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May 7, 2008

Sharp Aquos LC-32X20E 32in LCD TV Reviewed

4QYJ_87E6897C-667D-4D1F-88E6-014CAC3BEE52_large.jpgThe Sharp Aquos LC-32X20E is nice to look at design wise and features a flurry of features including a 2000:1 native contrast ratio, three HDMI and a component input, a digital audio output for Freeview-loving Brits (yes, this is a UK model) waiting for Dolby Digital sound, 24p support, manual backlight adjustment, two different progressive scan modes, and a few added energy-saving features for good measure.

But the real question is whether or not the full 1920x1080 pixel resolution is at all useful on a 32-inch screen. Typically cramming that many pixels into such a small area does nothing spectacular for the human eye, and it seems Sharp has failed in its mission because, as the reviewer states, "I've seen HD-ready 32-inch pictures that look sharper". Turns out its standard definition performance isn't too hot either, with all kinds of screen noise from everywhere but the highest quality sources. Interestingly though, color tones seemed to be a bit off with the LC-32X20E, but this issue didn't seem to carry over to video games. Could be why it's marketed as a gaming TV? So what's the verdict: the Sharp Aquos LC-32X20E is a very good TV if the inputed HD sources are of the best quality, otherwise spend a few hundred Pounds more for a higher-end 32-incher.

Via Trusted Reviews

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May 6, 2008

Sony BRAVIA V4500 LCD Line Lands In Europe

5-5-08-v4500.jpgSony's BRAVIA V4500 LCD line brings three new high-def TV's to Europe in three sizes--26-, 32-, and 37-inches. The V4500 line features a simple black design intended to emphasize the screen, accented by silver speakers and a bottom swivel that allows you to angle the set to wherever you're sitting. The picture is driven by the BRAVIA Engine 2 onto the WXGA LCD panel with 720p resolution and 33000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (on the 26- and 32-inch models). And given that Blu-ray is a Sony technology, all the models feature True Cinema 24p ensuring Blu-ray discs are played back at the correct frame rate, plus all screen sizes feature a built-in MPEG-4 AVC HD tuner enabling DVB-T/DVB-C services where available. Other features include Picture Frame Mode for digital picture viewing via the USB port, the Xross Media Bar interface that simplifies everything from flipping channels to selecting inputs, BRAVIA Sync allowing a one-button remote press controlling the entire home theater, and finally a trio of HDMI slots.

Via Sony Europe

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HP Bringing YouTube To Its MediaSmart TV's

Just a few weeks after HP released a firmware update to the MediaSmart TV, bringing web video directly to the big screen via Windows Media Extender, the company has just announced it'll be bringing YouTube vids to the big screen as well. Users will be able to login to YouTube right on the MediaSmart set using the remote control and then watch, share and edit videos as well as create playlists. YouTube product manager Jim Patterson says that "people want to participate in the YouTube community in ways that fit their individual lifestyles" and that's why the monolithic video site feels bringing its vids to the living room is a smart choice.

Via HP

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May 4, 2008

Hitachi's 1.5-Inch UltraThin LCD HDTV's Hitting US Shelves

mini-ut47v702-back-f.jpgHitachi's 1.5-inch UltraThin LCD TV's that debuted to much fanfare at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas are trickling onto US shelves between now and September. Split into a Director's Series featuring 5 models between 32- and 47-inches, and an UltraVision Series featuring 7 models also between 32- and 47-inches, the ultrathin LCD's are a bid by Hitachi to develop an "ideal complement to a luxury lifestyle" with sleek aesthetics and high-end features.. The Director's Series pricing ranges from $1199 to $4699, while the UltraVision models are priced from $1799 to $4499.

Via EarthTimes

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May 3, 2008

LCD TV Association Launches GreenTV Program To Reduce LCD's Carbon Footprint

green-tv.jpgIn an effort to reduce the environmental footprint of the growing LCD TV market, the LCD TV Association has launched its GreenTV program. Bruce Berkoff, chairman of the LCD TV Association isn't quiet about his belief that LCD TV is the most environmentally friendly flat panel format currently on the market, but with LCD's popularity growing quickly, energy efficiencies have to improve. And these improvements will come, says Berkoff, through the use of less heavy metals, (including) ambient light sensors and smarter electronics, as well as more LED backlights with spatial and content-based dimming and energy savings over time. Ambient light sensors alone, which detect the amount of light available in the TV's location and adjust the backlight levels accordingly, can reduce LCD TV energy use by up to 30%. Members of the program will be able to place a GreenTV sticker on their TV's that denotes the models spectacular energy efficiency. Companies already signed onto the program include Corning, DisplaySearch, Dolby Laboratories, Fusion Optix, HP, LG Display, Merck KGaA, Micronas, NOVA Chemicals, Syntax Brillian (Olevia), TVIA, Uni-Pixel, the U.S. Display Consortium, Veritas et Visus and Westinghouse Digital Electronics. And not only is this doing a great service to the environment, it'll also cut down your electric bill as well.

Via GoodCleanTech

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May 1, 2008

Toshiba REGZA ZH500 And ZV500 Series' Features Dolby Volume Audio Processing

Dolby_Blue_300dpi.jpgDolby may be working on improving your HDTV's picture quality, but that's not to say they still aren't hard at work on new and improved sound technologies. In fact, just today Dolby announced that Toshiba's new REGZA ZH500 and ZV500 series LCD TV's hitting Japanese shelves next month will be the first available sets to have Dolby Volume audio processing.

