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May 4, 2005

TiVo Desktop 2.1 Released

Tivodesktop21Why for the love of god doesn't TIVO get that Mac users find a natural affinity with being a MAC user and a TIVO person? Why do companies like TIVO start to go to the dark side? Why do they start so amazingly cool and end up so amazingly evil?


TiVo Desktop 2.1 Released | PVRblog:
TiVo Desktop 2.1 is out. The new features largely center around TiVoToGo playing on Microsoft Portable Media Centers, although it also changes the DRM so that you can't strip it off (previous discussion). This is just for Windows 2000 and XP, so Mac OS X users need to stick with 1.9.1 (which dosn't work on Tiger) and OS/2 users should probably start thinking about a new OS.
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May 3, 2005

The Year of Wireles HD

UwbhdAre we there yet? This is exactly what I need - wireless HD transmission throughout the house, and just after I wired 3 bedrooms with ethernet! We can only hope wireless HD is going to be cheap and going to work.

UWB Wireless HD Transmission : Gizmodo:
Please let this be the year of wireless HD video and audio. FOCUS Enhancements, a company not normally associated with end-user applications, is demoing an Ultrawideband HD chip that can transmit multiple streams throughout the home.
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April 28, 2005

Wi-Fi LCD TV from Philips

PhilipsI've been using the Eyehome to stream from my Mac but I can see nearly every manufacturer now building some device to stream content around the home. Let's hope they start to standardize on some protocol besides Windows.

With Streamium from Philips, you can get your eyes and ears ready as your Internet and PC-based pictures, music, videos and games COME ALIVE on your TV and Stereo - anywhere in your home!

Tech Digest: Wi-Fi LCD TV from Philips:
The Philips 23iF9946 is a 23” LCD screen sporting a 400:1 contrast ratio, 450cd/m2 brightness and 176 degree viewing angle, it also has a built in FM tuner . However, though this little telly might appear ordinary, it also boasts something extra; Wi-Fi. The integrated 802.11g connection is part of Philips’ Streamium concept, which is aimed at linking computers, home cinema and stereos together so that digital media can be shared throughout the home.
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April 24, 2005

Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server

Ra300Ensemble A5 Screen 1I really don't need to buy an entire PC system to have a media server, but Sony would like to sell me one.

Tech Digest: Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 home media server:
To the casual observer, Sony’s VAIO VGC-RA304 might look like any ordinary home PC. However, underneath the unassuming façade lurks a much more original and interesting machine, which combines the power of a top-spec gaming machine with a home entertainment server capable of managing nearly every media device you set it loose on.

An Intel Pentium 4 processor complements the 16x PCI-Express Nvidia GeForce 6600 couple with 1GB of RAM; that should cover all but the most obsessive gamer’s need for a good long while. Plus dual RAID array hard drives provide the capacity for storing unnecessary amounts of digital media and back it up securely.
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April 21, 2005

Tech Digest: Panasonic announce freeview PVR box

7791Man do I feel stupid buying a regular DVD player now. Tech Digest: Panasonic announce freeview PVR box:
Panasonic have announced the upcoming release of their first freeview PVR box, which comes with an 80GB integrated hard drive, which you can use to record all those episodes of Joey that you’d otherwise miss. The TU-CTH100, as it’s dubbed, will feature dual tuners that let you watch one channel and record another.
You can expect to capture up to 45 hours of footage on the hard drive (that’s about two and a half series of twenty-four. Not bad) and it comes with an intuitive interface (although what doesn’t nowadays?) for the channel guide and the hard drive, allowing you quick access to what you’ve recorded.
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The F-Stop Blues: Review of Orb Networks for Windows Media Center

Orb Main SmallGreat review of Orb. Expect ours soon! :-) The F-Stop Blues: Review of Orb Networks for Windows Media Center:
In this week’s Lab Test I review Orb networks software which allows you to stream content from your PC to just about any type of device with an internet connection including another PC, laptop, cell phone and PDA. You need to install some software on your host computer with all of your content and then you access that content through the web. Orb currently is $9.99 a month and has a 2 month free trial.

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April 18, 2005

HD for Your Macintosh - EyeTV 500

Eyetv500 MainimageI've been using the Eyehome now for a little over 4 months. I love the thing. It updates over the web, and allows me to access any content stored on my macs across the network. Great stuff. I'm really excited about the new EyeTV 500 - it's not a media hub, but a DVR that uses your mac for storage. Then - any eyehome module you have in the house can also get content off of the EyeTV equipped Mac. Awesome. I'm going to write them and see what I can get for a review.

Elgato Systems:
EyeTV 500 is a feature-rich digital TV recorder for free over-the-air (ATSC) and unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM) television. Watch, record, edit and enjoy free over-the-air HDTV and digital standard-definition television (SDTV) on your Mac in crystalline digital quality. The recorded shows can be exported into different video formats for further editing in iMovie® HD, iDVD®, Final Cut® Pro HD/ Express HD or DVD Studio Pro®.
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Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box

Db210Why doesn't someone come out with one of these for less than $100 bucks. I'm really into my Eyehome from Elgato - but I want to add another access point upstairs and now it's going to cost me another $200 bucks. OUCHER!

Pace Micro Technology - Americas: DB210 digital broadband media set-top box:
Targeted at the highly competitive entry level market, the DB210 is uncompromising in its abilities to deliver exceptional audio visual quality into the home, using the same decode architecture as its stable-mates from the Pace DB200 series. Its contemporary appearance is a typical example of Pace’s continual drive to introduce products that are not only functional but design statements in their own right.
A total of 4 fully programmable front panel buttons and 3 LEDs ensures that a wide range of operator requirements can be catered for. Together with a reduced form factor the DB210 integrates easily with existing home entertainment equipment.
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Sony NAS-CZ1 Streams iTunes, Windows Media : Gizmodo

Sony Nas-Cz1Well it looks cool and supports Windows WMA - but do I really need another audio streaming device?

Sony NAS-CZ1 Streams iTunes, Windows Media : Gizmodo:
Details are lean at the moment, but T3 has information about a new desktop audio system from Sony that can stream not only MP3s, but WMA and AAC as well. If Sony supports the DRM schemes from Apple and Microsoft, the NAS-CZ1 will be the first device I can recall that is able to play both types of DRM-locked music. Of course, they could just be talking about streaming unencumbered media files—we don’t even have a proper list of specifications or price yet.
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April 8, 2005

Samsung and Diego Announce Deal to Launch Moxi Powered Samsung Home Media Center

Moxi Samsung Media Center It looks like MOXI has some MOXIE with Samsung. I hope to see more of these home media centers. Currently I'm really enjoying the eyehome from elgato.

eHomeUpgrade | Samsung and Diego Announce Deal to Launch Moxi Powered Samsung Home Media Center:
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., one of the world’s leading consumer electronics companies, and Digeo, Inc., a leading provider of media center software and services, today announced their intention to enter into a deal to produce the next-generation Moxi II Media Center product family. Both Charter Communications and Adelphia have agreed in principle to purchase the Samsung Home Media Center products, which leverage Digeo’s cost-reducing X-Stream silicon architecture, and Moxi II Media Center software and applications, in addition to Samsung’s broad technology portfolio, manufacturing, and marketing expertise.
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