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LG To Buy LCD Panels From Sharp

LBX_MED.jpgFlat panel manufacturers are becoming a little more incestuous every day in a bid to reduce costs as HDTV profit margins drop. This time around, LG has announced they'll be buying LCD panels from rival Sharp. LG plans to initially purchase 2 million 32-inch panels from Sharp, followed by an unspecified amount of 52-inch panels.

LG hopes the partnership will enable delivery of 14 million LCD sets to customers this year and is the latest in a series of strategic partnerships struck by flat panel manufacturers this year.

Via Korea Times

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March 14, 2008

Samsung's A6 Series: Featuring An Ugly New Color Design

samsung_le40a6.jpgSamsung's TV frames tend to be black and only black. Not anymore, with the company's introduction of its new favorite color-"rose black". Unfortunately Samsung loves "rose black" so much that it's even extending the new color to its new HT-X710 and HT-X715 home theater systems. Despite the color faux pas, Samsung redeemed itself with some decent specs for the A6 LCD TV series blessed (or cursed) with the new color palette.

The A6 series features 19-, 22-, 32-, 37-, 40-, 46, and 52-inch screen sizes, all boasting 1080p resolution (with the exception of the 19 and 22 inch models), a contrast ratio of up to 15000:1 on the larger sets, a Game Mode, 4 HDMI sockets on any model above 32-inches, and "ultra clear panel" contrast-improving technology. Models above 37-inches also have 100 Hz technology which reduces motion blur and artifacts, pretty well ubiquitous in fast-moving movies and video games.

Via Crave UK

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March 3, 2008

Toshiba's 32-Inch 32C3800 The Latest Regza

0301j_1.jpgThe latest 32-inch flat-panel LCD TV from Toshiba, the REGZA 32C3800 features full 1080p resolution with a 178 degree vertical and horizontal viewing angle resulting in a clear picture no matter where you are in the room. Both analog and digital tuners are integrated into the 32C3800 and sound is streamed via 6 speakers. The model also supports HDMI interlocking and features HDMI, DVI, and R-SUB ports. The REGZA 32C3800 will be released March 16 for 19 million Yen in Japan.

VIa press release

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February 29, 2008

NEC's MultiSync LCD5220 LCD TV May Have A Thin Bezel, But May Leave You Thin On Cash

lcd5220.jpgYet another display geared for the business market, NEC's MultiSync LCD5220 features full 1080p resolution on a 52-inch LCD panel surrounded by an ultra-thin 19 mm bezel. With support for nearly 1.7 billion colors, brightness of 700 cd/m2, a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 8 ms response time, we couldn't imagine finding a business presentation or application the MultiSync LCD 5220 couldn't handle. But at over 90 pounds, we hope buyers will be using this LCD TV in-house as lugging it around all day to meetings probably wouldn't be worth the technology inside the box.

The MultiSync LCD5220 features a variety on inputs and outputs including HDMI and PC and is Windows Vista-certified in the United States. Due out April 11 in Japan, the expected price of the NEC MultiSync LCD5220 is 600, 000 Yen, the equivalent to about US$5745!

Via AV Watch

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Alert: Your Vizio LCD TV May Be A Fake!

viz.jpgDetails are a little sketchy at the moment, but according to "market sources" in Taiwan, if you purchased a Vizio LCD TV in the United States in the last year or so, it very likely may not have been made by Vizio at all. The number 7 ranked LCD TV manufacturer globally, with 2.65 million units shipped, a 3% market share and 338% year-over-year growth, Vizio had a successful 2007. But many of their globally shipped LCD TV's were produced by Taiwan-based Amtram Technology, and as of last March 1, Foxconn supplied 26-inch Vizio LCD TV's to the US. Now, according to those "market sources" we mentioned above, another Taiwanese company, Tatung will be supplying more Vizio LCD TV's to the North American market! With all the partnerships going on over in Asia by HDTV manufacturers, it's really hard to say what type of TV you actually have in your living room these days!

Via Digitimes

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February 28, 2008

Toshiba Unleashes New REGZA LCD TV Series For Gamers

regza.jpgToshiba Canada is launching a new line of their popular REGZA LCD TV's specifically for the gaming community. The REGZA RV530 lineup features 5 new models: the 32-inch 32RV530 for $1099, the 37-inch 37RV530 for $1299, the 42-inch 42RV530 for $1499, the 46-inch 46RV530 for $1999, and the 52-inch 52RV530 for $2499.

