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February 12, 2008

Pioneer To Release Limited Edition Black-And-White Plasma HDTV

Not too many big name HDTV manufacturers could get away with releasing a special edition black and white plasma HDTV these days...except Pioneer that is. Pioneer has announced a new limited edition take on the popular Pioneer Kuro plasma line-up called the Pioneer Shiro Kiro. With specs pretty much identical to the Kuro line, including a 50-inch screen, 1080p resolution and "Intelligent Brightness Control" that'll adjust your picture to the surrounding lighting conditions, the Shiro Kuro has one main difference: it has a white frame. Yes that means we sort of lied. The Pioneer Shiro Kuro is not exactly what you might call a black and white display, but "Kuro" means black in Japanese while "Shiro" means white. Put it all together and you have the Pioneer White Black plasma HDTV. Headed for the UK market, the Pioneer plans to make you pay a premium for the white frame, pricing the Shiro Kuro in the vicinity of 3300 Pounds when it becomes available later in the year.

Via Crave

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Would You Give Up Sex For A 50-Inch Plasma HDTV?

Her Or The TV?

A full 47% of UK men surveyed by electronics retailer Comet would give up sex for 6 months in return for a 50-inch plasma TV! 2000 Brits were surveyed to figure out what people were willing to give up in return for a big screen HDTV. Of course the survey was a little on the biased side being carried out by a television retailer and all, but a third of women surveyed would also give up sex for 6 months in return for the plasma, and a quarter of those surveyed would give up either smoking or chocolate.

Comet had perhaps the best perspective on the survey, saying "it seems that size really does matter more for men than women".

Via Reuters

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February 11, 2008

Panasonic To Reduce Plasma Set Energy Consumption By 50% With "Neo PDP" Plasma TV


Panasonic will be launching a new plasma TV incorporating new "Neo PDP" technology that will cut the power consumption of the plasma in half. "Neo PDP" increases the luminous efficiency of plasma sets meaning that the amount of brightness achieved with a set amount of power is doubled, resulting in a 50% decrease in energy consumption as compared to regular plasma's at the same level of brightness.

To be launched sometime this spring, Panasonic's new plasma comes about as regulations controlling the CO2 emissions of flat panel TV's become stricter in Japan and the European Union. No compliance means no plasma TV sales in many countries, but Panasonic says that with "Neo PDP", this won't be an issue for any of their new plasma sets and the company aims to have the power consumption of Panasonic plasmas on par LCD TV's by next year.

Via Tech-On

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January 9, 2008

Google Invades Your Living Room Via Your Panasonic Plasma


As online video sites like YouTube become ever more popular, TV manufacturers are racing to integrate internet capabilities into their new HDTV's. It's been an obvious trend at CES, and now Matsushita, the maker of Panasonic televisions, has partnered with Google to launch a new plasma series that allows users to search and watch YouTube vids and both view and share photos from Picasa Web Albums.

Matsushita will be provided with special servers from Google that will be able to transmit high-quality images from YouTube to the living room HDTV and access to both YouTube and Picasa will be via a simple button push on the HDTV's remote control. The internet functionality will be included in Panasonic's VIERA PZ850 plasma lineup to be available this spring in the US.

Via Forbes

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January 8, 2008

CES 2008: Panasonic's 150 Inch Plasma HDTV In Action


Check out the vid of Panasonic's new 150-inch plasma set. With a resolution of 4096x2160, we can't even imagine what the picture quality looks like in real life. Not only is this set huge, it's also thin at only one inch thick.

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January 6, 2008

CES 2008: Pioneer Project Kuro 9 mm Thin Plasma


The company that makes the best plasma TV's in the world, Pioneer, is showcasing a new Kuro concept model on the floor at CES 2008. Called Project Kuro, the 50 inch plasma is only 9 mm thin and has a contrast ratio that is nearly infinite. In fact, the company says that the plasma is so black that when the set is on with no picture, it practically "disappears into your wall"! We have no other specs on the model right now, but it looks like this'll be impressive when finally released. Which, by the way, won't be this year.

Via Electronic House

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CES 2008: Vizio Announces 8 New Plasma's To Its VP Lineup


Vizio, maker of comparatively low-cost LCD and plasma televisions, have announced seven new plasma models: the VP504F-50" 1080p plasma display featuring Silicon Optix HQV processing, the VP605F-60" 1080p display, and some new additions to the VP series including the VP322-32", VP422-42", VP423-42", and the VP503-50" all with 720p technology.

