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In my opinion, everyone should educate themselves in matters of the environment and do everything they can to reduce their energy use and carbon emissions. If not for yourselves, then for your children. Last 100 compiled a list yesterday of the 5 best environmental internet TV channels:


Produced by the United Nations Environment Programme, places a special emphasis on climate change. Professionally produced and with excellent picture quality, programming can be downloaded in a variety of formats. The channel also has "partner" programs produced by other environmental groups.


This site typically offers sound bites rather than specific programming related to a wide variety of environmental issues. The sound bites tend to be taken from speeches and forums related to the environment. The video quality is average and some videos can only be accessed by paid membership.


This channel, actually made up of 15 separate channels with Environment being one, utilizes many social networking features. The site features an online community, and the ability to comment on videos and email links to videos from within the site. Content is featured from government, public and private organizations.


This channel, like Public TV, doesn't specifically focus on the environment but contains environmental programming. The video quality is good and the content is diverse and global in reach. This site is currently in beta.


This site is a forum for viewer opinion more than an actual internet television channel but uses video clips to stimulate discussion. Not only can you participate via text comments but also by uploading your own videos to the site.

last100 did forget one channel however: Essential viewing for environmental education.

Via last100

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October 13, 2007

Le Gourmet TV: An Online Television Experience For Food Lovers


(Credit: Mashable)

Lovers of cooking, especially gourmet cooking are in for a special treat. A new internet television channel, Le Gourmet TV, full of premium content contributed by industry experts has been launched. The channel, part of the broadband gourmet network and powered by Brightcove, streams a variety of new videos each week that teach the viewer how to prepare gourmet meals step-by-step and the best way to pair those meals with cheese, wine, and beer. The channel also covers areas as diverse as baking, preserves, BBQ/grilling, fine dining and bread-making emphasizing exploring fully the whole food experience. The broadband gourmet network will also launch two companion channels to Le Gourmet TV. Wineroute.TV, dedicated to exploring the great wine regions in the world will launch in early 2008 and Tourista.TV, an online travel video portal is expected to launch in December 2008.

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October 12, 2007

Joost To Move Into Live TV


Try Joost For Yourself

Watch for Joost to start airing live TV early in 2008. They'll be testing out the live TV idea with a focus on sports broadcasts. While content strategy and acquisition EVP Yvette Alberdingkthijm said that Joost has been talking to "everybody that has sports rights", she also acknowledged that licensing sports broadcasts is very expensive but that Joost doesn't "have to play in that league". I don't know what that means, but Gizmodo has suggested that maybe Joost will focus on the "lumberjack/rodeo/dodgeball" sports niches rather than compete with huge networks over rights for hockey, basketball, football, etc.

Live programming will also include a "catch-up option to watch on-demand shows following live transmission". I suppose that maybe this is another ploy to avoid competing as the target market would be those viewers that missed the original broadcasts. Licensing repeats would probably be a whole lot cheaper as well. It doesn't sound particularly exciting to me, but we'll definitely keep tabs on this as we move into the new year.

In other Joost news, the video-content provider has signed a deal with Turner Broadcasting to air CNN and Adult Swim programming online for European users. Adult Swim is the most popular Joost program in the United States currently.

paidContent:UK Via Gizmodo

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October 10, 2007

The Angelic BitTorrent


The peer-2-peer file sharing network, BitTorrent, founded by Bram Cohen has always had a bad reputation. Why? Well, piracy of course. But Cohen says he has spent the last 3 years trying to find a way to monetize the network hoping to alleviate its bad rep. In February of this year, BitTorrent began to offer downloadable movies licensed by Hollywood studios at and is now offering the its distribution capabilities to other companies.

Today, BitTorrent announced a new service, BitTorrent DNA, that provides an efficient way to stream videos over the internet. Rather than just allowing the user to download the content, any information being downloaded is also uploaded at the same time to other users looking for the same content. Not only does this work for streaming video, but also video and software downloads.

Because BitTorrent has such an efficient framework, it believes it can push the cost for companies streaming video via DNA to under 20 cents per hour. Most companies spent at least 20 cents per hours currently to stream video over the internet and advertising revenues cannot overcome the costs of streaming, meaning lost money.

Brightcove is BitTorrent DNA's first official customer that will stream video over the new framework. What programs Brightcove will stream has not yet been announced, but they currently air programs on the internet from CBS Corp, News Corp's Fox Entertainment Group, Viacom Inc's MTV Networks and New York Times Co.

Via Reuters

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October 8, 2007

Loic Le Meur's Seesmic Startup


Yet another video startup has launched today, albeit in closed beta. While I've signed up to alpha test French entrepreneur Loic Le Meur's Seesmic video platform, I've haven't been able to gain access yet. However, TechCrunch's Michael Arrington spent last night testing it out and had plenty of good things to say.

