveils 240 Hz LH55 LCD line for 2009

lg-lh55(2).jpgDespite the fact that there is some debate about whether the human eye can really notice the difference between 120 Hz and 240 Hz in terms of picture smoothness, LG's heavily marketing 240 Hz as the selling point of its new LH55 LCD line. Well there's a little more to the story. The company says that the scanning backlight used in its sets is better than the MEMC system used by Sony and Samsung because it requires less hardware, less steps and less energy.

Whatever the case may be, the sets look sweet. Consisting of the 37-inch 37LH55, the 42-inch 42LH55, the 47-inch 47LH55 and the 55-inch 55LH55, the LH55 line is set to ship in March.


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