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LG Display Begins Pumping Out 19.8mm Thin, 42-Inch LCD Panels

200px-LG.svg.jpgLG Display is hopping on the ultra-thin display trend happening in the HDTV market right now, beginning mass production of 42-inch LCD panels that are only 19.8mm thin. Byung-Chul Ahn, the head of LG Display's technological advancement unit, says slimmer design is just one prong of a three-prong strategy the company intends to take. The other two prongs are building faster panels and sets with more value-added features. In fact LG Display plans to roll out LCD panels with a lightning quick 4 ms moving picture response time in 2009 and expects high-demand in the 19-22 inch panel market as more people begin to use their computer monitor for television viewing. In fact 30% of LG Display's LCD panel shipments this year will be headed for computer monitor installation.

Via Digitimes

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April 18, 2008

HP MediaSmart Internet TV's Get Firmware Update, Use Microsoft Media Center Extender To Bring Your PC To Your HDTV

hp-sl4278n.jpgHP is working hard to bring web TV content to your living room HDTV and "there's never been a more fun time to hang out in the living room with friends and family" with the company's announcement that HP MediaSmart TV owners can now use Microsoft's Media Center Extender to connect their Windows Vista PC right to their HDTV.

The new capability is accessible via a firmware update for MediaSmart models SL4278N
and SL4778N, both which have the Media Center Extender built into their internal hardware. And since the extender is built-in, your PC doesn't need to be hooked up directly to your TV, which instead takes content from Windows Media Center on your PC and brings it either through a wired or wireless home network directly to your television. All second-generation MediaSmart TV's will receive the extender functionality automatically and new MediaSmart models will be ready to go right out of the box.

Using Windows Media Center means you'll also be able to view or hear other types of media on your HDTV including pictures, video, and music. New content will now be accessible from Starz Media, Vongo, and MovieLink, and Fox Sports and the Windows Media Center Internet TV Beta will bring more than 100 hours of content from A&E, Bio, CNBC, DIY, Fine Living, Food Network, FOX Sports, Happy Tree Friends, HGTV, History Channel, iFilm, JibJab, MSNBC, National Geographic, NBC News and StupidVideos.

prinside via electronichouse

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April 17, 2008

Samsung And Armani Team Up For New LCD TV Lineup

Samsung_Armani_1.jpgAn unlikely partnership between fashion house Armani and Samsung has resulted in a couple of new LCD TV's, part of a "range of prestige portable and home consumer electronics products matching Giorgio Armani's iconic design aesthetic with Samsung's cutting-edge technology and leadership in consumer electronics". The partnership so far has produced a mobile phone released last year.

The two new LCD's, which debuted at Milan's world-renowned International Furniture Fair will come in 46- and 52-inch sizes, and though details are sparse at the moment, we do know they have glass fronts, 100Hz Full HD, and HDMI compatibility. Of course that doesn't tell us a whole lot as it describes most LCD's!

We can expect some style from the new releases though, and the Armani/Samsung doesn't fail, at least with the remotes anyway. The sets actually come with two uniquely designed remote controls, a main remote with "radiant" backlighting and a smaller "pebble-shaped" remote that controls the sets basic functions. There is also a 4-mode power switch that allows you to customize both the Armani and Samsung logos on the front of the set. Why it is that "premium" models that differentiate themselves with unique design always have the most useless features?

Anyway, look for the 46-inch Armani/Samsung LCD TV to be released mid-summer to Europe, Russia, and Korea, followed by the 52-inch display come late summer.

Via pocket-lint

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April 16, 2008

Sharp LC-46D64U LCD TV Reviewed

tel_42_46_52d64u_pic1.jpgSharp's 46-inch LC-46D64U LCD TV, with a sexy black, slim design, is a rare HDTV that seems compatible with every type of home theater accessory. With 3 HDMI 1.3 inputs, the LC-46D64U can support pretty much any home theater add-on you can think of including the Apple TV, Xbox 360 and its own Sharp BD-HP20U Blu-ray player, all of which its been tested with, passing with flying colors. Also tested with an antenna and cable feed, the LC-46D64U features bright, popping colors and impressive contrast, and even ranks easy-for-the-HDTV-novice on the usability scale.