Arrington describes it as a video-based Twitter although Seesmic hopes to become "a very open online video/television service where people are constantly interacting around both user generated and professional content".

I won't get into to much detail now until I get to try it out myself, but Le Meur's aim is to develop a platform that builds on established platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube rather than building something new from the ground up straight into formidable competition. In the second stage of the startup, Le Meur's team will create an "open, crowd sourced and community driven online TV" in which topical daily shows will be created using user-generated videos. The most popular content creators will get a revenue share from the shows.

One of the coolest ideas behind the startup is the use of a studio in San Francisco where users can drop in to create content. Apparently there are other cities in future expansion plans.

Look for a future TVSnob review once we get an opportunity to alpha-test the platform.

Via TechCrunch

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October 4, 2007

TIOTI: The Social TV Guide


TIOTI, or Tape It Off The Internet, the social TV guide that combines online TV with user-generated content and social networking features has opened to the public. In private beta for almost a year, TIOTI allows you to find your favorite TV shows, favorite them and track them through the whole season. A new feature that has been added in the past year is the ability for users to submit links in wiki format allowing more integration of user-generated content. Before, TIOTI mainly catered to those looking for actual TV shows and movies and still does provide links to torrent sites where video downloads can be found. If you're not so sure whether you're comfortable with the whole torrent experience (it being illegal and all), links are also provided to iTunes and Amazon where you can actually pay for the products. The platform was developed to provide a more user-friendly experience than the torrent sites offer, so if you're in the latter crowd this is the site you'll want to head to. If not, take a look anyways. It's simple to use, easy to navigate and its design is easy on the eyes.

Via Mashable

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October 3, 2007

New Adobe Media Player Lets You Watch TV

A new Adobe Media Player with an iTunes-like interface debuted on Monday at the Adobe Max conference in Chicago. The media player lets you watch shows both online and off in flash format from stations such as Revision 3,, PBS, CBS, and, along with many others. I downloaded it and tried it out Monday night and was quite impressed. It's extremely simple to use, has an attractive interface and the picture quality isn't to shabby either (by web standards anyway).

There is a prerelease version available for download at the Adobe Labs website. Definitely check it out!

Via Techcrunch

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PC Or TV: Which Do You Prefer?


Joost CEO Mike Volpi

Yesterday I covered the public beta launch for Joost...and predicted Joost would eventually fail because, being in the early adopter stage of internet TV, I don't believe that enough people would be willing to watch TV on their computer screens for the company to go mainstream.

I may have been wrong in my prediction however, because in an interview with NewTeeVee that coincided with the launch, Joost CEO Mike Volpi said that the company is aiming to integrate a set-top box technology with the Joost web interface so that viewers could watch Joost programming on their televisions. This is exactly what Joost needs to do at this point in time if they are to succeed.

Volpi said in the interview that to reach out beyond the younger generation, teens and 20-somethings, into the the 40-somethings and 50-somethings, Joost will need to be able to deliver their video content onto traditional TV's where the older crowd (I said older, not old) is more comfortable watching.

They're in the works of finding a partner to develop the hardware required to deliver internet-based video content to large screen televisions and hope to have something tangible in the next 18 months.

You can check out the interview here.

So my question for you is: Do you prefer watching video content on your TV or PC? And what will it take for web-based TV to appeal to you? Leave your answers in the comments section.

Via last100, NewTeeVee

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October 2, 2007

Will Joost Succeed?


Joost, the peer-to-peer internet TV network, has opened in beta to the public today after being in private beta for over a year. Starting today, you can head over to, download their software and watch content from partners such as Warner Brothers, Sony, CNN, PBS, Major League Baseball and the NHL. Some questions must be asked though. Will Joost succeed in developing a successful online television network when the web has become saturated with video content? What about the formidable competition from YouTube and TiVo? Would you rather watch movies and television shows on your regular TV or on the web? These are all tough questions that Joost must look at.

Mike Volpi, Joost CEO, says that Joost has excellent video quality, much improved over the past 6 months of beta testing, as well as an ever-increasing library of content and these are the keys to its future success. Personally, I think this network will fail. The content is not diverse enough at the moment for the site to really take off, and if it doesn't take off now, it won't. Great idea in theory, but not the right timing. The company is just a little to far ahead of its time.

In fact, check out the comments in today's New York Times article about the launch. Pretty negative, eh?

Via The New York Times

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October 1, 2007

TVSnob Chats With Hayden Black, Producer And Star Of Goodnight Burbank And Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary


Hayden Black (Credit: Goodnight Burbank)

TVSnob had the chance to talk with Hayden Black, producer and star of the hit nightly news comedy Goodnight Burbank and starting tonight, Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary. We'll cut right to the chase and let you check out the interview yourself. Check out his shows and consider subscribing. You won't be disappointed!