The 50" Vizio VP504F uses a Silicon Optix REON HQV chip, technology that guarantees the sharpest, most detailed image on the market. Artifacts from signal compression are a non-issue with the chip's advanced noise reduction capabilities, and the chip can process two high-def or standard-def channels simultaneously so your picture-in-picture features the same resolution as your big screen picture. Both the VP504F and VP605F both feature an integrated, DTV-compliant HD/QAM tuner, a 30000:1 contrast ratio, and four HDMI 1.3 ports. Both models are expected to be released in June with the VP504F priced at $1699 and the VP605F priced at $2899.

The 32 inch Vizio VP322 features 720p resolution, a 15000:1 contrast ratio, and three HDMI inputs and has an expected retail price of $689.

The VP422 and VP423 models are both 42 inches with 720p resolution, 20000:1 contrast ratio, and two HDMI inputs. The VP422 will be sold from the shelves of discount retailers such as Wal-mart and Kmart for $999. The VP423 will be on the shelves of club retailers such as Sam's Club and Costco, also for the price of $999.

The Vizio VP503 is a 50 inch set with a native resolution of 1365x768 pixels, compatible with 1080p content and features a remarkable 30000:1 contrast ratio. It will be priced at $1399.

The Vizio VP324, VP422, VP423, and VP503 are all expected to be available to consumers in May or June.

Vizio will also be releasing two new models to their all-in-one home theater category: the VP500 and VP501. The VP500 features a 50 inch display with 720p resolution, picture-in-picture functionality, plenty of inputs including 3 HDMI ports. It also has a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system integrated into the TV that attaches wirelessly to a subwoofer eliminating cable clutter. Expect it to hit stores in June with a price tag of $1799. The VP501 shares all the features of the VP500, expect its resolution moves up a notch to 1080p. No pricing or availability details have been announced.

Via Reuters

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January 3, 2008

Pioneer To Showcase 9 mm Plasma TV At CES 2008


An inadvertent leak by the BBC has revealed that Pioneer plans to showcase a 9 mm thin "world's thinnest" plasma TV at CES 2008. The story has been taken down, but Gizmodo managed to get their hands on a picture. A little blurry perhaps, but the rumor is the leak is real and could hit American shores real soon. No other details are available, but we're curious as to whether or not the ultra-thin Pioneer will be a member of the Kuro lineup, hands down the best plasma sets in the world.

Via Gizmodo

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December 31, 2007

Review: Pioneer Elite Kuro 60-Inch PRO-150FD Best HDTV On The Market


The only thing holding plasma screens on their pedestal is the Pioneer Kuro series and Business Week calls the newest model, the 60-inch Elite Kuro PRO-150FD, the "best television on the market today, handily outperforming rival manufacturers in every area where it matters most". Priced at a whopping $7000, the PRO-150FD features full high-def 1920x1080 pixel resolution, minimal bezel, 4 HDMI ports, deep blacks and excellent color reproduction. Definitely the best choice on the HDTV market right now if you have money to burn.

Via Business Week

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December 30, 2007

2008 To Be The Beginning Of The End For Plasma TV?


LCD To Beat Plasma Into The Ground In 2008?

With a whole lot of HDTV-related corporate reorganizing going on across the globe, most of it in the past month, and rumors of long awaited new technologies about to be unveiled, we're wondering if 2008 is the beginning of the end for plasma televisions.

Prices for LCD's have dropped drastically this year leading research firm iSuppli to predict a 31.9% compound growth rate in the LCD market into 2011. While 41.4 million LCD's were shipped in 2006, this would mean that by 2011 we'll see 165.3 million units shipped. Respective revenues would increase from $47.8 billion in 2006 to $116 billion in 2011. On the other hand, while shipments of plasma televisions will increase from 9.3 million units in 2006 to 19.3 million units in 2001, revenues will actually decrease from $15.6 billion to $14 billion over the same period. These numbers would leave plasma holding only 10.4% of industry shipments and 10.7% of industry revenue in 2011.

Corporate collaborations and corporate reorganizations, mainly in the past month, have further reinforced the belief that LCD TV's will rule the industry in the next few years.

ArrowContinue reading: "2008 To Be The Beginning Of The End For Plasma TV?"

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