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September 13, 2005

Samsung’s Navigation Mobile TV with GPS and DMB

2253605382536794.JpgI guess you can stick a GPS inside of a toilet and make some news. Okay - maybe that's a bit harsh but a mobile TV with GPS might be interesting but they didn't put the GPS inside for you to wander with the TV and then find you're LOST. DMB or Digital Multimedia Broadcasting is a EUROPE only thing for now too, but I can see how cool it might be to have a portable and pick up some high definition content on it.

The new “Navigation Mobile TV” that combines a GPS navigation unit with a DMB, or Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, receiver for watching digital TV broadcasts. The new handheld runs on Windows Mobile 2003 SE and has a VGA quality 3.5-inch LCD screen. Samsung is working on a new technology called TPEG that can be used to deliver real-time traffic data along over a DMB network as well.

Via Engadget at Samsung

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September 9, 2005

New HDTV Come in 400+ Color Variations to Match Your Home

Individualblenden HDTVs that actually look amazing and come in different colors? You have to hand it to Loewe's. Though not in the US, these new TVs come with a choice of over 400 color variations to match the room or cabinet the TV will go in.

"We love Loewe TVs. They just look, well, sexier than TVs from other brands. At IFA in Berlin there was a hall dedicated to them and they really stood out. Perhaps that's because of the new 'Individual' range that Loewe have announced which enables you to choose from one of 400 variants. The housing colours range from chrome silver via aluminium bronze to high gloss cream. What's more the different colours of the fronts can be combined with great effect with insets to the sides. Alternatively you can get individualised designer single TVs, either with Swarovski crystals or upholstered with leather if you're that way inclined. No word on prices yet but I don't suppose they'll be cheap.

Via Tech Digest at Loewe's TV

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September 8, 2005

LG's Latest & Greatest TV Fridge

Lg Grg217Btja.Jpg You know in the next rev of your kitchen, you'll end up putting a TV somewhere in your kitchen, so why not in the fridge? Well, I can see some issues with this. Imagine half awake, going downstairs for a drink of water and BAM! Putting the glass of water on the wrong side and smashing the LCD TV. Or worse yet, getting that same drink of water and then turning on the TV - getting stuck watching some fascinating infomercial unfold.

If none of that bothers you, worries you, or makes you feel nervous about putting a TV in your fridge, then you may want to know what LG has in store for you.

"LG has unveiled the latest in its series of top-end side by side fridge freezers, the GRG217BTJA, which features an integrated 13inch LCD TV. The screen already has an analogue TV tuner built in, but you can also connect it to a DVD or VHS video player. The fridge itself is monstrously large, but it does boast some neat features such as LG’s Miracle Zone, a small drawer in the fridge whose temperature can be controlled at the touch of a button."

Via Tech Digest

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September 7, 2005

Digital TVs: More screen for less green

011005 Rcatv It's on. The Fall/Holiday shopping season will soon be in full force and so will the price cuts. I suggest waiting until at least mid-December to see the full effect of how low an HDTV set (okay CNET - Digital TV) can go. What cost $25,000 just a few years ago can be had for a tenth of that, but we disagree you can't get a Digital TV for less than $1000. Many of the 30" and 26" LCD TVs can be had for well under $1000. I do like prices that are 41% cheaper than last year at the same time though overall. Wow.

Get all the juicy price details at CNET

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September 6, 2005

Catch Your TV on Fire with a TV Fireplace

Firelight Beachcomber.JpgI like to have an uncluttered living room with just a TV or maybe no TV at all and just this amazing fireplace with the TV popping out of the top! So far I've only managed to put all my electronics in the media closet and run cables up to the 30" Syntax LCD TV.

What I like about the concept of a Fireplace TV is how it would take the emphasis off of the TV in our living room. Though we are total TV hounds, it's really only on from 8-10pm that the TV is even on. We pack all of our TV viewing into short bursts with total TIVO control. I could see having the fireplace for the rest of the 12 hours of the day we might be in the living room being a good thing - especially in the long winter months we have in New England.

This particular design is the "Firelight Beachcomber" with a lava rock and electric flame in the fireplace. I think we may have to go with something a little less modern, but you never know. I could see myself watching the flames and then perhaps a good movie - or both at the same time?