TVSnob: Hayden, could you explain a little about who you are and what you do, for TVSnob readers?

Hayden: I've spent some time in LA in TV marketing, writing/producing promos for the major networks as well as devising syndicated campaigns. Just over a year ago, I decided to pack it in and strike out on my own doing what I came here to do in the first place - write TV and Features full time. Of course, deciding to achieve the impossible in a year was a bold move -
some would even say stupid - but then came the interweb and I saw the opportunity to bypass the networks, agents and producers at their own game and do what I wanted to. So you can now find me developing, writing and producing original content for the new media space that has the legs to cross over to multi-platforms over time (TV, Mobile, Movies, etc).

TVSnob: What is the inspiration behind Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary? What exactly is it about?

Hayden: Let me start with what the show's about then tell you how it came to be. Abigail is about a 13 year old girl who vlogs about school, boys, and living with Bloomberger's Syndrome; a genetic condition that prematurely ages the body, bloats it, adds hair where there shouldn't be to the point that she now looks exactly like...a 30-something dude.

The inspiration for and the idea of the show all came at me like a lightning bolt. Last November I was watching some vlogs to see what they were all about and I was struck with how simple and cheap they are to produce. Goodnight Burbank has a combined cast and crew of close to 15 people and I realized how stress-free it would be to have just me and a camera. Within a minute the idea arrived fully formed - what if I played a young girl who had to look like me? How
sad (for her) and funny would that be! But it couldn't just be about me in a dress - that joke would wear thin fairly quick. I wanted to explore the pain and pathos of being "different" in the modern world. Back when I was in school, bullying ended when the bell rang - now it follows kids home via the web, camera phones, etc etc. So I made up a completely fictional disease and Abigail was born.

TVSnob: How long will the series run for? And how did you decide to air 3 minute long clips for week?

Hayden: Because the series is so short, so inherently viral, so easy to write and produce and so much fun, I'm not looking at when this will end because we're right at the beginning. And the reason to go with 3 episodes a week is so people don't have to wait weeks for a new installment; more content equals more satisfied viewers. I'll take a look at how that model has
worked in a month and decide then to either go to 2 a week or keep it at 3.

TVSnob: Is this connected to HBO Online or has this become a solo project?

Hayden: I pitched "Abigail" to HBO's "This Just In" earlier this year and they asked me to do a pilot. However they ultimately closed shop a few months later. It may have been something I said.

TVSnob: Could you explain the monetization strategy behind Goodnight Burbank and Abigail for TVSnob readers?

Hayden: I'm most interested in selling product placement as it's organic and unobtrusive. We have actually already sold some on Abigail and GNB is about to do a 2 month video overlay campaign with HBO (so they didn't go away completely!).

TVSnob: How did you get your start? You seem to be one of the self-made superstars on the web who saw an opportunity and took it. Does that sum it up?

Hayden: You summed it up perfectly. As Steve Winwood once sang - and I don't usually go around quoting Steve Winwood - "when you see a chance, take it". I saw the opportunity - and passion then took over and did the rest.

TVSnob: Here we go: What kind of TV do you have?

Hayden: I have a big, fuck-off, Toshiba 50" plasma HD TV with surround sound and it's brilliant. I don't watch my shows on it because the last thing I need to do is see that face of mine on a screen that large. Painful.

TVSnob: What's the future of TV? (anything goes! I know it's general and open-ended, but I'm sure you have your opinions)

Hayden: Future of TV is rock solid and only going forward. To the naysayers who foretell its end, I say "oh, shut up and sod off" because those same idiots (or their grandparents) said the same thing about movies when TV came along. Besides, with TV technology constantly reinventing itself, we don't have to worry about watching our entertainment on tiny iPods or computer monitors. Those are just portable and convenient. TV is there for you to sit in front of and immerse yourself in. Death by TV...mmmmm!!!

I think in terms of content, the short-term future will include multi-platform shows; projects that have different facets that can survive quite well across TV, the web, mobiles and more - each complimenting the other facets. For example, Abigail could work well as a half hour, single camera TV comedy about a messed up family with an even more messed up teenager at the
core of it; the web would see her video diary, mobile phones could carry her friends' video diaries, etc, etc.

TVSnob: Any final words for TVSnob fans?

Hayden: Yes! Please head over to Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary to subscribe and
tell everyone you know to come check us out!!!

Awesome Hayden! Very much appreciated and very thought provoking. We here at TVSnob look forward to many more hilarious episodes of Goodnight Burbank and are quite anxious for the debut of Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary!

To the readers of TVSnob: If you liked this interview, consider subscribing to our blog! We need your support!

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