Of course every set has its negatives when reviewed, but this Sharp TV's problems are relatively minor. Aside from a bit of a grainy pictures during a few shows and movies, an oversized remote, awkwardly positioned analog inputs, and some channel-change lag when using the built-in digital tuners, the LC-46D64U looks to be a good buy.

Look interesting? Amazon is selling the 46-inch Sharp LCD TV for just over $1700, $500 less than you'd pay from Sharp's own website.

Via Wired

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JVC Pulling Out Of The Japanese LCD TV Market?

150px-JVC_logo.pngRumor has it that JVC is set to pull out of the Japanese LCD TV market to instead focus on the North America and Europe where the brand has seen greater success. Expected to be officially announced April 25 at its earnings call for the 2007 fiscal year, JVC has apparently made the decision after spending the last few years trounced by domestic competitors such as Panasonic and Samsung. The company, of which Panasonic-parent company Matsushita owns 36.8% is currently the 5th largest LCD TV manufacturer in Japan, but only holds a domestic market share of 3.1%, succumbing to the greater manufacturing powers of bigger brands.

Although JVC plans to continue serving the LCD TV needs of corporate and public sector clients in its home country, its decision to pull out of the consumer market definitely made investors happy yesterday as JVC share shot up nearly 12% following the announcement. The company, which supposedly lost $470.2 million last year, hopes to up their LCD TV sales to 1.1 million units in 2008, with 65% of that total contributed by overseas sales.

Via Reuters

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April 15, 2008

Sony Bravia XBR6, XBR7, And XBR8 Series' Coming With 13 New Models, LED Backlighting

xbr8.jpgSony's Bravia XBR Series was one of 2007's hottest LCD TV lineups and we've been waiting ever so patiently for the announcement of new models advancing beyond the XBR5. Thanks to some impressive digging by the folks over at Boy Genius Report, we're both happy to know and happy to tell you that not only is an XBR6 series on its way, but also an XBR7 and XBR8 series as well. All in 2008.

Judging from the spec sheets dug up by BGR, the XBR6 and XBR7 are radical departures from the XBR5, but they do have a few upgrades including DLNA compliance, TV Guide IPG, an enhanced XMB interface, and BRAVIA Sync capability. The XBR8 series on the other hand is the highest of high-end, utilizing a TRILUMINOS RGB LED backlight, the powerful new Bravia Engine 2 PRO, Advanced Contrast Enhancer PRO, as well as all of the features of the XBR6 and XBR7 series'.

The 3 new Bravia LCD Series' total 13 new models ranging from 32- to 70-inches. We'll see the first model released next month, the 32-inch 32XBR6, while the rest of the LCD TV's will see release dates ranging from June to October. Click the "Via" link to head over to Boy Genius Report and take a look at the full release schedule and spec sheets. You'll be impressed.

Via Boy Genius Report

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April 14, 2008

Hitachi Gets 6 New Wooo LCD HDTV's And 3 Wooo Plasmas

Wooo_Hitachi_020.jpgHitachi unveiled 9 new Wooo HDTV's yesterday across the pond in Japan. The Hitachi Wooo UT Series will be available in three sizes, 32-, 37-, and 42-inches, all with full 1080p resolution save for the smallest display which features 720p. Super-slim 35 mm thin bodies are a result of several of the televisions' components and dual TV tuner being removed from the set itself and placed in an external box connected to the set by Ultra Wide Band. All three LCD's have 250GB of internal HDD space, an iV an iV port for iVDR HDD cartridges, DLNA compatibility, x.v. Color, and Deep Color. The two smaller screens feature IPS Alpha panels while the 42-inch display boasts a 120Hz IPS panel.

Three more LCD's will become members of the Wooo XV Series, available in identical sizes as the UT Series, and utilizing many of the same features. Once again, all displays are 1080p aside from the 32-inch display which features 720p resolution and all have an iV port. None of these sets have any internal drive space and aren't quite as thin, integrating all the TV's components within the sets.