Via Shiny Shiny at Firelight Beachcomber

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August 29, 2005

LCD Picture Frame Doubles as LCD TV

DoubletvframeldcIt's starting to happen. I love it when things like LCD picture frames become a little more. I always thought it was kind of useless to not have your picture frame a more "Harry Potter Like" poster (if you read the Potter), where things move and such. I can imagine using this to have a slideshow of pictures and short movie clips I take with my digital camera. It would also be great to have one of these with sound pumped through the house and have a video feed streaming on all of the LCD picture frames.

At ITmedia via Akihabara News

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August 28, 2005

Polaroid Under-Cabinet 10" LCD TV/DVD Combo

Okay - so we return from vacation with a LCD TV for your kitchen, and you might say - what? Well, our vacation TV situation was limited, which in the end, was a very good thing. We managed to have 6 days on the beach with near perfect weather. However, each night making dinner I would have loved to have a little TV viewing pleasure while we prepped things, chatted, or even put on a Friday the 13th to laugh at.

The Pioneer FDM-1000A LCD TV DVD/TV Combo for under your cabinets, allows you to watch your favorite DVDs, the news, or just listen to the radio in the kitchen. The FDM-1000A has a 10-inch color LCD screen with a 16-to-nine aspect ratio that gives you a beautiful and sharp color picture. The LCD screen swivels up to 180 degrees so you can view it easily from almost any angle in the room, and the screen folds flat for convenient storage when it's not in use. The FDM-1000A plays DVD, DVD-R/RW, and DVD+R/RW DVD discs, as well as music CDs and CD-R/RW discs. And for those of you with digital pictures, this unit is JPEG-image compatible as well.

At Polaroid FDM-1000A Under-Cabinet TV/DVD Combo with 10" LCD

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August 18, 2005

Great Olevia LCD TV Customer Service Experience

We purchased the Olevia from Syntax 30" LCD TV last year in December when we moved into our first house. I had always said we would get a flat panel after we got a house. I was a little wary of purchasing a brand of TV that was very new to the US, but after reading a review on Chait Gear, I was convinced everything would be okay.

Up until a few weeks ago the LCD TV performed flawlessly, but recently started on the AV setting to flicker and sometimes not come on properly. I dread calling customer service and the TV is not exactly a "small item" you can ship back. My wife finally asked, "Isn't is still under warranty?" and I was like - okay I'll call and find out if there's anything we can do. The only thing really going through my head was, how do we afford another TV when this thing eats it.

Well, I dialed the number on their web site and got a person right away. I went over the issue with them, and then I got put on hold. Damn I thought. Put on hold means - we can't help you. The person came back on the phone in less than 2 minutes, said I most likely had a bad light for the lcd or chip and he would like to replace my TV and send out a new one. What? I then gave my information and in less than 3 minutes after the call had a PDF sent to me to fill out and start the return.

Awesome. I have never been so happy in all my life with a consumer electronics experience. We are actually going on vacation this next week, but I'll do the TV swap the following and see how the rest of the experience goes, but so far so good.

At Syntax Olevia LT30HVS 30 LCD TV HDTV Ready and Syntax Groups

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August 9, 2005

Want to Experience HDTV? Take a Vacation

Seems like the first place you may find yourself watching HDTV or seeing TV on an LCD TV screen may be a hotel. I'm not surprised at HDTV showing up in higher end hotels to showcase how amazing it is and I hope it will speed up adoption. Marriot is going to feature HDTV on thousands of flat-screens in hotel rooms in a gradual deployment now underway. So, if it was me, I'd call ahead to my favorite Marriot and see if this service is available, if not, make sure you bring your laptop and a nice DVD.


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August 6, 2005

Weekend: Find LCD TVs for Watching Sports

Sanyo Capujo Lcd TvsWhat's the best TV for watching sports on? How about the best LCD TV? We've been using the tool below to find all kinds of deals on LCD TVs. We think DLP is killer for watching the Red Sox so far this year, but we wonder if plasma would be cool as long as there was no ghosting.

We recommend using the below LCD TV shopping tool to find the best LCD TVs to watch sports on:

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