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September 30, 2007

Web Comedy, Abigail's "X-Rated" Teen Diary, To Debut Tomorrow

Another new web show following the success of lonelygirl15 is beginning tomorrow. Called Abigail's "X-Rated Teen Diary, the show is being produced by Hayden Black, creator and star of Goodnight Burbank, the nightly news satire.

Originally supposed to be produced for HBO, the show will debut tomorrow. The show chronicles in video format, the life of a 13 year old girl with Bloomberger's Disease which prematurely ages the body. It will be released in three one-minute segments per week. Check out the preview clip above.

Via NewTeeVee

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September 27, 2007

TV Watching: Lean In Or Lean Back?

Microsoft is apparently announcing today that the company will be releasing a new internet TV system for free for Windows Vista Home Premium and Vista Ultimate Editions. The system will include over 100 hours of content from programming also found on MSN and can be hooked up via your Xbox or the new Media Center Extender device. Windows users should receive the software update this week that will allow for full-screen viewing on your computer and clear picture.

Microsoft's aim with this release is to gain more insight into whether TV watchers' would rather lay back on the couch while watching TV or lean in towards their computer screen. The company's focus will be on longer viewing periods. I would like to know how much money Microsoft is spending on the project because I think the answer would be fairly obvious judging by the failure of so many web TV startups in the past couple of years.

Personally I think this is more of an examination of viewer behavior in advertising interaction. The company YuMe has been put in charge of selling and programming advertising across the system. For 6 months the ad company out of Redwood City, California, will compare user interaction and engagement levels with the videos on all of the devices and see if a difference is made when users hook up the system through their Xbox. It seems like a lot of work to me, especially because I don't believe Microsoft will have to much success moving into online advertising. Stick to the operating systems Microsoft!

Via New York Times

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September 26, 2007

TV Tech-Related Startups Debut At DEMO Conference


The fall 2007 DEMO Conference started yesterday in San Diego where some of the hottest up and comers in the tech industry have a chance to launch their products, startups and services in front of a connected audience. Chris Shipley, described as "one of the top trend spotters in the personal technology product industry" hand picks presenters for the conference, all of whom are expected to be key players in the tech marketplace in the coming year.

Every tech conference has its TV-related startups or product launches, so over the next few days we'll cover some of the expected hot TV-related players featured at the conference.

Here are the TV-related highlights so far from the DEMO conference:


Filmaroo-yes, this is another video-sharing content site, but there is a significant differentiating factor when compared to other players in the video-sharing niche. Filmaroo is mainly aimed at families or others who require some form of privacy when sharing video content. When you upload video on Filmaroo, you can share it with those close to you via a P2P system and an email address. So say you wanted to upload pictures of your kids on the site, but are scared of online creeps finding a deviant use for the pictures. Using Filmaroo, the content is only available to those you share it with so unwanted viewers become a non-issue. The platform is also incredibly easy to use as it automates the "collection, conversion, publication and distribution of content" so it doesn't require the knowledge that say, uploading a video clip onto YouTube takes.


Graspr-This site isn't even online yet, but I will definitely be checking it out once it goes live. Graspr is a social networking site specifically geared towards how-to video content. This will be a place to look for TV-related how-to's in the coming days. The site contains an online video editor making it easy to use and will debut with over 10000 videos already on its site.

Both startups are taking advantage of unmet needs in small niches of a huge market. We'll keep an eye on these sites in the year to come.

Via NewTeeVee

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September 24, 2007

Your Truman Show Hot Topic Of Conversation Pre-DEMO Conference


Check it out for yourself!

I know I've been pretty heavy on the web TV lately, but I'm one to always be looking ahead and despite its many detractors, I feel that it will catch on sooner or later. Not only that, but with the TechCrunch40 conference just past and the DEMO conference starting tonight in San Diego, web TV is a hot topic of conversation at the moment.

DEMO has been one of the world's premier launching pads of hot startups, products and technologies for the past 17 years. In the past few years well-known companies such as Six Apart, Feedster, Kosmix and kaboodle have been showcased at the conference. And as you ay have guessed by now, I'll be following the TV and video-related startups and products being launched at the conference.