Dolby Volume performs two very important tasks. First of all, it enables a consistent level of volume no matter the media playback format or audio source. Second of all, it maintains sound quality no matter the volume level, so that some of the subtleties of sound we typically can't properly hear at low volume levels won't be lost. According to Dolby, this results in "improved surround imaging, enhanced dialogue intelligibility, and improved overall clarity of the audio content at lower levels." When's this coming to North America you say? Come on now, do they ever tell us right off the bat?

Via Dolby

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April 30, 2008

Sharp Aquos X-Series Gets Wireless With Amimon

sharp-xwireless.jpgSharp's new Aquos X-Series ultra-thin LCD TV's will offer a wireless WHDI link from Amimon that'll allow uncompressed streaming of high-def content from an external tuner unit straight to the Aquos without the use of any cables whatsoever. WHDI technology uses a video-modem to stream HD content up to 100 feet, with the ability to stream through walls and according to Amimon, resulting in video quality equal to that of HDMI.

The Sharp Aquos X-Series will be made up of three models--the 37-inch LC-37XJ1-B, 42-inch LC-42XJ1-B, and the 46-inch LC-46XJ1-B. 3.44 cm thick at the thinnest point, the X-Series' models achieve their remarkable thinness thanks to the external tuner unit and wireless connection. All three units use an active-matrix drive system, feature 1080p resolution, 15000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, fluorescent tube backlight, 8 speakers and all the usual inputs and outputs. We'll be waiting for this in North America for a while I'm sure, but it should be available in Japan now, priced at ¥350,000 ($3,290) for the LC-37XJ1-B, ¥430,000 ($4,050) for the LC-42XJ1-B, and ¥480,000 ($4,510) for the big LC-46XJ1-B.

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LG's Scarlet LCD TV: Did Scarlet The Actress Overshadow Scarlet The TV

scarlett.jpgThe LG "LG 60 Scarlet" LCD TV isn't exactly brand-spanking new. Across the pond in Korea, it's been on shelves since February. And while it's a pretty typical LCD TV in terms of specs, LG's marketing campaign to boost the Scarlet is simply amazing. For the last 4 months, in 27 countries worldwide, LG has been raising all kinds of excitement about a new TV series, Scarlet, directed by David Nutter and featuring beautiful up-and-coming actress Natassia Malthe in the lead role.

Great play on words LG, because at a Hollywood unveiling of the new show a couple of days back, the company revealed the new TV series was nothing more than a promotional push for the Scarlet LCD TV series. Even going as far as starting a blog for the mysterious character Scarlet on MySpace, and a dedicated group on Facebook, LG's Scarlet character was nothing more than a way to brand the Scarlet TV's.

The name 'Scarlet' was inspired by the design of the LG60 and the red hue of the casing. From a side profile, the TV's silhouette flows like a red dress. Scarlet's character also reflects everything that the LG60 is. She is intelligent; she is dazzling; she is extraordinary; she is exciting; and she will change the way you view TV, forever.

And LG has done a great job. The Scarlet TV series comes in sizes ranging from 32-52 inches, colored black with red highlights. Featuring 1080p resolution, 50000:1 dynamic contrast, 4 ms response time, and 3 HDMI slots, not to mention a Green EYEQ power saving feature, the Scarlet is a decent television. We just hope LG's marketing campaign doesn't overshadow Scarlet the TV with Scarlet the actress.

Via PRNewswire

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April 28, 2008

JVC Closing Ancient CRT And LCD TV Plant In The UK

41HM1YABAJL._SL500_AA280_.jpgJVC lost a considerable amount of money this year despite strong LCD TV sales, mainly because of the company's stubborn refusal to let go of CRT and rear-projection sets. I guess losing millions will make the most stubborn corporations move a little quicker as the company announced that they will be closing a JVC UK plant in East Kilbride, United Kingdom. The plant has been around since 1987 and produces both CRT and LCD TV's. With flat-panel prices dropping fast, only 25% of the UK-produced TV's sold inside the UK, and an expanding Eastern European production market, JVC decided it was best to shut down production by July and sell everything. Look for a move into Eastern Europe in the near future, and once there, JVC says they'll no longer produce panels internally, instead outsourcing production, and buy all the need LCD TV parts locally.

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Sony's Expanding Its European BRAVIA Biz: Slovakian Production To Double In 2008

NEWS-13892-45231ecc2c0a00f1db169f29d78fdbc9.jpgEuropean's love their BRAVIA's and that's why the company is expanding production of the popular LCD TV in Slovakia. Back in April 2006, Sony starting pounding out BRAVIA's in Trnava, Slovakia, but quickly reached full production and with no room to expand, built the the Nitra Technology Centre. It started production in August 2008 along with another plant in Barcelona, Spain.

The Nitra plant managed to ship 2 million BRAVIA's by the 2007 fiscal year end, but due to growing European demand, will double production this year to 4 million panels making the plant Sony's highest-producing LCD TV plant worldwide. All the main BRAVIA line-ups will be produced at Nitra, including the new BRAVIA E4000 and a new logistics center will be build next door, establishing the Nitra location as Europe's BRAVIA business hub.

Oh, and if you happen to be looking for a job in Slovakia--a workforce of 2300 employees currently will increase to 3500 by the end of December 2008.

Via JCN Network

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