Toshiba is marketing the 42RV530 as the LCD TV of choice for gamers, but all of the models feature 1080p resolution, Toshiba's 14 Bit PixelPure4G Video Processor, and an enhanced DynaLight blacklight control. The DynaLight results in a contrast ratio up to 10 times greater than original panel contrast allowing gamers to see the detail built in to the graphics of their favorite video games.

As with any TV for gamers these days, the 42RV530 features all the inputs and outputs you could ever need, including 4 HDMI ports, as well as a high resolution PC input for easy hook-up to your gaming system of choice. Plus, an exclusive Gaming Mode brings a direct video signal to the screen for a faster controller-to-screen response, a must for fast-paced, action-packed video games.

Via press release

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February 27, 2008

Turks Go Ga-Ga Over Toshiba's Carbon Fiber LCD TV

carbonfiber.jpgToshiba may have missed the boat with HD DVD, but a series of Turkish dealers appreciate their carbon-fiber LCD TV creation. The television is your normal everyday Toshiba offering, but the surrounding bezel is made of carbon fiber. What Turkish dealers find attractive about a carbon-fiber bezel, I'm not sure, but they found it attractive enough to pay $1000 more than they'd pay for the same TV minus the carbon fiber. Currently there are no plans for mass production.

Via pocket-lint

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February 26, 2008

Sony Continues To Impress With J1 And V1 Bravia Series'

If you're reading this right now, we're pretty sure you're a Sony Bravia fan. That being said, today is your lucky day because we have six more Bravia's for you.

sony2_01.gifThe Bravia V1 series comes in 40-, 46-, and 52 inch models, with respective model numbers KDL-40V1, KDL-46V1, and KDL-52V1. All 3 V1 models feature Motion Flow 120Hz technology, 24p True Cinema, 1080p resolution, and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Each model also has plenty of inputs including a couple of HDMI CEC slots. Expected to be released April 25 in Japan, the KDL-40V1 will be priced at 260, 000 yen (US$2406), the KDL-46V1 at 370, 000 yen (US$3424), and the KDL-52V1 at 460, 000 yen (US$4257).

sony2_03.gifThe Bravia J1 series features the 20-inch KDL-20J1, the 26-inch KDL-26J1, and the 32-inch KDL-32J1. All 3 models feature 720p resolution, while the 20-inch model features a 1200:1 contrast ratio, the 26-inch model a 2000:1 contrast ratio, and the 32-inch model a 2500:1 contrast ratio. The J1 series also features a 178 degree viewing angle, both digital and analog tuners, and all the inputs and outputs you could possibly need. Expected to be released in Japan March 20, the KDL-20J1 will cost 110, 000 yen (US$1018), the KDL-26J1 150, 000 yen (US$1388), and the KDL-32J1 around 170, 000 yen (US$1573).

Via AV Watch

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Sharp And Sony Jump Into Bed Together With New Joint LCD Venture

2-23-08-sony-sharp-lcd.jpgWe initially reported the other day that Sony had struck a deal to purchase LCD panels from Sharp, a cost-efficient way for Sony to keep up with demand for its hugely successful Bravia line-up. It seems the two companies are closer than we originally thought.

Sharp and Sony have signed a memorandum of intent to both produce and sell large-size LCD panels. A factory for the new joint-venture which is so far unnamed is being built, and once fully operational will supply Sharp and Sony with panel amounts respective to their investments in the venture. In the future we could possibly expect joint production of LCD components as well.

The factory is slated to be operating at full capacity sometime in the last quarter of 2009, initially producing 36, 000 panels/month, gradually increasing to 72, 000 panels. Sharp will carry about 66% of the total investment into the joint-venture and Sony will invest the other 34%.

Via Digitimes
Image Credit: Engadget HD

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February 24, 2008

There Is A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The New Bravia Line-Up: New Bravia M1 Series Colorful To Say The Least

sony3_06.jpgComing March 25 in Japan, the new Sony Bravia M1 LCD TV series features 2 new models with a whole lot of color options. The 16-inch KDL-16M1 and 20-inch KDL-20M1 are the perfect high-end LCD TV's for colorful kid's rooms as they come in the usual silver and black colors, but also pink, green, blue, and orange. Special edition sets are also available that offer different shades of the typical color offerings.

Both sets feature 720p resolution, a 178 degree viewing angle, both ATSC/NTSC tuners and a whole whackload of inputs. The KDL-16M1 has a contrast ratio of 1300:1 while the KDL-20M1 has a contrast ratio of 1800:1.

Each model has the renowned Bravia Engine bringing a world-class picture to the display, a 24p Cinema Mode, and support for DLNA. The KDL-16M1 is expected to be priced at 89, 800 Yen (US$838) and the KDL-20M1 will sell for 109, 800 Yen (US$1024).

Via Impress

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