Most of the talk pre-conference is focused on Your Truman Show. Your Truman Show is a video platform aiming to basically take the original personal journal focus of the written blog and move it into livecasting terrain. Yes, very much like a video blog or personal podcast but Your Truman Show aims to take user-generated content from single video to multi-episodes series'. The video platform hopes to accomplish this feat by using something called a "V-link interface" to chronologically order video content.

Tonight, the startup is taking thing a step further, by showcasing a Video Map Widget that can be placed on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace and be accessed by anyone who wants to see your video life story.

Stay tuned for more television and video related launches at the DEMO conference.

Via TechCrunch

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Gear Live - Net TV Worth Watching


We're big fans of Andru Edwards and Gear Live TV. If you want to see real people dealing with tech gadgets and other cool stuff you'll really want to watch a few episodes.

At Gear Live TV

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September 23, 2007

Will Web TV Become Mainstream?


Allan Leiwand of NewTeeVee questioned today what would make Hollywood consider the internet a suitable channel for video distribution. His answer: a rise in one Nielsen ratings point. A rise of one Nielsen ratings point would require a rise in viewers in the number of one million at the same time.

Why? Because Hollywood's bottom line is generated by current advertising revenues and future advertising sales. Obviously a one million viewer increase simultaneously on the web would contribute to this bottom line. Om Malik of GigaOmNET pointed to a study release by Cisco Systems last month on NewTeeVee that stated that the 9% of internet traffic coming from online video content would increase to 30% by 2011. Leinwand states that some service providers have indicated that they expect an increase to 30% by next year and a whopping 90% by 2011! Personally the latter numbers seem high to me, but the Cisco report seems reasonable.

The Cisco report also stated that by 2011 there is expected to be 20 trillion hours of video content distributed via the internet monthly. It would seem reasonable to me to expect a rise in one Nielsen ratings point with this volume of content.

It remains to be seen if web TV will become mainstream or continue serving a niche segment of the TV-viewing population. It still hovers in the realm of the early adopters, but I expect we will see some huge developments in this area within the next few years.

Via NewTeeVee

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Watch Internet TV With Via Your Nintendo Wii


For all of you Nintendo Wii owners, you may find this interesting. For those in the market to buy one, this may be some added incentive.

wii.jpg allows you to view internet television on your TV via your Nintendo Wii. Their web page FAQ states that the " user interface is currently optimized for TV with Nintendo Wii remote control buttons mapped to the application". Digging further into their web page I found that not only can you view content, but you can also create your own custom station and share content with other users as well.

The service also recommends stations you may like based on your current content views using none other than tag words. The company also maintains a blog which is full of tips and tricks for users, as well as detailed explanations regarding common hook-up issues.

So what do you need to get started?

1. Nintendo Wii with one Wiimote

2. Television set (if using a plasma screen, read this)

3. Internet Broadband Connection with a minimum bandwidth of 384kbps

4. Internet Browser on the Nintendo Wii Game Console

Simple enough and if you have problems check out their FAQ.

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September 3, 2007

New Line of Internet Ready LCD TVs from Toshiba

Toshiba-57Z3500 440

Engadget has a pretty amazing sneak preview of the new line of Toshiba LCD TVs that can be as large as 57 inches. YIKES! The features are pretty amazing too like:

  • 120Hz / 10-bit IPS panel with 3x HDMI (1080/60p and 24p) supporting x.v.Color / DeepColor, 2x Firewire
  • 3x Ethernet jacks for surfing the internet (browser built-in)
  • streaming DLNA and DTCP-IP media from Tosh's own VARDIA recorders, Qosmio PCs, or your local NAS server
  • 2x USB jacks and you've got an instant DVR

Prices start at ¥360,000 ($3,123) and run up to ¥950,000 ($8,242) for the 57-inch model.


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August 23, 2007

Browser-based WiTV Video Player Sneak Preview


WebwireTV looks very interesting from the sneak preview we just saw. We're pretty happy with Joost, but we're not so happy about Joost being application based - we'd rather have our TV in any browser we choose. The few differences between the two clients include a central content distribution model -- Joost uses P2P. Beyond that, WiTV doesn't have the same kind of content deals that Joost has, although the interface and the absence of any kind of software installation definitely is what we like best.

Via Engadget at WebWire TV Sneak Preview

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