The final three new releases are plasma displays, branded under the Wooo 02 Series moniker, and available in either 42- or 50-inch sizes. The 42-inch big screen features 1024x1080 pixel resolution, while the two 50-inch sets feature 1920x1080 pixels or 1280x1080 pixels. Like the Wooo UT series, the two larger 50-inch displays integrate a 250GB hard disk drive, while all three new Hitachi plasmas features an iV port.

Not content to call it a day with 9 new HDTV's, Hitachi also announced a new Wooonet application for the UT series which allows transfer of video content from house to house, from PC to TV, and also allows access to a new VOD portal.

Via Akihabara News

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April 12, 2008

Hyundai E465S 3D Stereoscopic LCD TV World's First

bic_1.jpgBuilt by Hyundai, the world's first 3D stereoscopic TV available to the consumer market is the 46-inch E464S will hit Japanese shelves April 12. Ideal for gamers and film buffs alike, the 3D TV is stereoscopic by way of needing the use of 3D glasses to view, and comes with a couple pairs included. Lose them and an extra pair will cost Japanese 3D fans 2980 Yen. But back to the TV.

Featuring a 1920x1080 pixel LCD display, 1200:1 contrast ratio, 3D comb filter, film mode, noise reduction features, and both analog and digital tuners, the E465S EPG digital broadcasting and is able to grab BS11 3D broadcasts from Nippon BS in Japan and works just as well with 2D broadcasts.

As per usual with new HDTV releases, inputs and outputs are plentiful with dual HDMI, 3 composite inputs, an S-video output and a few others. One more things, sound is pumped through a couple of built-in 10W speakers, but this 3D TV is best hooked up to a high-end home theater.

The Hyundai E465S stereoscopic 3D LCD TV will retail for 498, 000 Yen (US$4857).

Via Impress

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April 10, 2008

Pioneer Adds LCD's To New European Kuro Lineup

20080406-kuroeye.jpgLooks like Pioneer will be extending their Kuro lineup in Europe this year, even moving into the projector market with an HD-ready 1080p front projector. The second-generation plasma lineup will include the 50-inch PDP-LX5090, 60-inch PDP-LX6090, the 50-inch PDP-LX5090H, and the 60-inch PDP-LX6090H. All four models feature 1080p, 100Hz panels and reduced idling luminance and black levels five times those of the world-renowned 2007 lineup. The initial two models will be available in June, while the latter models will be available at different times depending on the region. No pricing info is available yet.

As we told you earlier this year, Pioneer will be moving into the LCD market, outsourcing much of their plasma production and thus will be releasing three new LCD models-the 32-inch KRL-32V, 37-inch KRL-37V, and 46-inch KRL-46V. All three models are HD-ready 1080p 100Hz displays, featuring anti-reflective filters, triple HDMI 1.3 support and an aluminum-looking finish. The two smaller displays will be available come June in Europe while the larger 46-inch model has no release date yet, nor have pricing details for any of the models been released.

The Kuro front projector will be available this month, configured for screen sizes starting at 60 inches, and featuring the same amazing contrast levels the Kuro name is known for, bring theater-like film quality to your home theater projection screen. The projector also utilizes LCOS 1080p technology, wide lens shift capacity and dual HDMI 1.3 support.

Via HDTV Origin

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Sony Bravia E4000 Series A Statement In Home Decoration

NEWS-13892-45231ecc2c0a00f1db169f29d78fdbc9.jpgSony's Bravia E4000 series seems to be more of a home fashion statement than a technological one from Sony's popular LCD TV brand. Designed to integrate via wall-mounting right into your home decor, the upcoming 32- and 40-inch Full HD Bravia's are meant to be an "integral part of your personal living space alongside other framed works of art." Midnight Sky, Aluminum, Pearly White, and Dark Walnut are the unique frame color options that allow the E4000 models "to blend effortlessly with contemporary or traditional interiors". Not surprisingly the E4000 series features Sony's Picture Frame Mode which allow you to display your photos on the TV's display via USB or choose between the Bravia's built-in masterpieces from the likes of Van Gogh. A smaller 26-inch model will also be available, meant for desktop display, and with the ability to meld into your collection of framed desktop photographs. No availability dates or pricing info have been released yet, nor has a list of full specs, but we'll keep you updated.

Via Pocket-lint

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